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3 Honoring our Elders: Fred Sanchez, Sr., 1946-2009 “...Enjoyed his trips to the Mariners games and Hawaii with the Elders .” Fred James Sanchez, Sr., was born April 25, 1946 to Agatha Monahan and Levi Sanchez, Sr. His grandparents were Mabel Monahan and “Wing.” Fred passed away on March 10, 2009. He was married to Priscilla Jones for 40 years. The couple had Fred and his wife, Priscilla, take nine children; Ann, Elly, Tony, Trisha, Freddie, Jr., Luwanna, Anson, Janet, and Robert. time to pose for picture. It made the trip extra special to share There are 21 grandchildren and five greatgrandchildren. their moments in Hawaii with their family. By Priscilla Jones and Fred Shortman, Editor education, he always felt like a second- to hang nets, mend, and work the gear. appreciated the fact that Nancy, Elders Fred James Sanchez, Sr. rate citizen. In his early years of school, Fred is missed by many. His at-ease Coordinator, took the time to transport Fred 1946-2009 he was always made to sit attitude enabled him to talk and Steve Medina to dialysis. Those trips in the back of the class. This and laugh with everyone. He meant so much to him and his family. Fred was a caring and loving family man, was frustrating. Fred only was proud to be a member Fred had high blood pressure which in and placed his family frst. He shared and completed sixth grade. of the Chehalis Tribe. Even turn eventually led to kidney failure. He taught his family the values that were taught He did odd jobs while though he lived in Sumner, went to dialysis three times a week, four to him by his parents. He encouraged all of growing up, from mowing Washington, he traveled to hours a day for 1½ years. On January 26, his family to value education by achieving lawns and whatever he could attend many tribal meetings 2009 he received a call in the middle of the good grades and staying in school. . do to have extra change in and Elders events. Since night and was given a kidney transplant at Fred enjoyed doing things with his his pocket. He was a special he wasn’t raised on the Mason General Hospital. He was happy to grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. He man who would do reservation, he wanted be given this second chance at life. loved spending holidays with them, going anything in his power to Fred Sanchez carved this to learn everything he Sadly, after receiving his new kidney, his Easter egg hunting and trick-or-treating on help people. He enjoyed plaque in the late 1990s. could about his tribe, and health deteriorated. He was of a handful of Halloween. He would always check all the spending time with his It was gifted to Janice Latch. the things being done people who had issues with the medicine. children’s candy to make sure it was safe for brothers and sisters. As to improve the tribe. He He had a heart attack on March 10. Efforts them to eat. he grew older, he was encouraged other family members to get made to revive him failed, and he passed When his children and grandchildren always traveling and fxing cars with his involved in tribal affairs, expressing to his away. wanted to buy something, they would ask brother, Victor, and Levi, Jr. There were family the importance of taking on an active Fred loved life, and if Fred were here, he him to save their money for them. He would tough times, but they made the best of it. role within the tribe. would tell his children to live put their allowance money in his wallet In his younger years, he worked different Fred especially loved their lives to the fullest and until they reached the amount they needed jobs in agriculture in the Puyallup Valley. participating in the Elders “Fred was a quiet man, go on raising their children as for their purchase. Then he would say, “You He also worked at the Simpson Timber events and spending time with yet you could tell he he had taught them. have saved enough for what you wanted. Company as a logger. He made sure that his friends and family. He enjoyed was all about respect: Steve Medina says, “Fred Here you go.” He was so, so special to his family had food on the table and a roof over hearing the stories that his Gave it, showed it, and was a quiet man, yet you wife and kids and grandchildren. their heads. cousins told as they shared lived it.” could tell he was all about Fred was born in Seattle, Washington, His passion was Native American meals, and cheering and respect: Gave it, showed it, where he lived before moving to Alderton carving. He learned how to carve from his rooting at the Mariners home and lived it. I had special Valley. He attended school, but didn’t uncle, Bob James. He knew his art and was games. His brother Levi remembers, “Fred moments with him, sharing with each other graduate and said that because of a lack very creative carving told the doctors that he was going to the that we weren’t going to stop enjoying of a formal totems, masks, cradles, Mariners frst home game. Even though he life. We’ll fght to the end. Understanding, tables, clocks, and wasn’t able to go, there was a special chair to never being too proud and humbling plaques. He was a saved for him. It was an awesome game and ourselves and asking for help. Fred was an Program Offers Services to Protect natural salesman, the Mariners won!” honorable man. He’ll be greatly missed.” selling his carvings Fred loved traveling with tribal members at local smoke shops, Victims of Domestic Violence events in Seattle and on vacations to Hawaii. Together Puyallup, and to they enjoyed the people who would culture and shared Thank you so