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Hatchery Community Center 4 (continued from page 1) Hooking New Fishers (continued from page 1) We are also looking at selective-catch fsheries, using traditional weirs and traps. same time, the Chehalis Tribe has limited If we do this, there is great potential for its impacts on the Chinook runs through partnerships with groups such as the CCA conservative fshing or conservation closures (Coastal Conservations Association). This of all commercial fsheries, such as the partnership would break new ground in closure for spring Chinook in 2008. tribal fsheries in Washington State. This selective fsheries could beneft new tribal Salmon for Market and Dinner Table fshers who do not have family fshing We don’t think that hatcheries will grounds. It would be a way to recruit young replace wild fsh, but with proper fshers, and encourage and enable them management and working with the right to carry on the tribe’s fshing culture and stocks and species, we could supplement heritage. the Chehalis Tribe’s commercial and sport In the meantime, we will be providing fshing opportunities with hatchery fsh -- classes to new fshers on net-making, net- good quality fsh for the market or the dinner fshing, pole-fshing, river and boat safety, table. and fsh preparation. These classes are tentatively planned for the fall and winter Netting More Jobs fshing seasons. In addition, we hope to create more jobs through increased recreational and Pitch in, be Patient, then Fish, Fish, Fish commercial opportunities for tribal Much of the work involved in the The Klatush family is excited about the new community center. Said mom members. The hatchery could partner hatchery construction and operation will Paula (on right), “The new community center will be a good thing. It will with commercial fsh-buyers and caviar depend on volunteers, the Fish Committee, be right in our neighborhood. We won’t have to drive. Plus, our kids are producers. The tribe’s fsheries plan and and the Fisheries Program. We will be like fish! They love the water. The swimming will be great exercise.” Also products will not only increase profts for the calling upon the community to help guide pictured are (from left) Desiray Pope, Dale Jr., Mariah, and Paul Klatush. tribe and fshermen, but create many jobs, and run the Chehalis tribal salmon hatchery. and increase resources for the youth to annual meetings and community events. such as jobs in aquaculture, fsh-processing, Volunteers will help in many ways from pursue higher education off-reservation. A Right now, Secena Road right-of-way is caviar production, smoked salmon sales, painting to spawning fsh to collecting wild teaming up of education, and cultural and being cleared. It will be paved in the spring fshing guide services, site maintenance, and fsh for brood stock. heritage is exciting to think about. from Anderson Road to the Community access fees. The hatchery will operate on a year- There will be a regulation-sized Center and street lights will be installed. This will bring many great educational round basis producing four batches of gymnasium and a swimming pool, too. Both The Community Center will also become opportunities for tribal and local youth, nearly 40,000 juvenile fsh. We must all be are probably the most highly anticipated the place to go when the power goes out or from head-start to high-school and beyond. patient as it can take as many as 5-7 years attractions to the Community Center. The we have fooding. It will have a generator There are several local private aquaculture to see an increase in productivity and fsh swimming pool will be 48’ x 35’ and and resources to shelter tribal members businesses that could employ tribal youth run size. We are confdent this project will the gym will be available for basketball when natural disasters strike. trained at the Chehalis Tribe’s salmon thrive and help restore the salmon fsheries tournaments. The new Community Center is projected hatchery. Youth will have a chance to take of the past to the Chehalis people and those A large meeting room and kitchen will to be completed July 10, 2009. ownership of their resources and their river. communities surrounding them. provide the space and facilities we need for Great News: We are Winning the Battle Against River Weed The community center will have two wings. The south wing will house tribal archives, a youth gym, a library and the education and culture programs. The north wing will include a full size gymnasium, pool and fitness room. Program Teaches that Lifestyle Change Helps Prevent Diabetes Norman Berg (left) and Robert Cayenne (with cap) work with Maynard By Cathy Visser, Nutritionist And if you enjoy cooking and trying Starr (who is in the river), to vacuum up the Brazilian elodea weed from the Changing lifestyle habits is a process new things, your chances of improving Chehalis River. The team worked for several weeks. The weed removal will that takes time and is best accomplished your nutritional status through learning help lessen flooding of the Chehalis River Basin. through a variety of teaching methods. new ways to buy and prepare food is By Andy Olson, Fisheries Biologist Helping people prevent the onset of even greater. The Chehalis Tribe again battled the noxious most of the weeds in that area, and are now diabetes through nutrition education Some of the foods we’ve prepared so weed, Brazilian elodea, in a battle for winding down the season. and discussion is a good place to start. far include: fruit and yogurt smoothies, control of the river. I’m glad to report that This year, our crew pulled nearly 18,000 Another good way to teach nutrition is ground turkey spaghetti sauce, lentil we seem to be winning. The tribe’s crew pounds of Brazilian elodea! This removal to show people how to shop, handle and tacos, vegetarian chili, and whole began at Fort Borst Park in Centralia, but will help the river fow correctly without prepare food. After all, we eat food, not grain quick breads and muffns. More encountered much less elodea than in past retaining damaging sediment that suffocates vitamins and minerals. recently, we’ve explored ways to stir years. For several weeks, the tribe’s crew salmon eggs and causes more severe During the past six months of fry just about any meat and veggie to removed the weed, beginning at the mouth fooding in the Chehalis Watershed. The working with DPP staff and participants, make a quick, economical, healthy and of the Skookumchuck River, then working elodea also slows the water fow, which I have learned a lot about how people eat delicious meal. Fortunately, many of downstream until the river conditions prevents salmon migrations. This slow- the folks who participate in DPP already prevented the use of the barge. moving water warms up, creating a perfect and why we make the food choices that The barge and crew then moved to habitat for invasive salmon predators like we do. In our busy society, food choices know a lot about cooking. I constantly Galvin, the next area of concentrated elodea. small mouth bass, large mouth bass, sunfsh, are often based on convenience and cost. get feedback about dishes the group likes Like the mouth of the Skookumchuck, the rock bass and yellow perch. With some planning and a few cooking to prepare that are healthy and/or things elodea at Galvin was much less than in past Thank you to all who worked hard to skills, it is possible to eat better even if they’d like for me to modify so that they years. Our crew seems to have removed eradicate this noxious weed. your interest or ability to cook is limited. are more nutritious. We plan to continue to teach DPP General Council Veteran Appreciation Wellness Center Extends participants’ new and different ways Monday Late Start to prepare healthy meals. My goal Annual Meeting Day for Ninety Days is to eventually produce a Diabetes Prevention cookbook to share with Election Day Tuesday, November 11 Monday: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm everyone who has an interest in eating The clinic hours are: 5 pm - 8 pm a healthy diet. I also think it would Tuesday: 8:00 am to 4:30pm be great to include DPP Participant Saturday, November 8, 2008 Event Center Lucky Wednesday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm stories, favorite recipes and pictures in 10:00 - 3:00 Eagle Casino Thursday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm the cookbook. If you have ideas about Youth Center Friday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm what you’d like to see included in such a cookbook, don’t hesitate to contact The Chehalis Tribe invites area veterans Any questions please contact us at me, Cathy Visser, or Pat Odiorne at the Polls Open 8 am to 4 pm to join us as we pay tribute to your 273-5504 for scheduling or Chehalis Tribal Clinic, or call me at 273- service and valor. You deserve it! doctors schedule 5904.
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