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2 Tribe’s Great Wolf Lodge Receives Thurston Master Weavers Make Generous Offer to Tribal Community: County’s Best New Enterprise Award “Let Us Share Our Skills With You” By Fred Shortman, Editor The Great Wolf Lodge was selected as opened a year ago. “This is a huge honor. Red Cedar the Best New Business of 2009, one of four We accept this award on behalf of all 600 Hat Club organizations that received an award from pack members and the Chehalis Tribe.” members Thurston County’s Economic Development Lodge General Manager Derrek Kinzel said. recently Council. The Great Wolf was one of 12 “We greatly appreciate this.” made businesses considered. To qualify each had Twelve businesses were nominated for Easter to meet certain criteria, including having an awards, and the winners were selected by baskets economic impact within the region. a six-person committee, including Michael during Things that set the Great Wolf apart Motte, Chief Executive of Capital Medical their included community support and interaction, Center and John Setterstrom, General weekly and how they promoted jobs and anchored Manager of the Lucky Eagle Casino. meeting the growth of Grand Mound. Also “All the winners received high marks in the noted was the Lodge’s generosity to the for the way they conduct business, by Resource community, and its record of helping non- promoting the county’s qualify of life,” John Center. proft organizations. They also received Setterstrom said. “I’m pleased to see the recognition for partnering with Big Brothers Great Wolf Lodge receive this high honor and Big Sisters and United Way. and recognition. As a business leader it is In addition to winning the award, the an honor to work for the Chehalis Tribe and By Diane Devlin, Heritage Coordinator Great Wolf Lodge hosted the EDC’s annual this community. It’s exciting to assist and meeting and business recognition awards watch the tribe’s economic growth as they A group of Elders who call themselves free to all who attend. ceremony. About 250 people attended continue to strengthen themselves and the “The Red Cedar Hat Club” based The Red Cedar Hat Club members the event. The keynote speaker was Roy communities around them.” loosely after the Red Hat Club, enjoy believe in giving back to the community, Heynderickx, the new president of Saint On a special note at this EDC’s Annual sharing basket weaving techniques, new preserving a traditional art that will Martin’s University. meeting the Lucky Eagle Casino was patterns or styles, but mostly they just last for generations when freely given, The focus though, was on the award recognized as one of the top 3 candidates for like to visit with each other and have sharing materials, different techniques, winners, starting with the Lodge, which Top Corporate Business Award. fun. Originally, the Red Cedar Hat special projects, and knowledge of what Try Controlling the Size of Your Food Portions. Club gathered every Thursday from 11 they have learned from other Master am–3 pm in the Resource Center. The Weavers. Yes, the class is free. Make club has grown since its beginning. no mistake, if you want to become a It Could Be Your Key to Weight Loss The gathering has been rescheduled weaver, you’ll need to learn all the hard to accommodate the needs of the work it takes to accomplish this. By Cindy Beck, ND, Program Coordinator SDPI community, for every Thursday evening The weavers are available to answer Cookies as big as frisbees. Muffns the size A number of studies indicate that portion from 4-7 pm at the Tribal Center. questions you might have in assisting of fower pots, bowls of pasta so deep, your size is more closely correlated with the The atmosphere is relaxing, as you on the journey to become a basket fork can barely fnd the bottom. One reason number of calories you take in than is the everyone enjoys each other’s company weaver, all the while, teaching you how people’s waistlines have expanded over the quality or type of food you eat. And the reverse also seems to be true – portion laughing, sharing memories, and to gather and care for your own weaving past few decades is because food portions control yields more weight loss than have too. People today eat way more than working on different projects together. materials. they used to, and way more than they need changing the food you eat or exercising Someone might bring in a basket they The table is open to anyone who to. This means that we’re constantly taking more -- although doing those plus paying want to fnish. There is lots of sharing wants to stop in and bring a weaving in more calories than our bodies can burn. attention to portions is best of all! and trading materials with each other to project they need help with, or join a Unfortunately, lots of us don’t realize that Keeping portions reasonable is not assist in fnishing a project. project the Red Cedar Hat Club is doing. we’re eating too much because we’ve always easy, but it’s certainly doable The Heritage and Culture Programs They wish to express to the community become so used to seeing (and eating!) large whether you eat out or eat in. Order an are working with Marie Griswold that they enjoy helping anyone who portions. appetizer as an entrée plus a salad or soup. who volunteers to share her weaving comes to the weavers gathering, and it is Portion sizes began to increase in the At home, choose single-serve packages, skills with community members. Each open to all ages. So come and sit, learn 1980s and have been ballooning ever since. but only if you can stick to just one. And Thursday, she brings her own materials and enjoy this weaver’s gathering. Take bagels, for example: 20 years ago, the remember, it’s an expensive option and average bagel had a 3-inch diameter and environmentally unfriendly because of and offers her Master Weaving skills for 140 calories. Today, bagels have a 6-inch all that extra packaging. Fighting that Baby Board Class has Never Faded diameter and 350 calories. One bagel thickening of the middle seems to come with age, and requires one thing above all else – that size actually contains half a person’s from Native Traditions recommended number of grain servings for frm control of how much we eat. For two weekends during March, 20 tribal daughter to granddaughter. Each tribe had an entire day! Take this quiz to determine your portion control prowess: members gathered at the Tribal Center for a different style of baby board. The board a two-day workshop to make baby boards. was used to protect and discipline the child. 