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P. 1    FREE April 2009 Vol. CHEHALIS Honoring Helen 2/4 Elders: Program TRIBAL Sanders News NEWSLETTER  She commits her time and energy to the Allottee’s Many Ways for Youth Association, page 3 and Families to Avoid  “People of the Sands”  Substance Abuse By Lorrie Bonifer, Family Services, Red Cedar Hat Club Strives to Prevention Specialist There are exciting activities offered in April Pass On Traditional Weaving and May to help youth and families prevent drug and alcohol abuse. Please join us:  Every Thursday, starting April 16:  Elders, youth, and adults work together on weaving Drug and Alcohol Prevention Youth Group, 4 - 5 pm at the Resource Center. projects to share and learn together, page 2  April 29 and 30: Drug and Alcohol Substance Abuse (DASA) Youth Leadership Conference, 8 am – 6:15 pm, Tribal Community Great Wolf Lodge. We have a group of youth who will give a presentation on the Choice and Consequence Event that was Provides Opinions held at the Youth Center on March 11 If . they win, they will earn scholarships to go and Direction to CADCA in Washington, DC, in 2010.  May 25: Community Garden Project By Sarra Burnett-Lisle, Administrative meeting, starting at 10 am, at the Youth Center. Lunch will be provided. Assistant, Planning Department  The Prevention Program is looking for people to name the youth group On Tuesday, February 24, the Community and submit art representing our youth Assessment and Bingo Night was held to preventing drug and alcohol use. There gather our friends and family to get their will be two $100 prizes awarded, one opinions on many of the tribe’s departments. for naming our group, and one for the We wanted to know how we could better art which will be used on fyers and serve this community, making it a more fun, posters. Winners will be announced educated, and safer place to be. on May 29. Submit your art or name to Our survey results have been tabulated, Lorrie Bonifer, Prevention Coordinator, at and the information we received was very or call 360- Farley Youckton and his wife Dinell, Deanna Eldridge, and John and Erica helpful, giving us many ideas to improve 709-1717. All entries must be submitted Lewis pause for a photo as they arrive by limousine. It is a tradition for the Chehalis Reservation. A total of 187 no later than May 12 at 12 noon. Awards Ceremony nominees and attendees to dress in formal attire. people flled out the surveys; 127 women Program Available to Photo by Stephanie Pickernell and 60 men. There were 116 Chehalis tribal members who flled out the survey, the Assist Graduating Seniors other 71 were a combination of non-tribal By JJ Shortman, TELO Coordinator Lucky Eagle Awards Recognize, members and others who are affliated with other tribes. Attention all Chehalis tribal and community Set High Standards for Employees We’ve found that many of you are members! It’s that time again, our satisfed with the Chehalis Tribal Wellness high school seniors are starting to catch By Mae Wheelwright, Human Resources Director, Lucky Eagle Casino Center and the services they are offering. “senioritis” as they prepare to escape the Suggestions show that top priorities for rigors of high school. As most of you know, On Tuesday, March 24, the Lucky Eagle The casino believes this helps to strengthen new services are massage therapy and a the Chehalis Tribe celebrates our graduating Casino held its13th Annual Associate of the relationships and builds a family atmosphere pharmacy. Also worth noting, the top class seniors with a dinner and recognition Year Banquet at Great Wolf Lodge. The at the casino. Other recognition programs that you would like to see offered is weight ceremony. We also have funds in place to Casino is committed to recognizing the that continue to encourage associates to control. We also see a need for parenting help with anything your senior might require associate’s contributions which help make strive towards better customer service are classes, men’s health, and support groups. to make the culmination of the last thirteen our business successful and our workplace “Catch a Rising Star, “Stars on Parade,” and You would like to some wellness classes -- years of hard work complete. more inviting. Front line associates are “Soaring Service.” These programs help strength and conditioning, aerobics classes If you are aware of any community the face of Lucky Eagle Casino, and they build strong morale, and a culture where and kick boxing. Be sure to let your health or tribal member getting ready to provide our guests with “a more rewarding associates feel recognized for their hard care provider know if you are interested graduate, please contact our offce to get a experience.” These individuals possess work. in any of these classes, so they see the real questionnaire. We will need their name and unique skills and talents which help set In order to receive the prestigious honor interest around the community! the schools they attend to fnd out if they Lucky Eagle Casino apart from other of Associate of the Year, several selection There is also a real interest to learn more will be graduating on time. casinos in a highly competitive arena. criteria and high standards must be met. about our tribal culture and heritage. Over Also a bit of other news: We have hired This special recognition dinner is one Each year, through a lengthy selection half of the community is interested in taking two new gifted employees - Jason Gillie way the casino rewards those who have process, the Associate of the Month Chehalis language classes, wood carving and Anna Teague - and our staff is at full provided outstanding guest service. An Committee works hard to narrow down the classes, basket weaving, drum making, capacity. They will allow the After-School excellent meal, entertainment, and manager selection to just one candidate from a feld and other cultural classes. The language Program to stay open until 6 pm, Monday presentations set the stage for the evening. of 12 top-notch Associates of the Month. through Friday. For more information, call JJ, Tawni, Jason or Anna at 709-1888. See Recognition, page 4 See Survey, page 4 Workers Wanted for Mexican Food Restaurant Opens at Spring Clean Up Six clean-up laborers/helpers are needed End of the Trail II Convenience Store for a project at $10 per hour, not to exceed 60 hours for a April 22-29 clean-up project. By Fred Shortman, Editor Drug testing, heavy lifting will be required. Enterprise Director David Youckton’s If you are interested, contact Human annual meeting report last November Resource Department at 360-273-5911. noted that the quick service restaurant serving chicken at the EOT II was consistently losing money each year. Cost reduction measures by management helped somewhat, but the restaurant was still operating at a loss. It closed a few weeks ago. PO Box 536 A new fast food Mexican-style restaurant called MexiGo opened on City, ST Zip Street Address March 31. The kitchen and serving Oakville, WA 98568 areas were thoroughly cleaned and * Return Service request restored to a new attractive fnish. The FirstName LastName restaurant is in the convenience store, Chehalis Tribal Newsletter but separate from EOT operations. Carolyn Sloppy is supervising the restaurant. The menu, similar to a Taco Bell PRSRT STD franchise, includes a selection of tacos, PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA burritos, gorditas, nachos and salads. US POSTAGE PAID The items are value-priced from $1.09 (under construction) ©Copyright 2009 to $4.99. Hours are 9 am to 7 pm, seven CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Confederated Tribes days a week. So come on in, say hello, Patricia Gitchell receives her lunch from Manager Carolyn Sloppy at the soft of the Chehalis Reservation. and order a burrito to go! opening of the new MexiGo Mexican Restaurant located inside the EOT II.
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