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Dynamic Speakers 4 (continued from page 1) to keep quiet, and after my mother passed away, I decided Barbara Mora and Chance Rush both spoke of the importance of wellness for the future to speak out. If I can inspire someone to take care of of all Native Americans. For those who have diabetes, and for those who are at risk, there themselves, I know I’ve done my part in helping them to help is help and support through the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center. themselves.” For further information and diabetes screening, contact Mary Scherer, at 360-709-1742 She became involved in pilates and has been teaching it or Lynn Hoheisel at 360-709-1744. Thanks go to the Lucky Eagle Casino, Eagle’s Landing for six years. Her tribe sponsored her to become certifed, Hotel, and area businesses for their donations and support for this event. and at the age of 62, she is the one of the oldest certifed Bob and pilates instructors. Barbara says pilates is good for everyone: Barbara Mora It strengthens core muscles. She uses meditation, traditions treated the and exercise to get people moving. She has noticed that audience to Elders who participate in her classes have shown decreased story telling, injury through balance of health and spirit. flute playing and Chance “Cloud Boy” Barbara said that diabetes is a preventable disease, but if Rush says, “Parents, you get it, there are many ways to take care of yourself and singing. Copies talk with your children prevent complications. of Barbara’s about their problems. Barbara emphasized that today there are tools to prevent book “Using Our Have ownership complications. She uses tools such as blood sugar monitoring Wit and Wisdom of who you are, to stay on the wellness path. Barbara and Bob Mora also to Live Well with and do your part in shared how Bob has supported his wife since her diagnosis. Diabetes” are sharing with them the Bob and Barbara treated the audience to beautiful music, available at the important things.” singing, and fute music. Wellness Center. Annual Meeting 6-Year Project to Supply Ample (continued from page 1) Water Nears Completion statistics. This was another positive year for the enrollment committee hasn’t been able the Casino. They will continue with their to complete an audit. They have decided By Lennea Magnus, Planning Director conservative approach and challenges for on a company and will be presenting it to Sometimes, road work is worth it. The road Kevin Albert, the 2008 season with the economy being the Business Committee very soon. The work you see along 188 is part of a six-year Tribal th a contributing factor. The cashiers cage is Business Committee will be assisting the project to bring safe, dependable drinking Member and almost fnished and will improve the look Enrollment Committee to ensure this matter water to more Chehalis tribal families, and Chehalis for the Casino. The new offce space is gets taken care of and started within 90 days provide ample water for fre fghting. Tribal getting its fnishing touches. The offce as motioned. It was unanimously voted to Since 2002, much progress has been Construction space was sorely needed. keep the enrollment freeze on until issues made. A 720,000 gallon water storage tower employee, can be resolved. There were thirty new was built. Thirty-year-old water mains works on the Great Wolf Lodge Report applications for children who were accepted, that were 6 inches in diameter have been water line project along The Resort will soon add an outdoor area. bringing our enrollment up to 819. replaced with 8 and 12-inch PVC pipes. 188th Avenue They’ve also added another slide called The allocation plan was presented by Tribal buildings have been connected to the SW. The Jessie Goddard, Treasurer for the Business the River Canyon Run that opened Friday, Committee. Tribal members were given the system. Nine homes that had high nitrate entire project September 14. They are also adding Wing levels in their well water have also been was done by Street to Pizza Hut. They will be expanding chance to pick how their per-capita will be connected to the water system. “Stub-outs” this Chehalis the Loose Moose dining area and possibly paid out to them- monthly, quarterly, semi- for future homes were provided along the tribal expanding the hours of the buffet. Soon annual, or annually. If you did not fll out the way. enterprise. form your check will be automatically made they will also be providing room service to in one payment. Now we are in the fnal stage of the accommodate all guests. Water System Project. The water lines are We need to talk up the Great Wolf The new representative for the Head being extended from Niederman Road to water that is more reliable and has higher Lodge and let people know it’s out there. Start Policy Board is Anna Hartman. All the the Lucky Eagle Casino. This will allow for pressure. Plus, there will be ample water They hold special events for the holidays: other committee elections will be held at the three existing homes that were on well water pressure and fre hydrants to fght fres. December general council meeting and the Halloween was a huge hit with the kids and following meeting. to connect to the community water. It will