1. Your “portion” of food should be the amount 2.B - ping pong ball. Although peanut butter Trudy Marcellay volunteered her time and Cradle baby boards had a hoop that attached listed as a “serving” on the Nutrition Facts packs a wallop of fat [16 grams] and calories label. skill at making baby cradle boards and to the board and looped over the head of the A. yes B. no C. it depends [190], it provides nutrient-rich calories and half the fat is nutritious mono-unsaturated fats. offered to teach the classes for free. The baby for further protection, should the board Heritage & Culture Program paid for the be dropped. Mothers would often bead 2. A 2-tablespoon serving of peanut butter is 3. C - 11 cups. What used to be a reasonable roughly equal in size to: treat, providing 270 calories, now weighs in at materials to make the baby boards. colors around the hoop and dangle A. a pair of dice B. a ping pong ball 630 calories. And that’s not even the biggest; Two types of baby boards where taught rattle, shells, or bones with beads for C. your pinky fnger some buckets hold 16 cups of corn. If you add during the classes. The the baby to play with. There was no 3. Twenty years ago an average serving of “butter topping” it can total 1500 calories! Skip Colville baby cradle limit to how much a board could movie theatre popcorn was fve cups. Today the extra butter, and buy a small or medium to board, noted for the be embellished, with some it’s: share. round top, was offered being entirely beaded. A. 6 cups B. 9 cups C. 11 cups 4. C - up to 40% more. Researcherson fve to 10 people on March Babies would usually 4. How many chips do you think people eat, on different occasions gave men and women 14 and 15. The second need more then one board. average, from a 170-gram bag versus a 85- an afternoon snack of potato chips that were type of baby board was As they out grew the frst gram bag? packaged in bags that looked the same except A. up to 50% more B. up to 25 % More the Yakima baby cradle baby board, a larger board C. up to 40% more that they progressively increased in size (from 28 board taught on Mach 28 was made for the baby. If grams to 170 grams). For both men and women, and 29 to ten more tribal anyone is interested in seeing 5. True or False-People eat about the same the snack intake increased signifcantly as the package size increased. From the 170-gram bag, community members. the fnished baby boards, stop by volume of food each day women ate 18% more and men 37% more than Baby boards have never and see a picture of the proud Answers when served the 85-gram bag. really faded from the Native artists with their baby boards 1.C - it depends. A serving size listed on the 5.TRUE. Penn State researchers have found American traditions of raising made on display at the Heritage Nutrition Facts label is a standardized amount of that people don’t rely on a calorie level to know babies. To this day you will still and Culture Program offce. food determined by the FDA, so consumers can when they’re full; they eat until they’ve reached fnd baby boards compare calories and nutrients among brands. a certain volume of food. made or passed down Jodie Smith made a Yakima baby board in a class It’s not necessarily a recommended portion. Chehalis Business Committee from grandmother to taught by Trudy Marcellay. Wellness Center Now Tribal David Burnett, Chairman Don Secena, Vice Chairman Provides On-site X-rays Newsletter Jessie Goddard, Treasurer Cheryle Starr, Secretary By Cindy Gamble, Wellness Center Director 420 Howanut Road Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member Oakville, WA 98568 The Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center bill is covered as long as there are IHS CHS (360) 273-5911 (office) Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: is proud to announce the arrival of a new funds available. For direct care and self-pay (360) 273-5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communications Coordinator X-ray machine and digital processor. The patients, South Sound Radiology will bill machine is installed and staff is being your insurance and you for your portion. Articles and opinions expressed in this trained. The Wellness Center will bill for taking publication are not necessarily the opinions When a Wellness Center provider orders the X-ray. For self-pay patients without of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal an X-ray, a nursing or medical assistant resources, they will be responsible for Business Committee. staff member will bring the patient to the paying the Wellness Center and South Sound The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages imaging room for the X-ray. The X-ray is Radiology in advance. tribal members to submit letters, articles, processed on-site and the provider can look We feel having on-site X-rays is a great photographs, and drawings to be considered at it almost immediately. The image is then addition to the Wellness Center. Making it for publication. These are subject to editing. sent to South Sound Radiology where it is more convenient to patients, and a quick Contributing writers, artists, and reviewed by a radiologist. On-site X-rays and useful diagnostic tool for providers. photographers include Chehalis tribal will improve our providers’ ability to make We thank the tribal leadership and other community members and staff. The Confederated Tribes of a prompt diagnosis and communicate more departments such as Accounting, Planning, closely and quickly with our patients. and IT in assisting in making this a reality! Submission deadline: The 6th each month the Chehalis Reservation... “People of the Sands” For CHS eligible patients, the radiology Printed: Monthly
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