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First Graders Write and Head Staff and Parents Earn 2 Publish Their Own Books Impressive Review First graders By Lloyd Commander, Head Start Director Kirsten Secena During the week of April 20th, the Federal impressed with all of the community and Walker Review team evaluated the Chehalis Tribal resources, and how we are working well Mattson display Head Start and Early Head Start programs. with the families. their books The team reviewed all of the disabilities The Waddler Room was given kudos by “Things That fles without errors. Every child enrolled in the team for excellent individualization and Go” that were the Head Start/ Early Head Start program lesson planning. selected to was screened. Any children with a potential The team remarked on the toddler room be placed in delay were evaluated, and after receiving teachers’ teamwork effort in establishing an the Rochester parental consent, the child could get the environment that the children enjoyed. They Primary School required services. The Federal Review team thanked us for sharing our classroom and Library. First was impressed with our Child Find program siad they enjoyed performing the interview. grade teacher that collaborates with the Oakville School There were other great comments, Ms. Belmont District and the Lewis County Special but there are areas our program needs says, “This Services Co-op. improvement. We need an education inspires The Federal Review Team also evaluated manager for both programs overseeing the students to 20 of the health fles and didn’t have any curriculum design and management. We also organize, read, concerns. They stated that the fles were need training for the infant teachers and the and write.” “perfect and model fles.” They were very new expectant mothers coordinator. They By Fred Shortman, Editor impressed with the ongoing collaboration also commented that the infant room was with the Chehalis Wellness Clinic. For too small. Mrs. Belmont’s frst grade class received Mattson, both age 7. What an honor to be having every enrolled child receive a dental For program design and management, a grant from the TwinStar Credit Union to selected to have their books available for screening, exceeding the performance we need to have daily, weekly, and monthly publish books written by students. Mrs. everyone to read in the Rochester Primary standards. They were also very surprised reporting system to the Business Committee. Belmont has been doing this for the last Schools Library. It’s easy to imagine how and impressed on our having lead and iron The maintenance programs fxed the outside three years. She says it inspires students to these two children’s hearts raced with pride, screenings, and how parents were supported playground stairs. They saw us as a two-year organize, read, and write. It also teaches seeing books that they had written, now in getting the recommended follow-up program because our consistent staff created them the hard work it takes to publish a sitting on shelves for present and future treatment for their children. a new sense of purpose and teamwork. book. students to read. The team reviewed 30 family services We expect an offcial report in 30 to 60 This year was the frst time students When asked to whom they dedicated fles. The reviewers said the these fles were days. The staff are presently correcting small made their own books. In past years, they their books, Kirsten said, “I dedicated mine in order, and they wished they could use issues, and will fnish in 90 days. produced one classroom book that was to my greatgrandfather. He’s my Grandpa them as model fles to show other head Thanks to the policy council, placed in the library. The students wrote Bill’s dad.” (For those who don’t know him, start programs. and parents for giving great about the topic “Things That Go.” Each that’s Raymond Secena, Sr.) Walker said, They interviews. student wrote his/her own 15-page book on “I dedicated mine to my cousins in Texas; were boats, planes, trains, skateboards, and cars. Mackenzy, Riley, Delaney, and Jeffrey.” very The students started by drafting a plan, Then, they both agreed, “It was a lot of writing a rough draft of the book, making work.” corrections, and then producing the fnal Congratulations to Kirsten Secena and book. Smiles of success were on the faces of Walker Mattson for having their books all the children as they showed their work to placed in the library. Thank you to Mrs. the Rochester Assembly on March 17. It was Belmont for giving the students this a proud moment for the parents seeing their incredible opportunity. Congratulations to children’s books in print. all the students who worked hard, fnished The frst grade teachers selected two their books, and took them home to enjoy Federal Review Team L-R: James Badger, Judy Towry, Diane Kendall, Martha books to be placed in the library. The books for years. Manning, Alice Conkle, Dori Kanesta-Crouch performed the 2009 Review for were written by Kirsten Secena and Walker the Chehalis Tribal Early Childhood Development and Head Start Program. Ten Chehalis Youth go to Spokane Program Offers Services to Protect Conference and Make Tribe Proud Victims of Domestic Violence By Marla Medina and Teresa Pannkuk, Youth Center Staff By Jenee Penn, Domestic Violence Advocate In April, tribal youth and Tony Medina, During the morning general session of Marla Medina, Theresa Pannkuk, and the second day, youth from different tribes Domestic violence is any act or behavior resources. Staff is available to listen and with the purpose to gain power or control support you. If someone you know is being two chaperones, Art Medina and Ray were invited on stage to tell where they over a partner. Physical abuse is not the abused, here is what you can do to help: Banuelos, traveled to Spokane to attend the were from and the number of youth in their 34 Northwest Indian Youth Conference group. Marcus Youckton was selected by only form of domestic violence. Anyone can  Listen th sponsored by the Coeur D’Alene Tribal our tribal youth. He boldly went up on stage become a victim of domestic violence. It  Believe Youth Council. There were many other tribal performed his presentation. There were is an issue that affects people regardless of  Encourage age, gender, or sexual preference. Contact a domestic violence program youth from many different tribes.  