This fnal phase is completely funded there will be more holiday fun so check out also improved “fre fow” water pressure, by a grant from HUD. The frst two phases the web site to get updates. Congratulations to our new Business and a reliable source of clean, safe water for were funded by the tribe and I.H.S. All the Committee Members: David Burnett, the Chehalis tribal community. construction work has been done by our Chairman; Don Secena, Vice-Chairman; Chehalis Tribal Construction. Tribal News Report Jessie Goddard, Treasurer; Cheryl Starr, In this fnal phase of the Water System There was a discussion on the enrollment Secretary; Dan Gleason, Fifth Council Project, over 80 households will beneft. More households will be able to connect to freeze on adults at this time. Unfortunately, Member. Veterans Honored Be Ready for the Next Emergency (continued from page 1) dinner. I explained that nobody around WWII Veterans on the guard, as they attend here honors them. I persistently asked By Ena Myers, Assistant General Manager, and Ralph Wyman, Public Safety Director different events from parades and other about it year after year. Finally, I was given ceremonies throughout Washington State. permission to have the dinner. The huge food of December 2007 Basic Emergency Supply Kit: Annie Jones blessed the meal in the The Chehais Tribe donated the fsh and was a big shock for many people. Every (Put these items in boxes in a secure place) Shaker way. The casino provided a great the other food was donated by LEC. We year brings some level of fooding. Your feast for all of those who attended. Tribal also requested donaations from vendors for tribal government and administration takes • Water, one gallon of water members cooked fsh in our traditional awards, raffe prizes, hats and mugs. This your health and safety very seriously. per person per day for at least manner, which is always a special treat. year sponsors were the Chehalis Tribal The Emergency Management Team is three days There were other foods served for those Youth, Sare Electric, Travers Electric, & headed up by our Public Safety Director, • Food, at least a three-day who don’t eat fsh. People were smiling and Aecon. Ralph Wyman, and includes the following reminiscing with their friends and family. Thanks to all the volunteers, Janessa, members: Ralph Wyman, Don Secena, supply of non-perishable food Many veterns greatly appreciated what the Johnny, Raven, Mark, Anthony, Maria Gregg Burnett, Cindy Gamble, Ena Myers, • Battery-powered or hand tribe and casino are doing and hopes they ,Danielle, Jesse, LaDell, Rodney, Bones, Glenn Connelly, and Dr. John Taylor. crank radio continue this annual event. The closing Shayla, Greg Bailey MC, Fry bread Makers, We are dedicated to keeping you safe prayer was performed by Paster Marie Bird. & the Fish pit crew we could not have done during emergencies. When preparing for • Flashlight and extra batteries When I asked Lori Tovrea, Veterans this without all you help you are all VERY a possible emergency situation, it’s best to • First aid kit Dinner Coordinator, what inspired her to AWESOME! think frst about the basics of survival: fresh take on such an honorable project, she water, food, clean air and warmth. • Whistle to signal for help replied, “Years ago when I lived in Taholah, Additional items to assemble are • Dust mask Jiggy Shale and Uncle Jimmy Jones medications, plus food and other items talked about the Vietnam War and the sad for babies, children, and pets. Assemble • Moist towelettes, garbage experiences that happened there. I realized sleeping bags, and a change of clothes for bags, and plastic ties (for that no one ever gave them any thanks. We each family member, and store them with personal sanitation) raised enough money to feed them turkey your emergency supplies. If you have any dinners. The joy that we saw on their faces questions, please call the food information • Wrench or pliers to turn off showingtheir appreciation insired us to phone line. For local calls (Centralia), call utilities continued doing this until we moved away. Speaker Joe Begay and his daughter, 623-8883. Toll free is (866) 623-8883. When I started working at the Casino, I had Krystal Begay, enjoyed the Veterans • Can opener asked for years about for a Veterans day dinner. Chehalis Tribal Elders Christmas Bazaar Native People for Community Christmas General Council Cancer Control at the “Incorporating Tradition Dinner Annual Meeting Lucky Eagle Casino and Healing” by Dr. Rita Blumenstein at the Lucky Eagle Casino Saturday, Dec 6, 2008 Traditional Healer Tuesday, December 2, 2008 9 am - 5:00 pm. Alaska Native Tribal Health Saturday , Dec. 20, 2008 Starting 5:00 pm Consortium Watch for fyers and Lots of arts and crafts. Come on in Thursday, Dec. 11, 2008 and check it out! 12:00 - 1:00 pm. the reader board! at the Tribal Center If you have any questions please This will be held at the Chehalis Tribal If you have any questions please • Watch for fyers with the agenda! contact: Nancy Romero, Elders Wellness Center. If you have any contact: Cheryl Starr, Events Coordinator (360) 273-5504 ext. 1576 questions please contact: Christina Hicks at (360) 273-5504 ext. 1741. Coordinator 306 273-1824
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