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P. 1    FREE December 2008 Vol. CHEHALIS Honoring Dale 1/6 Elders: Program TRIBAL Klatush, Sr. News NEWSLETTER  He loves to work outside, taking care page 3 Buy an Electric of the tribal grounds, Toothbrush and  “People of the Sands”  Save Money Our Dental Program is dedicated to helping Everyone’s Invited to Come and Carve tribal members keep their smiles bright. To keep your smiles bright, we are offering While Learning the Chehalis Language toothbrushes priced at cost. Remember, brushing and fossing in the morning and evening will greatly decrease tooth decay  Carving class teaches about safety, tools, and carving and gum disease.  Sonicare Flexcare electric toothbrush techniques and provides Chehalis language lessons, page 2 $66.00 (Walmart $136.24 and Target $169.99.The dental clinic sells these at cost.) Tribe to  Oral B Triumph with Smartguide $30.00. We only have four left at this price (Target $149.99) Open Gas/  Crest White Strips. $30.00 for a one- month supply. (These are professional Convenience strength, not available in stores and can only be purchased from a dental offce.) Contact Meghan Eaton at the Dental Offce, Store in Grand 360-709-1659. Our Kids are Mound Getting Healthier  Twenty new jobs Many Chehalis tribal parents brought their created during tough children in for well child checks and dental economic times. exams. Some were surprised when they checked their child’s health records. “A lot By Sarra Burnett-Lisle , Planning of parents thought their children were caught Administrative Assistant up in their health care, but they weren’t,” said Debbie Shortman, Eligibility Specialist. A huge number of Christmas shoppers showed up to buy arts and crafts Our End of the Trail chain is getting a After the checks, parents went away made available by Chehalis Elders at the Annual Christmas Bazaar. new member of the family! The End of feeling great because they had helped their the Trail III is being built in Grand Mound, children be healthy. Each child received Elders Bazaar Attracts adjacent to the Great Wolf Lodge. With a Walmart card from Tony Medina, Youth this location, near I-5, Old Highway 99, Center Director, after they received and State Route 12, it’s sure to see plenty of certifcation on their health records. Savvy Holiday Shoppers business! The building is on a 4-acre portion of Join Diabetes Walk By Fred Shortman, Editor the lot that Great Wolf is situated on. The building will aesthetically complement the on Third Thursday Lodge, featuring a beautiful exterior like a of Each Month  Annual event attracts more vendors, and provides a log cabin. The store is expected to be close to 3,000 square feet, with about 120 square Don’t forget our diabetes walk every third wide variety of arts and crafts for shoppers to purchase. feet dedicated to fueling stations. There will Thursday of each month. Let’s keep the be 12 fuel pumps for cars and 8 fuel pumps walking stick at our Wellness Center. Our On Saturday, December 6, the Elders This location is ideal and the size of the for semi-trucks. There will also be a drive- community won the stick back last month. held their Annual Christmas Bazaar at building allows us more vendors,” said through that specializes in tobacco sales, Even if you don’t walk with the group, if the Lucky Eagle Casino events center. Dolly Canales. which will focus transactions inside the store you walk at another time, contact Lynn It was the largest bazaar yet, with over There were wall-to-wall vendors and strictly on gasoline and convenience goods. Hoheisel at 360-709-1744. 60 vendors and 85 tables. The Elders customers in the big event center. You Glenda McNair, Manager of all the End had a raffe and a silent auction and bake could fnd everything from clothing, of the Trail stores, and Manny Medina, Screening Shows sale. The food was outstanding: chili, carving, basketry, and baked goods. You this location’s store manager, are excited Some Youth Lack Iron fry bread, clam and oyster chowder, and could see smiles on everyone’s faces as to be accepting and reviewing employment Recently the Chehalis Head Start Program spaghetti. All proceeds from this bazaar they shopped for their Christmas items, applications. There will be approximately 20 positions open for hire, with tribal contribute to the Elders trips and dinners. and found gifts that you couldn’t fnd conducted lead screening tests on the member preference. To apply contact Sylvia students. Only two cases of lead were “This is the fourth or ffth year in the stores. Native arts and crafts Cayenne, Personnel Clerk at 360-273-5911. discovered. Both were not Chehalis tribal we’ve had this at the Casino. It was are always highly sought after and the Tribal members can look forward to a members. But, it was discovered some of held at the Tribal center a long time ago. workmanship is outstanding. soft opening date near the end of January. the youngsters had low iron. Insuffcient We also held it at our Elders center, but Great job Elders and Nancy Romero iron can cause tiredness. Often, low iron is the location is kind of out of the way. in making this a success! See Convenience Store, page 4 caused by a diet that is low in protein. To ensure enough iron for your children:  Replace pop or sugar drinks with low-fat Art Auction Brings in Endowment Funds, milk.  Cut back on chips and snack food, and serve more protein, such as fsh or While Showcasing Talent of Tribal Artists chicken. By Fred Shortman, Editor SPIPA’s Ninth Annual Native American silent auction, featuring Coastal Salish everyone laughing in their seats and Art Auction and Dinner was held at the artwork. Many items were donated by provided a good and giving mood while Great Wolf Lodge on Saturday, November artists in and around the area, from prints, people were eating. Co-Auctioneers were: 15. SPIPA maintains their motto of glasswork, futes, paddles and much more. John Simmons, Nisqually Tribe, and Debbie “Building Tribal Communities for the There were many talented tribal artists Gardipee-Reyes, Blackfeet Tribe. They did PO Box 536 Future.” They continue their commitment who donated to this auction. What an an excellent job keeping the auction going to deliver social, human and health services exhilarating evening, witnessing artist- and smoothly. by providing training and technical services, weaver-donated items being bid on in the Randy Capoeman, a Quinault artist who City, ST Zip Oakville, WA 98568 Street Address resource development, and planning to the live auction. For those who have never been fve tribal communities they serve. to a live auction, it makes your heart race See Art Auction, page 4 Seventy-fve percent of the proceeds with anticipation as the bid price begins Chehalis Tribal Newsletter FirstName LastName from this art auction and dinner will be to skyrocket. invested in an Endowment Fund. The There were prints donated by several remaining twenty-fve percent will be used of our Chehalis tribal artists. Selena to meet the immediate needs of the fve Latch’s print, “Drum as a Heartbeat” tribe’s youth and Elders programs. went for $250; Bill Thom’s or Will There were about 250 people who came of Two Worlds’ print ”Eclipse” was to bid on and purchase artwork that was purchased for $350; Wakisa Wittwer’s displayed in the Grand Ballroom. This was Chehalis Dawn went for $150; Marie a smaller number of people than in past Griswold’s Cedar Hat went for $350. years, but the ones who showed up brought Dan “Bones” Gleason, Sr., Artist Peter Boone donated a magnificent (under construction) ©Copyright 2008 their pocketbooks. SPIPA’s art and dinner performed an opening speech and print to raise money for Native youth and CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER auction successfully raised $42,774. prayer blessing the auction. Live Elders. His wife, Lois, came to see the is a publication of the Confederated Tribes This event included a stunning live and of the Chehalis Reservation. entertainment by Mitch Factor left high bids his art brought in.
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