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3 Honoring our Elders: Dale F. Klatush, Sr. “...If a job needs to be done you can depend on him.” Dale F. Klatush, 80, Parents: Walter Klatush and Mena Secena; Grandparents: Dan Secena and Alice Kitsap; Three brothers: Gordy, Richard “Tootie “ and Jimmie; Four sisters: Lorraine, Jane, Gloria and Pauline. Dale was married twice, frst to Vivian Young, who had one son from a previous relationship. Together they had seven children, four girls: Joyleen, Colleen, Karen and Beverly; and three boys: Larry, Dale, Jr., Bruce, Sr. His second marriage was to Rosetta Wells-Klatush and lasted for over 40 years. They didn’t have any children together, but they Dale loves working outdoors, keeping busy, and mentoring his first and oldest grandson, raised her two boys, Joe and Mike Sanders. Kevin Albert. Dale Klatush, Sr., grew up on the For more fun, Dale would play football to remind everyone that you can never the reservation even more. He says he was reservation and lived with his grandparents, with the Beckwith and Beeler kids who underestimate the power of the river. “The homesick and missed his family and friends. Dan and Alice Secena in a house located hiked out from town. Ike Beeler was a big foods have changed the river considerably When he returned from the war, he on the prairie. The home is no longer basketball star, and one of Dale’s many over the years,” he says. “Be careful out continued his love of playing in Indian there, but Dale still remembers it and the friends from Oakville. there.” baseball tournaments for the Oakville prairie. “Back then, the prairie was all open When Dale is asked to describe the Tomahawks. After retiring, he managed without any brush like it is right now,” he reservation back then, he says simply, “It felt While in school, Dale was an outstanding the Tomahawks for several years after his says. like home” athlete, and excelled in whatever sports he brother Gordy passed away. He took pride During these early years, Dale got his Back then, Grand Mound seemed like participated in. He was one of the top ten in having the best ball feld possible. Using start in being active. “There were lots of quite a distance away. There weren’t many players and is in Oakville’s Hall of Fame. shovels and pick-up trucks, Dale and other things to do outside and not much inside,” buildings, but Dale recollects many Chehalis After he graduated from Oakville High players would haul loads of dirt to fll the he remembers. “There were four or fve and other Native people lived there. School, he played for a semi-pro baseball feld where ever it was needed. horses, an apple orchard and a family Buildings were lacking on the reservation, team. George Youckton said, “He was Dale continues being active in baseball garden that we tended to.” too. “The tribal center was smaller and the so good that he still holds the record at and helping our youth be better players. He also remembers how everyone got dental offce was in a single wide trailer,” he Oakville High School for the most strike- Now you can see him at the games watching around, “We didn’t have wheels at this says. outs by a pitcher in one inning. Some and giving advice to the young players! So, time. You either walked around, rode Dale learned his exceptional work ethic games he would strike out fve batters in make sure you listen, young players. Dale horseback, or went by horse and buggy.” from his childhood days. Chores always one inning. The batter would strike out, the knows what he’s talking about! His advice Dale says his family’s barn was located came before fun and games. There weren’t catcher would miss the ball, and the runner to young players is, “Keep your grades up in on the south part of the prairie. Near chain saws back then, so wood was cut using would reach frst base safely. The next high school, so you can play sports.” the barn was a rodeo pit used for local two-person dual-handled cross-cut saws, batter would do the same thing. His fastball rodeos. Sometimes, Dale and his friends then hauled by horse and wagon. Dale says was too fast, and his curve ball was hard for Dale has worked for tribe for over 33 would overdo it, and ride when they were they cut what was available, from fr to ash the catcher to handle. years. You can see him weed-whacking supposed to be doing other things. “We’d trees. Ash trees were preferred, because “I remember one time we needed a around the tribal grounds and cemeteries. catch heck from our folks for riding,” he they didn’t produce as much soot in the catcher for Dale when he pitched. One of (He has been the caretaker of the cemeteries says with a laugh. stove pipe. the seniors volunteered to catch, and they for many years.) You might see Dale Dale’s family raised both milking and started to warm up. Dale threw his fast ball, driving his gray truck, hauling garbage for feed cows. They picked apples and berries, it had good movement, and tended to rise Elders. He looks ft, and years younger than and canned fruits and vegetables to prepare as it crossed home plate. The catcher didn’t his age. He says his secret to being ft is for the winter months. raise his glove fast enough and it drilled him simple, “When you see something that needs For entertainment Dale and friends raced in the forehead, knocking him out. When he to be done, just do it. Don’t put it off.” horses. His older brother, Gordy Klatush, regained consciousness a few minutes later, And, Dale says, there is always something had one of the best horses in the county, he never wanted to be a catcher anymore.” that needs to be done. a lightening-fast horse of