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4 Final Stage of Six-Year Water Supply Project Nearly Finished Great Wolf (continued from page 1) All of the Great Wolf Resorts properties guest linen recycling; laundry facilities achieved Green Seal’s Silver Certifcation. that recycle most of the consumed water; Mark Petruzzi, vice president of low-fow showers, toilets, and faucets; and Tribal certifcation for Green Seal, offered members accolades to Great Wolf Resorts for setting waterless urinals. Additionally, by using worked on the a precedent for the hospitality industry. the latest in pool fltration technology, most of the water in the water parks can be water line on “Going green is not only achievable, as recycled. Howanut Road. evidenced by Great Wolf Resorts, but it Waste Minimization, Recycling, and Dustin Klatush makes good business sense and can actually  operates the save lodging properties money while being Reuse. Recycling bins are available in all CTC Bobcat more environmentally responsible,” he said. public areas, guest rooms and employee areas. When possible, Great Wolf Lodge while Robert In fact, Great Wolf Resorts has already works with local waste specialists to Teague insures realized cost savings from the changes made compost food waste and donate unused the water for certifcation. At Great Wolf Lodge in the line stays Pocono Mountains, Pa., for example, the food items to local charities. undamaged.  Energy Effciency. Throughout the company saved nearly nine million gallons resorts, Great Wolf Lodge uses energy- of water in one year by changing plumbing effcient bulbs, highly effcient heating and fxtures to low-fow units. This water, and ventilation equipment, and Energy Star By Lennea Magnus, Planning Director resulting cost savings, represents only one appliances. The road work along 188 Avenue SW to The coordination between CTC, Grays property in the company’s portfolio of 12  Environmentally and Socially Sensitive th the casino and hotel has been completed, Harbor Public Utility District (PUD), resorts. Across the board, the company is Purchasing. Great Wolf Lodge’s and Chehalis Tribal Construction has started and Comcast to set the plan in action is also using less electricity and gas, which purchasing partners are held accountable work on the Howanut Road section. The greatly appreciated. Everyone can see the saves natural resources and reduces company to ensure that every item ordered is water, power, and cable project was started above-ground work, but it’s hard to see expenses in these areas. environmentally sensitive. All paper in the middle of 2002. While undergoing the certifcation process, products are post-consumer recycled, The six-year water project plan will the real work that goes into planning and Great Wolf Resorts realized Green Seal dish washing and laundry detergents are upgrade the domestic water line, improving establishing underground construction. With certifcation only covered the lodging portion biodegradable, and paint is low VOC. the tribal community water supply. The the addition of the water line, we’ll actually of its business. The company decided to  Guest Education. Great Wolf Lodge addition of fre hydrants will help with the have diagrams, just like the big cities, for further examine its properties, and set out focuses on family, so it’s only natural annual fushing of the lines by our utility repair and upgrades as the system ages. to create accountability and guidelines for Project Green Wolf would include department, as well as provide ample water The work of installing the 2,500 feet of “greener” water parks and the rest of the resort children’s environmental learning for our community fre protection. During water line has caused some inconvenience amenities. Thus, Project Green Wolf was born. programs, developed in partnership with summer months in past years, water pressure for those traveling on Howanut Road. It Project Green Wolf included rewriting National Geographic Kids. There are active to homes on Tahown Drive and Lacamus will all be worth it when it is completed. nearly every page of its operational procedures learning areas, a Green Wolf TV in-room Lane was very poor. This water line upgrade Chehalis Tribal Construction has been manuals (covering everything from the indoor channel, and interactive Web content, all will greatly improve water supply during the and outdoor water parks to on-property dedicated to teaching kids how to be kind to most demanding months. working diligently to get the Howanut restaurants) and essentially rethinking the way the environment. Additionally, the tribe is working with installation completed by mid-May. it has traditionally done business. While some For more information about Project the PUD to move overhead power lines Remember to have patience and give the specifcs vary by property, key areas of the Green Wolf and Great Wolf Resorts’ other underground along this portion of the workers a break. This fnal phase will greatly Project Green Wolf program include: environmental initiatives, visit www. project. enhance our community water system.  