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2 Turnout is Huge for 1st Youth Hardball Tournament By Joyce Thomas, Volunteer Why the Volunteers Braved the Heat The third weekend of July marked the First Three-cheers to all the volunteers who Annual Youth Hardball Tournament hosted stepped in and helped keep the tournament by the Chehalis Tribe and sponsored by the running throughout the weekend. It was Lucky Eagle Casino. The brackets were set SO, SO hot out there and they were keeping up so all teams would play each other at up the felds, umpiring, coaching and setting least once. The winning teams eventually up the barbeque. advanced to play for the championship. A proud moment for everyone was There were four divisions and 17 teams: when the volunteers refused to be paid for High School, ages 15-18; Stray Hawks, umpiring the games. One volunteer said, Oakville, Skokomish, Lacey Rams, Shelton “No, I don’t want to be paid. It’s for the Babe Ruth, ages; 12-15; Dew Crew, kids and I enjoy watching them play.” It Chehalis Tribe, Skokomish, Nisqually, was so awesome to see such support and Lummi The First Place Little League team, the Rainier Dodgers, in green, is flanked so many people showing a real interest in Little League, ages 9-12: Nisqually, by the Second Place team, the Chehalis Tribe. Great job everyone! You are teaching the values of sharing and playing Chehalis Tribe; Rainier Dodgers, K & S all “All Stars!”. the game of baseball. (Oakville) with Oakville playing against the “Little Watch Out for Chehalis Little League T-ball, ages 5-8: Little Boston, Nisqually, Boston Braves” on the softball feld, while Team All Youth are Winners Rainier Dodgers, K & S (Oakville) the Dew Crew, coached by Chuck Burnett, The one team that we’ll be seeing for All this would not have been possible This was the start and makings of our played against Skokomish on the hardball years to come is one of our own little league without the players and their parents. There frst “18 and under” hardball tournament. feld. That afternoon the Oakville High teams. They’ve been playing together were so many talented players and was so Along with parents, grandparents, fans and School feld was utilized to play some of the for years, and it defnitely showed by exciting! It was their little tribal days! volunteers, we had the makings of a BIG Babe Ruth games, so all three felds were their sound basic baseball fundamentals, ALL the youth came out winners in this league tournament. playing at once. teamwork skills, but most of all, in their tournament. As each player received a The tribe provided a barbeque on attitudes. Ray Lopez was running the little trophy and a T-shirt for their participation, Three Fields at Once Saturday to feed everyone. Annie Jones, league division and helping with the Babe they displayed addictive smiles. You’re The frst game kicked off on Friday night Derwin Goddard, Dan Jones and Kevin Ruth and High School games. That’s what all “ALL STARS”!! With that in mind, I with Lummi playing against our hosting Bray did an outstanding job preparing the it’s all about, starting our kids young and purposely left out details of any one team Chehalis Tribe Babe Ruth team. meal. You couldn’t have asked for a better keeping them together as a team, just as this getting championship or the all-star awards: The next day, the T-ball series took off team of volunteers. team has done and will keep doing. That’s the coach’s job. Tomahawk Stadium Hosts Another Exciting Baseball Season By Fred Shortman, Editor Another successful baseball season has dedicated by the families in memory of for assisting in making each tournament a flls us with pride to see the sportsmanship sadly come to an end. What a season it those who have passed, to honor them in a success. displayed after a game between competing was, with six different baseball and softball game they loved to play, and to watch their It’s great to see our Tomahawk Stadium teams. What a fun-flled baseball season! tournaments. Our annual Tribal Days kids continue to play. Each of the memorial continue to host baseball tournaments and George Youckton said, “Gunny Memorial Baseball Tournament started the tournaments provided free dinners for all honor our baseball tradition. It’s exciting Pickernell used to remind us before we baseball season in May followed by fve to enjoy and share each others company to hear the sound of the announcer’s voice, started to play, whatever you do, just memorial tournaments. The memorial and created a positive memories. All the and the cheering of the crowd, and to visit remember to have fun!” baseball and softball tournaments were families would like to thank the volunteers with competitors, friends, and family. It Baseball Heroes’ Legacies Live on Through Memorial Tournaments By Fred Shortman, Editor Raymond Secena, Sr., her, with her patience, encouragement, love and Marrissa. Marvin Youckton, Sr., Baseball Tournament and caring. He was an active Baseball Tournament August 23, 24, 2008 Coming from an athletic family, Irene person within our August 15, 16, 17, 2008 This baseball displayed great skill and talent in sports. Chehalis tribal community. He Having four brothers and four sisters, she This tournament is dedicated to Marvin tournament is dedicated enjoyed traveling and watching them play enjoyed fshing, “Mutt” Youckton, Sr., by his family to to Raymond Secena, Sr. in baseball games wherever they went. hunting, and honor him. Marvin’s parents are Jessie and His parents are Nancy At the awards banquet, Irene’s siblings loved playing Clarence Youckton, and his grandparents are Beckwith and Murphy shared their memories her. It was an bingo. He always found time to assist Bessie and Johnny Hayden. Secena, and grandparents awesome way of remembering her. someone in need, from fxing cars to Baseball