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Recognition Survey 4 (continued from page 1) (continued from page 1) Over 280 associates and their families Lovgren; Administration attended the fun-flled event, which took August-Robert Housley; Video/IT program is currently headed up by place in the Chehalis Grand Ball Room at September-Craig McCown; Shipping/ Dan Penn. He is doing a fantastic Great Wolf Lodge. Each Associate of the This year, the lovely Roberta Secena job creating materials for classes Month arrives at the banquet by limousine, delivered the blessing which began the and teaching our people the which adds to the exciting atmosphere. evening by remembering the importance language that our ancestors spoke Each year, everyone enjoys dressing up in of the gifts in our lives. The honorable for hundreds of years. their fnery, including ball gowns and suits, Stan Speaks, Regional Director of the BIA, The highest ranked way to as they share in recognizing their co-workers and John Setterstrom presented the award learn Chehalis is by listening on this momentous occasion. for Associate of the Year. The top honor to CDs. If this is your preferred Grandparents Nadine and Jim Burnett Videos were shown which highlighted went to Gloria Bramer, Lead Line Cook in method, you are in luck! Dan with granddaughter Amara Penn wait to each nominee, and mangers provided the buffet. Gloria is a hard-working and offers a range of audio material, start playing Bingo during the Planning speeches on the unique qualities of their dedicated team member, who provides from the alphabet, to whole Department’s Survey Night. department’s candidate. The Associates of outstanding service to all of our guests. lessons on CD. You can call you information about loans that are the Month for 2008 included: Additionally, three Executive Awards him at the tribe or e-mail him at dpenn@ geared toward helping natives buy January-Daryl Shortman; Buffet were presented: the Extra-mile Award to get your copy. February-Dinell Youckton; Food & (going the distance), awarded to Dinell Dan also offers a language class on homes. Diana Pickernell offers fnancial Beverage Youckton; the Guest Service Award literacy classes that can help rein in March-Eva Mendoza -Roca; Table Games (providing Soaring Guest Service), Wednesdays from 5:00-6:30pm in the spending habits and help correct habits April-Gloria Bramer; Kitchen awarded to Parrish Preston; and the resource center, which he follows with a that lead to bad credit. Credit counseling May-David Williams; Kitchen Teamwork Award, (contributing in a carving class from 6:30–8:00 pm in the is also an option. Diana could arrange June-Mel Hjelm; Cage meaningful way to the success wood shop. On Fridays you can attend classes if there is enough interest. If you July-Darshan of the team) awarded to class again from 3:00-6:00 pm where are interested, please contact Diana at William Thoms. you will carve and learn the Chehalis the tribe, or e-mail her at dpickernell@ language at the same time. Dan commits time every week to teach the children in There are complete survey results Head Start and students at Oakville High available in the Planning Department if School. Please contact Dan if you have you are interested in the comprehensive questions and would like to be involved results. Later on, we will also be in the language program. releasing a more in-depth analysis of Another appealing fnding was that the results with determinations of what many tribal members are interested in changes will take place. There will be home ownership, though the top reasons many exciting plans going into effect they cannot take the plunge to buy a based on survey results; you can look home include down payments and bad forward to seeing changes in the near credit. There are options within housing future. Be sure to plan on attending to helping with down payments. They meetings so you can stay in the loop, and may be able to put you in their down ensure that your voice is heard. Thank payment assistance program, or offer you for your participation! Grandmother Lorilee Pickernell with grandson Daryl Shortman, February Associate of the Month, enjoy a limousine ride to the Great Wolf Lodge with Daryl’s uncle James Pickernell, and mother Carmen Shortman. Grand Mound Tribal Convenience Store and Gas Station Opens to Public By Fred Shortman, Editor It was a wet, cold and windy morning At 1 pm Bones (Elder Dan Gleason) for the Grand Opening of the End of the performed the blessing and raffe tickets Trail III Convenience Store located in Grand were drawn. Congratulations to everyone Mound. But the weather didn’t dampen the who won a prize. The winner of the grand spirits of tribal and