Management of Fresh Water Resources. Water conservation programs include What is Swine Flu? How Do We Protect Ourselves? By Fred Shortman, Editor Hill and Sons Roofing H1N1 Infuenza A virus (Swine Flu) is a lack of appetite, and coughing, although Company seen serious disease, but with appropriate steps some people also develop a runny working on you can do your part to protect your family. nose, sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea, the Fisheries Swine Flu is a common respiratory according to the CDC. Building. ailment in pigs, but this strain appears to  How can people protect themselves? The exterior be a subtype never before seen in pigs or Here are some helpful tips to reducing is almost humans. Here are answers to questions you the risks of spreading your illness: complete. may have about swine fu. • Wash your hands often with soap and Aqua Sierra  What is swine fu? It’s a common hot water, especially after you cough is presently respiratory disease in pigs that doesn’t or sneeze. Alcohol-based hand cleaners working on the usually spread to people. When pigs (like Purell®) are also effective. Hatchery. catch this fu, many get quite sick, and • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue 1% to 4% die, according to the World when you cough or sneeze. Throw the Breast Cancer Linked to Plastics Health Organization. In the past, people tissue in the trash after you use it. have sometimes caught swine fu if they • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or in Water Bottles, Food Wraps, worked directly with pigs. mouth. Containers  What are the symptoms? The most • Stay home from work or school if you Cancer Update from Johns-Hopkins common symptoms are fever, fatigue, get sick. On The Ellen Show, Sheryl Crow said plastic. Eagles Landing plastic water bottles caused her breast Recently, Edward Fujimoto, Wellness cancer. It has been identifed as the most Program Manager at Castle Hospital, was (continued from page 1) David Youckton said, “We were able common cause of high levels of dioxin in on a TV program to explain this health breast cancer tissue. hazard. He talked about dioxins and how developed an all-star team of gaming to hire 12 more employeesWe’ll Sheryl Crow’s oncologist told her that bad they are for us. He said that we should professionals in the casino and TGA who continue to search for new ways women should not drink bottled water that not be heating our food in the microwave were instrumental in making this opening to continue to bring has been left in a car. The heat reacts with using plastic containers. This especially day possible. I wish you had enough in consumers.” the chemicals in the plastic of the bottle applies to foods that contain fat. He said space in this newsletter for me to thank which releases dioxins into the water. Dioxin that the combination of fat, high heat, and them all.” is a toxin increasingly found in breast cancer plastic releases dioxin into the food and Around noon, the video gaming tissue. ultimately into the cells of the body. Instead, cashiers fnished their opening So please, be careful and do not drink he recommends using glass, such as Corning preparations, and the slots were bottled water that has been left in a car. Use Ware, Pyrex or ceramic containers for opened to the public. The frst a stainless steel canteen or a glass bottle heating food. TV dinners, instant ramen customer placed her money in a instead of plastic. and soups, etc., should be removed from machine and began to play. The Here’s some safety tips: their containers and heated in something sound echoed through the small room Don’t put water bottles in the freezer else. Paper isn’t bad, but you don’t know as she laughed and enjoyed playing Don’t drink from water bottles left in car what is in the paper. It’s just safer to use tempered glass, Corning Ware, etc. the machines. Don’t use plastic wrap or plastic containers Fujimoto pointed out that plastic wrap, CTE Director David Youckton said, in microwave such as Saran Wrap, is just as dangerous “It will be interesting to see what this Plastic wraps, bottles, and containers when placed over foods to be cooked in the expansion will bring us economically. contain dioxin chemicals which cause microwave. As the food is nuked, the high We were able to hire 12 more employees cancer, especially breast cancer. Dioxins are heat causes poisonous toxins to melt out to staff it and the casino supported it. Tribal member, Amanda Vernon smiles highly poisonous to the cells of our bodies. of the plastic wrap and drip into the food. We’ll continue to search for new ways to as she activates the Rocket Gaming Freezing and heating plastic wraps, bottles, Cover food with a paper towel instead. continue to bring in consumers.” machines at the Hotel. and containers releases dioxins from the Tribal Days Memorial Elders fundraisers Community Garden WIC Program Dates At Baseball Tournament Elders Center Meeting (Women, Infants and Children) Memorial Weekend May 19 - BBQ Chicken Lunch May 26 starts at 12 noon Thursday, June 4, 2009 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Games Starts Friday Memorial Weekend Lunch will be provided at the Wellness Center May 22-25 Elders will be serving breakfast on There will be a discussion on what In October the WIC Program will have New Food Choices. Check it out. Our annual baseball tournament starts Saturday & Sunday types of vegetables, tools, equipment All WIC Clients must be seen to receive March 23 and 24 summer months vouchers. on Friday. Crafts, Food Booths, Youth 8-10:00 am. needed, irrigation, Elders section, and Dental will be there to see you. Activities, and Men’s & Women’s They will be having a rummage more of the community garden. Baseball. Booths available at $25-$50 sale until gone. If you have any questions, concerns, Bring your child, medical coupons, or Contact Bones at 360-273-5911. Stop in and support your Elders. or input about the project, please come pay stub, and identifcation. * Fish & Clam Bake at the Fish Pit on the next meeting. Any questions contact Saturday & Sunday until gone. Contact Nancy Romero, 306-709-1577 Terry Youckton at 360-709-1899 Contact Deb Shortman at 306-709-1689 for more information.
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