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3 Many Generations Learn Basket Weaving at NNABA Conference Honoring our Elders: Ida Marie Rosander “...She loves it when the grand children make time to visit her.” Ida Marie Rosander, 85, Parents Stephen Jack-Johanna Comenoute; Grandparents, George Jack and Lucy Heck; Annie Charley and Amos Comenoute; 1 sister, 3 daughters, and 6 grandchildren. Ida was married three times: frst husband was Clyde Calvin Beckwith; second marriage was to Ida enjoyed attending the NNABA Lyle Secena; and the third lasted 50 years to Leonard Rosander who passed away in 2003. Conference at the Quinault Beach Resort in Ocean Shores in October 2008. Ida Rosander grew up on the Chehalis commented, “They must have gotten used David Youckton lives now. She and Leonard loved planting Reservation in her parent’s house on to the Indians when I fnally started going, Early in her marriage, Ida enjoyed going vegetable gardens. She liked using starter Howanut near Anderson Road. Howanut because I can’t remember it being as bad as to Taholah with her husband Leonard to fsh plants for her side of the vegetable garden. Road wasn’t the offcial name back she had told me.” and dig clams. She remembers that Leonard Leonard like to use seeds on his side of the then—it was known by a route number. As Ida was growing up, the tribal would go out and fsh for blue back and garden. When harvesting time came, they She remembers helping prepare the family meetings were held in an old school together they would dig razor clams. She worked together canning the produce. She dinners. They had some big feasts. house. She remembers it never getting would clean clams that they dug that day. loved planting fower gardens. Dahlias Her best friends were Pearl Sanders very warm during the winter months, Other clam diggers would see her cleaning were one of her favorite fowers. She said, and Irene Secena. They would hang out because of the broken windows. They and ask if she would clean their clams. “But you need to get the bulbs out before at the Sanders house that was located were held monthly on the frst Tuesdays of Always willing to lend a hand, she agreed to the frst frost. This allows you to replant between what is now Purcell’s and the month. Following the potlatch dinner help. them the following spring.” Hamilton’s on Howanut Road. There’s a style, everyone attending the meeting was She wasn’t just good at cleaning clams Out of necessity, Ida brought in an gravel road still there that goes to the river. encouraged to bring a dish to be shared. though. She could also shoot a gun. While income to assist taking care of her family. Ida and her friends enjoyed each Ida was married three times throughout driving on Howanut Road, she saw a deer In her younger years, she worked for the other’s company and did everything her life. The frst was to Clyde Calvin standing alongside the road by the sharp Land Management Division of the BIA. together. They rode horses on the Beckwith, and she had one daughter with corner near Black River Bridge. Being She qualifed for the position because she property. They joined the Oakville 4-H him. Her second marriage to Lyle Secena hungry for venison, she hurried home to get could type and take short hand. Club while in school, where they learned didn’t last very long. Her third marriage her gun. It was a bolt action single shot .22. She worked with Leonard for ffteen how to embroider. They also played was to Leonard Rosander, which lasted for Leonard thought she was joking, and said years delivering the senior meals for the softball in the feld at Pearl’s house. It was 50 years before he passed away in April something like, “You’re not really going to Lewis County Senior Center. She laughs decided to let her run the bases, because 2003. She had two daughters with Leonard shoot that deer are you? as reminisces about it saying, “Leonard she wasn’t a very good hitter. They who have since passed away. She replied, “Yes I am!” When they did the heavy work handing out the meals, learned how to weave baskets, but Ida Ida and Leonard had a home on returned to where they saw the spike. She while I enjoyed visiting the seniors and said hers were not up to her standards, so Howanut Road and in Taholah. It is no took aim, waited for the deer to turn slightly, collecting the money. We made a great she gave it up. Presently, she’s starting longer there, having been destroyed by a fre and shot him right between the eyes. It team!” She presently is working at the up again, and her skills as a weaver are awhile ago. went down, but she could tell it wasn’t dead. Lucky Eagle Casino in the Marketing improving. She remembers when they decided She yelled at Leonard to give her another Department. She says it’s not that After the reservation boarding school to build a new home on Howanut Road. shell. He wasn’t moving fast enough, so glamorous, but it keeps her busy. was closed down, they had to attend Clarence Youckton asked what they were she grabbed a fence post lying nearby and When asked what she feels about the Oakville public schools. She remembers going to do with the old house. They smacked the deer across the head. Leonard changes the tribe is making. She replied, Hattie Hayden (Pikutark) telling her were taking a road trip to visit family in fnished it off with his knife. He then “I’m happy with the direction the tribe is stories about when the Indians frst California, and told Clarence that if he could dressed it out and they took it home to fnish going. It looks like it will keep getting attended school there, they were called move it before they returned he could have processing it. It was one of the tastiest better.” names and weren’t treated very nice. She it. He was able to drag it over to where venison dinners she ever prepared. Tribal Staff Profles: Heritage and Cultural Coordinators My name is Elaine position into three My name is Dianne must never forget our McCloud. I am positions. Originally, Devlin; I am the new traditional ways and to be the tribe’s Heritage one individual was Cultural Coordinator. proud of who we are. Coordinator. My employed to handle My grandmother was I will be working with parents were Hattie language, culture and Gertie Parson; my Native artisans from this (Hayden) and Bennie heritage. Now more can mother was one of six community and Salish Pikutark. I am married be accomplished in each sisters from the Benn communities around to Jack McCloud and individual category. family line. I have the area to preserve and have four sons: Kevin, We have passed out a eight brothers and three mentor our traditions. I Greg, Stephan and Rikki survey on family trees to sisters. Most of my will also be working with Sutterlict. I have 15 individuals who attended family lives off the Dan Penn on cultural grandchildren and three the NNABA conference. reservation, except my classes for the Language great-grandchildren. Elaine McCloud If you received one and Sister Sally Pikutark and Dianne Devlin Program and Elaine I am very excited have fnished it, please Terry Devlin. I have two Cultural Coordinator McCloud on cultural to be employed in Heritage Coordinator contact our offce. We grown children, Lance, classes for the Heritage this position. My are collecting pictures and Stefanie and one Program. I am very proud position involves duties that might fall that you might have that depict tribal grandson, Tyson. to be a part of a great program and under those of a historian. I will be history. We will be happy to scan any I grew up here and watched the many working with good people. working with historical, biographical and all you would like to share. changes our tribe has gone through to The Heritage, Culture and Language and photographic material regarding the My offce is in the old dental make our dreams come true and make Programs are located in the old dental tribe’s culture and history. a better way for our children. In doing offce. Stop by or contact by 709-1621. I commend those individuals offce, and my phone number is 709- so, we have always known that we who had the wisdom to separate one 1621. In October 200, more than 50 Elders traveled to Maui, Hawaii for vacation. This is the Chehalis group enjoying a lua at the Royal Luhana Resort.
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