unknown breed Dale was drafted into the Army and named Dusty Cyclone. served from January 12, 1951 to December Daughter Joyleen McCrory says, The family enjoyed going to the Elma 3, 1952 during the Korean War. He was frst “My dad is my silent hero and Rodeo to watch Gordy race. He won most sent for his basic training at Camp McCoy, of the races, but when Johnny Benn showed Wisconsin. After completing basic training, mentor. He has always been there up with his Thoroughbred horse, Dale says he was sent to Kaisers Lot in southern for me! As his frst born daughter I Gordy couldn’t beat him. Germany at the Rhine Military Post. He could not ask for a better father. I said his time there made him appreciate love you dad!” Dale’s family’s fshing grounds were located in the Balch area. Like other activities, fshing took physical effort. “In We want to thank everyone who helped Dale when his partner Rosetta passed on. the early years, we didn’t have motors.” All of the family really appreciates everything that was done in our time of need. He remembers his dad using canoes with There are so many of you to thank, it’s hard to list everyone. paddles and poles for fshing. Dale received his family fshing grounds Be assured we know who you are and we thank you. Dale was a natural athlete and a top by direct descendency. He says, “Fisherman pitcher in high school. This picture need to receive my permission to fsh in The Children of Rosetta and the Children of Dale Klatush was taken while playing for a semi- my family’s grounds.”. Also, he wants (We are One!) pro baseball league in 1950’s. Tribal Staff Profles: Prevention Specialist and CTC General Manager My name is Lorrie Bonifer 7-week course offered one night Hello my name is Charlie growth in the construction feld. and I am the Family Services, a week. At the end of January Bowman. I’m the newly My goals are to implement a Prevention Specialist Coordinator new classes will begin. The hired General Manager for the formal training program at the in the newly reorganized Public program includes dinner, prizes, Chehalis Tribal Construction start of the new year. Our initial Resource Center (old clinic). and baby sitting for the younger (CTC) Company. training project will include I am a descendant from the ones. I was born in Yuma, Arizona, wetland mitigation at the CTC Umatilla Tribe in Oregon. Chayse Our program is teaming and have lived throughout the offce site. We continue to Youckton is my only up with other tribal Western United States. I am increase productivity and child, and an enrolled Lorrie Bonifer programs and recently divorced after being Charlie Bowman train personnel in safe Chehalis tribal member. Prevention Specialist developing activities married for 18 years and have professional construction He is the best thing that to achieve the goals two sons, ages 11 and 15. I General Manager, practices. We are working has ever happened to me. Coordinator of drug, alcohol, and was in the US Marine Corps Chehalis Tribal to aggressively procure His father is Anthony tobacco free. We are and was discharged under Construction projects both on and off Youckton, grandfather is George Youckton, working with Law Enforcement on a fatal honorable conditions. the reservation. Also, we also known as Chops. crash seminar. This class will show all ages I’m not a registered tribal plan to establish proft I grew up in Moclips, Washington. I the dangers of driving while intoxicated. member, but my family is researching the growth and institute project tracking. spent eight years at the Lucky Eagle Casino Law Enforcement program, “Shop history of our great, great grandfather, The mission for CTC is fully committed as a video supervisor/purchasing assistant. with Cop” and Natural Resources are Sparrow Hawk, of the North Carolina to providing the tribe with excellent My frst contact working with the tribe was coordinating several other projects. Mark Cherokee tribe. We found out that he’d construction services, and assisting in with SPIPA through the Pathways Program. White, Department of Natural Resource escaped while on the Trail of Tears, and planning and decision making. We are Our program is developing drug, alcohol, Director, will be looking for families to changed his name to Hawk Bowman. It’s committed to providing employment tobacco free activities for families. Every volunteer to help plant trees been challenging getting any information, and training for Chehalis tribal members other Friday night we have a class for Our program is teaming up with Christina but we remain hopeful. and other Native Americans interested in parents/caregivers with their children. We Hicks next month for a “Parent’s Speak-Up” I have 30 years experience in the construction as a career. We will maintain a are also working on some family activities class. We will be giving out materials and construction business with the last 20 superior level of integrity, quality, pride and for Friday nights. t-shirts. Flyers will be sent out soon. year in construction management. It is a ownership in all of our projects. Presently, there is a strengthening This is the best job I have ever had, and great opportunity to be hired to operate the My offce is located on Anderson Road. families class being taught, with the help I truly love working for the Chehalis Tribe. Chehalis Tribes Construction Company. Feel free to contact me at 360-273-1004. of Nathan Floth, Education; Bruce Stinson, Please feel free to contact me at 360-709- I believe there is a great opportunity for Probation and Dean Johnny, ICW. This is a 1717 or e-mail
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