community members prize, a barbecue, was Charles “Duffy” who showed up to celebrate our new gas Black. Have you wondered how work is progressing at the Community Center site? station and convenience store. It was a At the February soft opening, the Saxas has completed about 45 percent of the construction. The Chehalis friendly atmosphere as everyone visited paving for the truck fueling station wasn’t Tribal Community Center will feature a swimming pool and spa, exercise and received their raffe tickets for the door completed. Now it is done, and you can see room, basketball court with seating for 500 spectators, locker rooms, offices prizes. People enjoyed free hot dogs and the big trucks rolling in to fuel up. Thurston for education, language and heritage staff, six classrooms, a gathering room popcorn as they waited for the blessing of County is fnishing their nearby projects, and large kitchen for community events and General Council meetings. the store. Centralia’s KMNT Radio Station bringing a new look to the area. The The Youth Program will also move to new offices, and have a kitchen, was there broadcasting live as everyone Chehalis Tribe is looking forward to seeing activity rooms and their own full-size basketball court. The new building is braved the weather. The new EOT III signs this new business continue grow, providing tentatively scheduled to open in middle or late September. were blinking their messages that the store more jobs and more customer service. was open to the public. Chehalis Art Calendar to Cameo in New Moon Movie By Janet Chapman, Project Manager The Chehalis Tribal Enterprises’ Arts & The calendar, which is something to be Economic Development project, the 2009 proud of in and of itself, was singled out K’ah tuK’ee Tachee calendar, featuring for the movie set to lend authenticity to Chehalis, Colville, Squaxin and Skokomish the Native American characters and their artists, is going Hollywood! CTE has been surroundings in this wildly popular story approached by the flm makers of the very that spans four books. The frst movie, popular Twilight saga to use the calendar Twilight, debuted in November 2008 and the as set dressing in the next installment, New immense popularity has the second movie Moon. flming now, and the third, Eclipse, in pre- The second book in the series takes production. It speaks volumes to the quality place primarily on the Quileute Reservation of not only the calendar, but our local artists, in LaPush, in and around the home of that our calendar was chosen to represent the characters Billy and Jacob Black. The art of the Northwest Coast in a mainstream Sharon Francis, Lydia Fromm and Bev Starr have re-opened Drive-Thru Espresso and Cigarettes. Store hours are Monday-Saturday 6 am- 9 pm; calendar, which the set designers picked Hollywood movie. Sunday 6 am to 6 pm. Pre-order your espresso or cigarettes to speed up up at a retail store somewhere in western New Moon will be in theaters in your stop-and-go at 360-273-0284. Have a great espresso day! Washington, will hang on the wall of the November, 2009. Black’s home in the movie. Cemetery Clean-up Basketry Workshop WIC Program Dates Walkers Wanted Weavers Teaching Weavers (Women, Infants and Children) Third Thursday of Each Month May 15 At Thursday, May 7, 2009 April 16 At noon starting at the Tribal Center Great Wolf Lodge Meet at the Tribal Center Sponsored: Hazel Pete Institute of Chehalis 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Minimum Qualifcation Starts at 9 am - 4 pm Basketry Walk or exercise 20 minutes. Great Benefts! Friday & Saturday at the Wellness Center April 15 & 16 from 9 am-4 pm Good health and lowers risk of Diabetes. This has been an annual event that’s Doors open 6:30 PM - Everyone Welcome! The WIC Program provides healthy happened for many years preparing HPI Conference Rate Available foods and nutrition information for you Fun Spring Fling Food for Tribal Days. Bring your gloves, Join master weavers in a “sit beside” art- and your child up to age 5. at the Wellness Center tools, and energy and be prepared to basketry. Each master weaver will have kits Bring your child, medical coupons or April 28 11am-1:30 pm work. Lunch will be provided. for participants between $10 and $50. Dinner paystub, and identifcation. Contact Cheryle Starr or Friday Night Only. Registration Fee: $75 Join in on the Food, Fun: Crafts, Door Prizes, Drawings, Games and Recipes 360-273-5911 for more information Sunday Only: $40; Vendor Tables Available Contact Deb Shortman at 306-273-5504 Demonstration. For more information Contact Trudy at 360-273-7274 for more information. contact Lynn Hoheisel at 360-709-1744
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