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P. 1    FREE May 2009 Vol. CHEHALIS Honoring Fred 2/5 Elders: Program TRIBAL Sanchez, Sr.  He placed News NEWSLETTER encouraging and his family frst, Accounting Office helping them grow, page 3 Hours Change for Better  “People of the Sands”  Customer Service The Accounting Offce has extended its Youths Books Selected to be Placed in hours. Now open through lunch, staff will be available from 8:00 am-4:30 pm Monday Rochester Primary Library through Friday. This will make it convenient for PUD customers to pay their bills. Ms. Belmont inspires her frst grade class to organize, Fireworks Application read, and write by publishing their books, page 2 Are Now Available With the Fireworks season coming up. Any tribal members planning to have a freworks Hotel’s New Slot stand, applications and freworks ordinance Gaming Room Offers will available at the Accounting Offce. This will include the information on permit costs. More Fun, More Jobs Activities Help Smokers By Fred Shortman, Editor Quit The Eagles Landing Hotel opened a new tribal gaming site on April 20. The slot room By Lorrie Bonnifer, Family Services has 23 Class II rocket games and a POS Prevention Specialist station. The room was converted from an infrequently used conference room just off Are you serious about quitting smoking? the hotel lobby. Please see Dr. Stuber, Dr. Solis, and Donna Hours before the opening, the slot room if you need a jump start to quit smoking. employees, hotel managers, video cashiers, We are also starting a quit smoking group The Great Wolf Lodge Green Seal Team L-R: Brandon Gibeaut, Brent Turner, and security guards were introduced to the that will be meeting at the Resource Room Sean Lynch, Rebecca Crane, Brian Ballie, Karina Addari, James Anderson, fundamentals of gaming. Guest speakers every Wednesday 12–1:00 pm, starting June Shawn Miller, Jamal Ahangarzadeh, Maggie Moore, Derrek Kinzel, Nick helped orient the new employees to gaming. 10. Bring your own lunch. Cooper, Carrie Markle and John Poole Attending were representatives from Tribal June 17 we are having a “Kick Butts Great Wolf Resorts Lead the Gaming, tribal police, Lucky Eagle Casino Day” and picking up all of the cigarette security, cage and surveillance staff, and butts around the Tribal Center, Head Start, rocket gaming staff. The new security and Youth Center, from 10:00 am till noon. Way for Hotels to Go Green guards had already attended a two-day Yummy smoothies will be provided in training, which included frst-aid, provided the morning, and a great, nutritious lunch by the casino Security Department. will be provided at noon. Everyone is MADISON, Wisconsin (April 16, 2009) and methods they’ve adopted since opening Expectations were high as everyone encouraged to come and help clean up and Great Wolf Resorts, Inc. , North America’s in 2008. Both the hotel and water park focused on learning their new roles. Hotel ® be a part of our Kick Butts Day! largest family of indoor water park resorts, portions of the business are part of Project Manager Glen Brydges said, “The slot And, don’t forget the youth prevention today announced all its U.S. properties have Green Wolf, and the program also includes an room opens a new avenue of excitement for group meetings, Thursdays, May 7 and 28, achieved Green Seal certifcation for the inventive educational program for the resorts’ our hotel guests.” The slot machines were ™ 4–5:00 pm at the Resource Center. lodging portion of its operations, making youngest guests created in partnership with moved from the Lucky Eagle Casino to the ® ™  Language Class - Wednesdays at 5:30-6:30 Great Wolf Lodge brand resorts the frst National Geographic Kids . hotel and will be open 24 hours. For the frst PM and only national hotel chain to earn that “We believe green tourism is the most time in southwest Washington, slot machine  Carving Class - Every Wednesdays- Starts at distinction. Green Seal is a 20-year-old, important travel trend of our lifetime, and gaming is being offered to adults 18 years 6:30 pm and Fridays, Starts at 3:30 pm independent, non-proft organization dedicated we wanted to do the right thing by taking and older. This is permissible because  Thursday-Cultural Class Starts at 4-7:0 pm to creating a more sustainable world. Green a leadership position on this,” said Kim alcohol is not served in the hotel. Seal created a rigorous, science-based Schaefer, chief executive offcer of Great Additional security guards have been Moved Recently? Let Us environmental standard for the industry, which Wolf Resorts. “It’s nice to be recognized as hired on the premises, and surveillance the frst national hotel chain to achieve Green