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Convenience Store Students Get Awarded for Good Grades 4 (continued from page 1) By Misty , TELO Coordinator The Chehalis Tribe K-12 Education place at Fujiyamas, the Japanese steakhouse Program has started a special incentive in Olympia, followed by a movie. The program for tribal and community members following students made honor roll with a encouraging them to pass all of their classes. GPA of 3.0 or higher for the frst quarter of Students from 6 – 12 grade must attend the 2008-09 school year: Alyssa Charles, th th the Rochester or Oakville School Districts, Trisha Medina, Jordan Merriman, and and participate in the services that the Shelby McCrory. Education Program offers at the TELO The intent of the dinner and movie classroom. The incentive program activities incentive is to encourage and reward our will be provided at the end of every quarter students for their effort to pass all of their for students’ academic achievements. A classes, and hopefully, make honor roll. We student must pass every class to be deemed look forward to continuing this new tradition eligible for this activity. with the goal to increase our number of Out of 24 eligible students, 14 were tribal and community member students PNE and CTC Construction Companies work on the new End of the Trail III adjacent from the Great Wolf Lodge. The project will be finished near the able to attend this special event that took who pass all of their classes! Job well done, end of January. students! There is not a set date at this time. This addition to our End of the Trail line of Espresso Stand Now Managed by Tribe opening will include an invitation to all stores. There will be food, a raffe, and tribal members to come and see the newest plenty of fun. So watch for fyers. Tribal Fisherman Host Fundraiser to Help Family After Fire By Fred Shortman, Editor On Friday, December 5, the Chehalis tribal and cooked by Ray Secena. Jr., and Dennis fshermen had a fsh plate fund raiser for Cayenne. They were able to raise over Charles and Toni Black. The family lost $1,500 to help the family get back on their everything in a house fre at their home in feet. Hoquiam before Thanksgiving. The house I asked Ray Secena Jr what inspired him was insured, but the belongings were not to do this, and he said, “I saw a need, and covered. They family is now in temporary I wanted to help. With high quality fsh housing, until they can get back on their available, I thought, what a great idea to feet. have the fsherman donate the fsh for the They are housed in a very small fundraiser.” Great job - Ray, Dennis and apartment in Hoquiam, so if you wish to Andy! Your selfessness is donate anything please make it a gift card awesome!” Espresso employees (left to right) Sharon Francis, Lydia Fromm, Bev that can be used at a later date. Money Klatush Starr, Shawna Drury are awaiting your order. Make it a double donations can be made at the Bank of the mocha! Pacifc in Hoquiam, Charles and Toni Black, if you are interested. They are not looking Chehalis Tribal Enterprises (CTE) is now At the same time, Glenda believes that the for a hand out, so keep that in mind when managing the espresso stand next to the End additional drive-thru outlet will reduce you read this. of the Trail II convenience store and Shell customer lines inside the store. The couple had just received a per-capita, gas station. Beginning November 24, the According to Chris Richardson, CTE but most of that burnt up with the house. espresso stand began serving hot and cold Financial Manager, “Two cigarette outlets Luckily their wiener dog, Frankie, made espresso drinks. It is open to the public will increase the site’s overall sales of both it out safely. To many of us, our personal seven days a week from 6 AM to 9 PM. In cigarettes and fuel for the Chehalis Tribe.” belongings are priceless and irreplaceable. a few weeks, the drive-thru will start selling Later, after sales increase, the physical Tribal programs were able to come up cigarettes. building may be improved for additional some funding to help, just like they did for Glenda McNair, End of Trail Store storage and a second driveway on the west the Dale and Paula Klatush family when Manager, says, “Many of our customers, side may be added for a second drive-thru their home caught fre back in May. To especially seniors and handicapped, will window. witness such compassion in helping a embrace the convenience of driving up The Totem Espresso stand was originally community member is an honor. The to buy the same full line of premium and built in 2006 and operated by tribal members tribal fshermen donated nine fsh for this Tribal member Misty Hill buys a fish discount cigarettes, single pack or cartons.” David DuPuis and Diane Devlin. fundraiser. The dinner was coordinated plate and donates to a family in need. Eating Nuts Provides Heart Health Art Auction (continued from page 1) helped make this auction and dinner a By Cindy Beck, Project Coordinator SDPI success! Thanks to the Great Wolf Lodge recently passed away, and his family was and their staff for all their hard work getting Does your busy schedule make you ounce of walnuts provides a day’s worth of recognized at the dinner for his dedication set up for the dinner feast. The Chehalis feel like there’s no time for healthy eating? omega 3 fatty acid. Because they are high in in support of the art auction. They were Tribe is always a strong supporter of this Mini-meals several times a day can help fat, and can go rancid very quickly, walnuts given a posthumous memorial plaque of worthy cause, and with everyone else’s manage hunger, and reduce binging. should be stored in the fridge or freezer. recognition by the sponsor SPIPA. contributions, the auction was a huge Surprisingly, eating small, healthy ‘snacks’ Numerous studies repeatedly show Thanks to the many volunteers who success. every 2-3 hours, helps keep blood sugar many health benefts from nuts, including stable, decreases amount eaten at meals, and an ability to assist in weight loss. Several can cut calories by curbing hunger. There recently published studies showed that a are many good options for healthy snacks: handful of nuts a day helped promote weight fruit, veggies and even nuts and seeds. loss (11 – 18 %) in most study participants. Many people shy away from nuts and seeds And those who did not lose weight, didn’t as snacks, because of their fat and calorie gain any either! content. A serving of nuts, approximately Add 2 tablespoons tasty nuts or nut a handful (1 ounce); contains a signifcant butters to your diet and feel full longer while amount of protein, fber, minerals and fats. protecting your heart, and your waistline. Yes, FATS! These fats are the “good” kind, the kind of fats that protect the Nuts Fat (2) cardiovascular system, not hurt it. Nut per 1 oz./ Calories Protein Total Each type of nut has its own distinctive 28 grams taste and nutrient content; Keep in mind Almonds 20 - 24 160 6 4 14 6 - 8 190 19 Brazil nuts raw, unsalted are best. Almonds contain 6 Cashews 16 - 18 160 4 13 grams of protein, and signifcant amounts Hazelnuts 18 - 20 180 4 17 of iron, calcium, vitamin E, zinc, niacin and (6) 10 - 12 200 2 22 28 vitamin E. An ounce of almonds provides Peanuts 18 - 20 170 7 14 35 percent of the recommended daily Pecans halves 200 3 20 requirement for vitamin E, a nutrient many Pine nuts 150 - 160 7 14 Americans are lacking, as reported in the (pignolias) 157 Attendees at the SPIPA Art Auction may have been fewer in numbers, but September 2008 Journal of Nutrition. An Pistachios 45 - 47 160 6 13 they spent more per person, reflecting the rising value of Native art. Walnuts 14 halves 190 4 18 Community Mammogram Clinic Chehalis Wellness General Council Christmas Party and Annual Meeting at the Lucky Eagle Casino Friday, February 6, 2009 Tribal Center 9 AM – 3 PM Saturday, Dec 20, 2008 Free snacks and incentives Tuesday, January 6, 2009 11 am - 5:00 pm. Breast care information will be closed for the Starting 5:00 pm Door prizes including a Pendleton Bingo, Raffle, Picture with Santa, and Holidays on at the Tribal Center Game Room for the Youth blanket December 24, 25 and 26 If you have any questions please For more information, call • Watch for fyers with the agenda! contact: Cheryl Starr, Events Coordinator, 360- 273-5911 ext. 1524 Christina Hicks, 273-5504, ext. 1741 and January 1 and 2
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