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2 Many Generations Learn Basket Weaving at NNABA Conference  Elders are happy for our tribe to host next year’s 2009 NNABA conference at the Great Wolf to share, and youth Lodge, and was readily accepted by those are eager to learn attending. Another special note at the conference was that Marie Griswold, traditional weaving Chehalis Tribal Elder, was accepted to the newly created second seat on the NNABA Board. The other tribal member already on By Dianne Devlin, Cultural Coordinator the NNABA board is Master Weaver Cindy On October 2-5, thirty-seven Chehalis Andy. tribal families attended the 14th Annual Special thanks go to Joyleen McCrory, Northwest Native American Basket and Francine Pickernell for helping with Association (NNABA) convention hosted at the massive amounts of pre-registration Ocean Shores Quinault Casino. forms, membership forms, travel costs NNABA was founded in 1996 and and hotel accommodations needed provides opportunities for weavers to study for the tribal members attending the basketry and showcase their work. Basketry conference. Additional thanks goes to also provides a healthy social, cultural, Christina Hicks for helping us hand out spiritual, and economic environment for badges at the pre-registration table that the indigenous basketry. NNABA works Heritage and Culture Program set up outside to ensure access to traditional cultural the conference to serve the Chehalis tribal resources, gathering sites, educates Native families attending the workshops. Americans, and the general public of the Sasha Starr helps her daughter, Alexis (age 2), make a basket while her artistry, practices, and concerns of basketry. cousin, Gordon Klatush (age 14, foreground), works on his basket. The organization also provides opportunities weaving techniques. “Our ancestors believed that the for Native youth to learn and creates markets The newly-hired Cultural Coordinator, Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator, and cedar tree was one of our spiritual that allow weavers to increase their income Dianne Devlin, and Heritage Coordinator, Dan Penn, Language Coordinator, presented Elders who blessed us with this and artistry in basketry. Elaine McCloud, dedicated their time NNABA with $5,000 contribution check unique art of basketry. We have lost Our traditions are maintained in a cultural insuring everyone attending the conference from the tribe in support of NNABA’s much of our Native art. To me, it is and spiritual environment for all weavers was taken care of, from pre-registration, to long-standing cultural preservation efforts to enjoy and carried on with respect for our having a place to stay. The Chehalis Tribe’s of Native as if our art of basketry once died Elders, and for Mother Earth. Heritage, and Culture Programs are proud basket weavers. and now has come to life again. It is Basket weaving is one of the most to have had one of the best representations A proposal the rejuvenation of our identity, the important cultural artistic expressions of youth weavers, beginning weavers and was submitted reawakening of our great heritage.” of Native Americans. Despite pressures experienced weavers at the conference, with by Cheryle Starr, Founding Board Member and Master Basket to abandon our heritage, it remains an 57 adults and 55 children attending. Nancy Chehalis Tribe weaver, Nettie Jackson integral and important element of tribal Romero, Elder’s Coordinator, took 35 Elders Events identity. Through the persistence and to the weaving conference. Yvonne Peterson Coordinator, patience of a few Elders and other teachers and Katherine Barr were featured weavers at across the region, the art is being preserved. the conference. Friday, October 3, kicked off the weaver Adults attending the weavers gathering classes. Wall-to-wall tables were set up agreed to donate one handmade item to the in the casino’s banquet hall to serve the Heritage and Culture Program in exchange participants. Various types of weaving for being sponsored by our program. Please classes, from beginner to master classes, remember to get those donated items back to were offered. Tables with foating balloons us soon and maintain your eligibility for the attached to them signaled that “Youth next NNABA Conference. Weaver Classes” were being offered. The following evening, a banquet was Quinault had received a grant asissting tribal held for NNABA members. At the dinner youth to receive free classes for the frst day NNABA business was presented to its of the conference. Our youth were excited members. The Chehalis Tribe, represented to work with teachers who shared their many by Dianne Devlin, Cultural Coordinator, Featured Weaver and Elder Katherine Barr, Elder Cindy Andy and Katherine’s son Wayne Barr and wife Maria Barr, share basket making skills. Over 200 Learn About Check out Upcoming Events Burglary at the Great Wolf Lodge Health at Annual Tribal Fair Thanksgiving - November 27 Reminds Us to Stay Alert Santa’s Arrival and Tree Lighting - By Cindy Gamble, Health Services Director entire event with the tables and chairs. November 29 Sanda and 4 elves will be By Fred Shortman, Editor Masi! Thank you Jana! skydiving into the south end dirt parking The recent Health Fair held at the Lucky The health fair planning committee was The Chehalis Tribe and our community Eagle Casino Event Center was a great made up of Cheryle Starr, Cindy Gamble lot - 2 pm. 2:30 to 5:00 Santa will be member will not tolerate vandalism, drugs, success with over 200 people participating. and Orinda Goddard. Orinda shouldered greeting guests until lighting of the tree. and other crimes. We need to stay alert and There were over 43 vendors providing the majority of the organization. She did report any and all suspicious behavior. information ranging from language and an excellent job of ensuring that the entire Great Winter Escape and Santa Visits On October 2 at 3:35 am the EOT II culture, to face painting, dental hygiene, and health fair ran smoothly. Masi! Thank you 6 pm - 8 pm in the Grand Lobby on was burglarized. A series of crash and grab checking blood sugar and blood fat. Orinda! December 5, 6 12,13, 19 21,22, and 23. thefts have occurred in the surrounding areas The Diabetes Prevention Program Thank you to the Chehalis Tribal Health and our store was one of them. The stolen conducted 48 blood sugar tests with a fnger Center and other tribal employees who Music Performances, Decenber 5 vehicle used in the theft was located later stick, and the CTWC staff had over 30 supported the health fair by participating Chehalis Girl Scout Carolers, 6:30 pm - in the day by law enforcement agencies. participants who had their blood fats tested. as vendors and/or as participants. We could 7:30 pm It could have been worse, if it wasn’t for Participants learned what their cholesterol, not have done it without you! We want Toledo High School Musical performane someone disrupting the burglary. The cost HDL, LDL, and triglyceride levels were. to especially thank all of our community 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm of replacing the doors was more than what We had a fabulous lunch catered by members who took time to come and visit was stolen from the store. Cement blocks the Lucky Eagle Casino. Jana Peters was the health fair. This fair is all about you, and were placed in front preventing someone in charge of that and did a wonderful job we are so glad you attended. Masi! See you from using the same method until the new of organizing the lunch and setting up the next year. posts are put in. These senseless acts hurt everyone, so if you hear anything about it, please contact law enforcement for any tips. Contact law enforcement 360-273-7501, or call 911. Chehalis Business Committee Tribal David Burnett, Chairman Newsletter Don Secena, Vice Chairman Jessie Goddard, Treasurer 420 Howanut Road Cheryle Starr, Secretary NEW Oakville, WA 98568 Dan Gleason Sr, 5th Council Member NEW (360) 273-5911 (office) Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: (360) 273-5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communications Coordinator Articles and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily the opinions of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal Business Committee. The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages tribal members to submit letters, articles, photographs, and drawings to be considered for publication. These are subject to editing. Contributing writers, artists, and photographers include Chehalis tribal community members and staff. The Confederated Tribes of Clinic Nurse CJ Morgan tests Chehalis tribal community member Jerry Submission deadline: 6th of each month the Chehalis Reservation... Sloppy’s blood sugar during the Health Fair put on by the Clinic. Printed: First week of each month “People of the Sands”
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