cameras have been installed to protect and includes nearly three dozen environmentally Know, and Get Your Mail responsible criteria for lodging properties. Seal certifcation, yet more importantly, it’s monitor the safety of patrons, employees, Along with the Green Seal announcement, gratifying to know we’re doing our part to and tribal assets. With cigarette smoking By Fred Shortman, Editor Great Wolf Lodge executives took the create a sustainable tourism product for lots of allowed, the HVAC system was upgraded to If you have recently moved, or are planning occasion to unveil the company’s own, even families and generations to come.” properly maintain the environment. to move, make sure you contact me, the more sweeping, environmental program called The company spent the last year Chehalis Tribal Enterprises (CTE) Newsletter Editor, with your new mailing “Project Green Wolf.” making the necessary changes to meet the worked closely with hotel and casino address. Many important tribal documents, During the month of April, General Green Seal requirements. As part of the management as well as the Tribal Gaming including this newsletter, will not be Manager Derrek Kinzel, and his team of certifcation process, each resort underwent Agency (TGA) in preparation for the forwarded. They are mailed back to me or managers welcomed a small crowd of an extensive operations audit covering slot room. CTE Financial Manager Chris other tribal departments. visitors to showcase some of the materials nearly every aspect of its lodging business. Richardson said, “The Chehalis Tribe has If you have not been receiving this See Great Wolf, page 4 See Eagles Landing, page 4 newsletter, or other important tribal information including per capita, please Tribal contact me as soon as possible. I will forward your new address to appropriate Members departments. Presently, there are 20 tribal members with unknown addresses. Call me at 360-709-1726 and leave your name and Care for the new address or email me at fshortman@ Your cooperation is greatly Environment appreciated. By Glenn Connelly, Environmental Program Specialist Earth Day was April 22, and you probably noticed a work crew in pick-up trucks, cleaning up around the reservation. That was your Spring Clean-Up Crew for 2009. The Business Committee, Natural Resources Two tribal members, Tina Damis and Brian Benda, disassemble broken PO Box 536 Department, and Maintenance Department playground equipment in the park on Tahown Drive. City, ST Zip worked together to organize Spring Clean- Street Address Up 2009 for the tribal community. trash, plus we recycled over 100 tires, about stains, pesticides, used oil, and other Oakville, WA 98568 The tribe provided extra dumpsters and 20 old appliances, and some old paint and hazardous substances can be taken for FREE * Return Service request a recycling area at the old Hamilton Farm. chemicals. to the Hazo Hut at either of the two transfer FirstName LastName We hired a crew to help tribal Elders clean The work crew may be gone, but you can stations mentioned above. Please remember Chehalis Tribal Newsletter up their yards, help people unload their still do your spring cleaning anytime you that you cannot burn garbage, furniture or trash into the dumpsters at the farm, clean want. The tribe keeps two dumpsters at the construction debris anymore, but you can up around the tribal center, and tribally- Hamilton Farm for any tribal member to bring those items to the free dumpsters. If owned properties. They hauled garbage, use, for FREE! Washers, dryers, and other you want to burn yard debris, please contact PRSRT STD mowed lawns and helped make the Chehalis metal items can be dropped for FREE at the the Natural Resources Department for a burn PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA Reservation look its best. We’d like to thank small scrap yard in Rochester. Refrigerators permit. Maynard Starr, Jerry Youckton, Derek and freezers need to go to the Lewis County If you have any questions about garbage, US POSTAGE PAID Youckton, Tina Damis, Brian Benda, Casey Transfer Station in Chehalis, or the Thurston recycling or burning rules, please call Glen (under construction) ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER Pickernell, Walter Lewis, Mel Youckton, County Transfer Station at Hawks Prairie Connelly at 709-1854 and let’s keep the air, is a publication of the Confederated Tribes Dylan Hjelm, and Kly Meas for all their and will cost $10 or $20 to recycle. water, and lands of the Chehalis Reservation of the Chehalis Reservation. hard work. We cleaned up over 20 tons of Old chemicals, oil-based paints, and clean and beautiful.
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