If you are being abused, you may feel Getting there was an adventure with about 7-20 different tribes that attended this Signs of abusive behavior snow-covered passes. The group decided conference. Any physical force that produces pain, confused and afraid. It is normal to feel to go through The Dalles to avoid some of On the third day of the conference, entrapment, fear and dominance is domestic this way. You may also feel like the abuse the snow hazards. This extended the trip about 10 people shared their stories about violence: is your fault, but you are not to blame. You are never responsible for someone else’s after they encountered heavy snow. But, attending college and pursuing professional  Constant phone calls to “check up” abusive actions. Violence is not caused by with Tony’s excellent driving skills they careers. After lunch, they had an Ultimate  Has to know who you are with, where you successfully arrived. Warrior Challenge, where there were are going, when you will be back, etc. anger, drugs, alcohol, or stress. Nothing you The frst day at the opening ceremonies different physical challenges for the kids to  Makes verbal threats, put downs, and/or do makes your partner hurt you. was an eventful one. Pearl Yellowman participate in. These were recorded to see name calling Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The offce number for the and Chance Rush were two opening guest who could get the best time.  Controls the fnances Chehalis Tribe’s Domestic Violence speakers. Chance honored Tony Medina At the pow wow there were many  Slaps, kicks, bites, etc. by recognizing him for all of his efforts in different styles of dancing. Theresa Pannkuk  Keeps you from friends and/or family Program is (360) 709-1874. After hours, call working with youth and how active he is said, “This was my favorite and most  Forces you to have sex the hotline at (360) 508-6879. in their lives. Wherever there is an activity memorable part, as I watched three Elder  Accuses you of firting or lying This project was supported by Grant No. 2007- going on involving youth, you will fnd women perform a dance. It wasn’t the style,  Constantly jealous X1787-WA-TW awarded by the Offce on Violence Tony there with a group of kids. Marla said, it was their movement of the dance, their  Criticizes and humiliates you in front of Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice. The “It was nice for us to be hundreds of miles others opinions, fndings, conclusions, and recommendations away, and Tony was recognized by a popular beadwork, regalia, how they performed, and What to do for a friend, for yourself expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily refect Native speaker.” their pride of being who they are that really The Chehalis Tribe’s Domestic Violence the views of the Department of Justice, Offce on After the opening ceremonies, the touched me. I’ve never seen anything like Program is here to provide you with Violence Against Women. conference held a drug-and-alcohol-free that.” Chehalis hiphop dance for the youth at the Knitting Once again, getting home was a Business Committee Factory. The youth really enjoyed this challenge, having to wait on the road for the Tribal David Burnett, Chairman activity. Watching the little kids get up on avalanche control. But it was well worth it! Don Secena, Vice Chairman stage dancing was quite inspiring. How our Youth Center staff is very proud of how the Newsletter Jessie Goddard, Treasurer youth represented the tribe and interacted youth presented themselves. Everyone had a Cheryle Starr, Secretary positively with all the other tribal youth was good time too! Great job! 420 Howanut Road Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member also inspiring. Oakville, WA 98568 (360) 273-5911 (office) Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: (360) 273-5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communications Coordinator Articles and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily the opinions of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal Business Committee. The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages tribal members to submit letters, articles, photographs, and drawings to be considered for publication. These are subject to editing. Contributing writers, artists, and photographers include Chehalis tribal community members and staff. During a morning exercise, Marcus Youckton stood onstage alongside with Disclaimer: All dates are subject to change, The Confederated Tribes of youth from other tribes. With pride he introduce himself, the Chehalis Tribal Please use the contact number on fyer. the Chehalis Reservation... Youth Program, and how many youth came to conference with him. Submission deadline: The 6th each month “People of the Sands” Photo Submitted by Marla Medina Printed: Monthly
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