was one of Marvin’s greatest are Alice Kitsap and The family wants to say thanks to all of changing a fat tire. You’ll always remember joys, and he followed the family tradition Dan Secena. He was the the volunteers, umpires, players and cooks his laugh as he joked with you. of his four brothers and fve sisters who youngest of eight siblings. who helped make this a successful and fun This was a double elimination coed- all played ball. In baseball, he could and Next to fshing, weekend of baseball in Gram’s memory! softball tournament with fve teams. Family would play any position just as long as he Raymond enjoyed playing There nine teams showed up to play, members came out of the woodwork to play got to play. Defensively, he played third and watching baseball. He ending with the following results: in this tournament! Many of them hadn’t base and catcher, demonstrating his strong was part of the Tomahawks baseball team All Nations – Jackets; Nisqually – Sweatshirts; played for years. It was great to witness throwing arm while he played any position for a long time. He encouraged all the up Hoh River “What’s how they honored Leo by showing up and on the feld. Offensively, he was a powerful and coming Tomahawks. He passed on his Up” – T-shirts; playing the game he loved. Tournament hitter, pitchers knew that his bat was a lethal knowledge and love of the game to his three Orinda Goddard’s Director Patty Youckton was assisted weapon, and with one swing he would sons, one daughter, and all his nephews, “Coastals”; Patty’s by Cheryl Starr. It was the frst annual launch the baseball into the oak trees. nieces. To no one’s surprise, you would Team “IYT”; tournament sponsored by Leo’s wife, Linda, George Youckton, Sr., chuckles and says, see Uncle Ray sitting in the visiting tribe’s Chokes’ Team; and family. They also provided an awesome “I remember at one of the tribal days events, dugout, laughing, joking and enjoying the Bev’s’ Team, meal, free to everyone who participated. “Chehalis” they used to have a foot race. Marvin had company of friends and relatives. Grams’ Gang; The family would like to send out special great speed and was the one to beat. In one Using a round robin format, with Outlaws thanks to Muckleshoot for donating the of the races, Marvin was in the lead. As he each team playing two games. Points food, to the Lucky Eagle Casino, and to stumbled across the pitchers’ mound, Jack were accumulated through the difference Leo Daniels everyone who helped, played and honored Young from Taholah passed him. Marvin between runs scored of the winning and Coed Softball Tournament Leo by having a great time. It was fun and it then regained his balance, and with a burst losing team of each game. The two teams September 6, 7, and 8 made everyone feel good. of speed ended up winning the race. Jack with the highest points qualifed for the This co-ed softball tournament was The tournament results are as follows: shook hands and joked with Marvin, telling championship game. dedicated to Leo W. Daniels. He was 1 – Justin’s Team, 2 – Orinda’s Team, nd st him that he thought he was fnally going to This year there were seven teams married to Linda Youckton on 1973. They 3 – Choke’s Team, 4 – Rita’s Team, 5 – th rd th beat him, then added, ‘Maybe next time.’” participated and the results of the baseball had four daughters; Brenda, Sara, Claudea Outlaws One thing most people will always tournament are as follows: remember was Marvin’s sense of humor Willies - Championship Jackets; Nisqually - Chehalis Business Committee Hooded Sweat Shirts; Tomahawks - Crew Neck and laughter. Even when he tried to talk –shirts; Skokomish - T-shirts; Puyallup; Giles David Burnett, Chairman seriously, you could still detect the laughter Team Tribal Don Secena, Vice Chairman in his voice. Newsletter Marvin is baseball legacy that still lives Irene Thompson Jessie Goddard, Treasurer Joyleen McCrory, Secretary on in his children and grandchildren as they Coed Softball Tournament 420 Howanut Road John Shortman, 5th Council Member continue to follow in his baseball footsteps. September 19, 20, 21 Oakville, WA 98568 Seven teams played in the double (360) 273-5911 (office) elimination baseball tournament, placing This annual coed-softball double elimination Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: in this order: Willies – Jackets; Tulalip tournament was dedicated to Irene (360) 273-5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communications Coordinator Thompson, and the last tournament of the – Jackets; Little Boston – Sweatshirts; season. Irene’s parents are Jessie and Puyallup – T-shirts; Nisqually; Skokomish; Clarence Youckton, and her Grandparents are Articles and opinions expressed in this Lone Wolves publication are not necessarily the opinions Bessie and Johnny Hayden. of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal Her grandchildren dedicated this Business Committee. tournament in her name to help them remember “Gram” in a good way. She had The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages tribal members to submit letters, articles, always had an impact on them, and they photographs, and drawings to be considered could remember the family dinners that she for publication. These are subject to editing. enjoyed hosting. She also loved to cook and enjoyed the company of friends and Contributing writers, artists, and family. She was dedicated and involved in photographers include Chehalis tribal community members and staff. the Shaker Church. She had one son, four The Confederated Tribes of grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Submission deadline: 6th of each month the Chehalis Reservation... She touched the life of everyone that knew Printed: First week of each month “People of the Sands”
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