very much to the tribe and the Elders for the fnancial and pre-order. His those special emotional support that the family carvings were sold moments with received. It is honor to know that around the world. his brother Levi, there are such special and loving Fred liked Art Medina, Fred Sanchez, Sr., His wife Priscilla, His fshing with Jack wife Priscilla, people in the world. granddaughter sister Bert & her husband AB Combs, Nancy Romero, Moses on the Elizabeth, and and Beatrice Christensen enjoy each others company Priscilla Jones as they toured Hawaii together. Puyallup River. Elders who traveled and his family Fred learned how there. He greatly Tribal Staff Profles: Domestic Violence Advocate and Groundskeeper Youth Selected for My name is Jenee Penn. I three weeks. We were married children. I love the outdoors, especially Ambassador Program am the Domestic Violence by Marie Bird at the employee camping and swimming. A few of my Advocate. As the Domestic Christmas party in 2008. I hobbies are reading, knitting, quilting and By Loyala Davis, Tribal Youth Violence Advocate, I provide didn’t go to the Christmas Party just recently weaving. victims of domestic violence intending to get married—I just As I was growing up, I wanted to Hi, my name is and/or sexual assault with asked Marie if she could marry us follow in my dad’s footsteps and work Loyala Jean Kathleen resources and information. sometime. She said, “Sure, let me in construction. After graduating from Davis, I am 16 years I am the daughter of go get my book out of the car.” Aberdeen High School, I completed old. Steven Burnett and Before I knew it, Dan and cosmetology school. I worked for a couple I am a junior LeEllyn Steele and the Jenee Penn, I were about to get married years as a cosmetologist before I decided to at Oakville High granddaughter of Nadine Domestic Violence on his 15-minute break from pursue a career in the feld of social work. I school, and am an and Jimmy Burnett. My dealing cards. Though we attended the University of Washington for enrolled Chehalis greatgrandparents were Advocate wanted a quiet ceremony in three years. I fnished my Bachelor’s of Arts Tribal member. Gladys Beckwith and the back of the Bingo Hall, degree at The Evergreen State College. Both my parents Jack Brown. I have four brothers and two everyone cheered and encouraged us to do It has always been my goal to work for are also enrolled sisters. it up on stage. I was incredibly embarrassed my tribe and to serve the people of this Chehalis tribal Tribal Youth, Loyala I am married to Dan Penn, the language because I do not like being in front of large community. It has been a great opportunity members. My Davis is an Oakville guy. Dan and I were set up on a sort of groups, but Dan loved the spotlight. to be hired to pursue my career decision as mother is Karen Cheerleader and blind date by Mary DuPuis. We have been I have two wonderful kids, Maddex (age the tribe’s Domestic Violence Advocate. The S. Klatush, and Student inseparable since the day we met. Dan 2) and Amara (will turn 1 in May). My domestic violence crisis line is (360) 508- my father is the late Ross A. Davis. proposed to me after we dated for about favorite thing to do is spend time with my 6879 and help is available 24 hours a day. I’ve been invited to participate in the People to People Student Ambassador program. This program provides students Hi, my name is Correna Young. I was born in Shelton to two wonderful children, Bobby (15) and with international educational opportunities. I have had the pleasure of Ervin LaPlante and Sharon Nicole (9). We live in Tenino, where I This year they will be going to Sydney, working for the Chehalis Tribe Shriner. I had the opportunity enjoy spending time working on my own Australia, providing students with hands- as your groundskeeper for the to travel around the state on cultural experiences; behind the scenes last fve years, maintaining the while I was young, until my landscaping. In my spare time, you can access to fascinating people and places; and tribal grounds. The grounds family decided that Kettle fnd me getting ready for a race. I have amazing outdoor adventures to create life include: the gas stations, tribal Falls was the ideal spot to participated in eight runs over the last two changing experiences. and Elders centers, Head live. I graduated from Kettle years. We also like to spend time camping, Overall this trip is going to cost me Start building, police station, Falls High School in 1991. I quading, and working on hot rods. $7,000 dollars. I have earned $2,500 dollars and the medical center. I Correna Young, moved to Chehalis in 1993 I enjoy volunteering for the United Way, with the help of my mother, brother, uncles, wouldn’t be able to do this Groundskeeper and worked at Reliable Big Brother and Sisters, and Earth Day and community members. Now, I am asking without my great crew, John Enterprises as their greenhouse for your help! Any donation will get me one Bird and Josh Terry, and super bosses, Ray manager. While working there, I became a clean-up for the Tribe. step closer to a one in a lifetime experience. Secena and Dan Gleason. The Lucky Eagle Master Gardener and created contracts for If see you me out working on the Your support is Greatly Appreciated… Casino has added another worker to help out landscaping. grounds, stop and say “hi!” Thank you and wish me luck! and he’s a tribal member. Welcome Jeremy I married my wonderful husband, Fanning to our work crew. Jeff Young, in September 1994. I have
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