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P. 1   FREE September 2010 Vol. CHEHALIS Interesting Information 4/2 on Page 3: Program TRIBAL  1927 Deposition of Chehalis News NEWSLETTER Tribal Elders from our archives.  Staff Profle of our Clinic Doctor Gene Sine Get Financial Help Between  Tips in Protecting Your Jobs or During College Community Regarding Outside The General Assistance Program is not  “People of the Sands”  Burning a Welfare Program. It is a secondary program to help individuals with their basic fnancial needs between jobs, or when 2010 Youth Workers gain they are enrolled as full-time students in college. Clients are required to submit a summer work experience denial letter from any other sources, such as TANF (welfare) or unemployment before being eligible for General Assistance.  Youth worked with various programs to Clients are required to actively seek employment. All job searches are required to gain the skills to enter the work force, page 2 have current phone numbers, and authorized signatures for our offce to complete verifcation. The job search form is our tool Programs Provide Resources to verify that our clients are honestly seeking Tribe Strives to employment. The General Assistance Program Keep Restoring will start taking applications starting in for Back to School Celebration September. Offce hours are Mondays the Chehalis and Tuesdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Contact George Youckton, General River Floodplain Assistance Case Worker, at 360-273-5911 ext.1572 to schedule an appointment. By Mark White, Director of Department of Natural Resources Program Offers Winter Activities to Help Community Over the last 200 years, people in the The summer programs are wrapping up: Chehalis River Basin have been changing The Organic Vegetables project had limited the natural food plain of the river. Farms, funding so the produce was given to Head roads, railroads, buildings and levees have Start and the Elders only. all impacted the way the river moves, Thanks go to Austin (Cindy Beck’s especially during foods. The Chehalis Tribe Son) for volunteering his time at the Tribal knows that the best way to prevent damages Community Center. He assisted with the from foods is to give the river room to Physical Fitness Program this summer and move. The Tribe also knows the importance the youth eagerly looked forward to play of restoring the natural river food plain. games he scheduled. My favorite game was This year we started a project called the when the youth ran to one end of the gym Wickett Dike Removal / Davis Creek screaming; if they stopped screaming they Restoration Project. This project includes had to stop running. There are lots of youth removing 3,100 feet of levee, removal of with healthy lungs, because many of them existing non-fsh passable culverts and ran all the way down to one end without installing a new bridge across Davis Creek. stopping. This was a fantastic program The Domestic Violence and Vocation Rehabilitation combined their This will open up about 15 stream miles and I want to thank the Youth Center for resources providing raffle items for the parents who brought their children for salmon spawning and restore about 140 participating, and supporting this program. to the Back to School Celebration. Pictured (L-R) are Dawn Boley, Domestic acres of food plain. They were great! The river levee was built by the previous Prevention Winter Calendar Violence Advocate and Barb Churchill, Vocation Rehabilitation Coordinator. owners of the Wickett Property. The Healing Circle is held at the clinic Photo by Emily Lewis previous owner built a dirt levee across the starting October 1 and every Friday at 1:00 The annual Back–to-School Celebration on Community members are encouraged to sign farm to prevent food waters from covering PM. This is for adults who would like to Wednesday, August 18 featured a water slide up for the program. Tribal member students his felds. The levee was up to 12 feet high read books on wellness, vent or just share for the children and academic and health who sign up receive a $50.00 Walmart gift in some places and up to 30 feet wide. The or listen. This is a time to get support information for parents as they prepare card. Parents can help students succeed levee stopped the river from spreading out concerning Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco. for the new school year. Party Outftters as well by making sure their children get naturally during a food. Davis Creek is Talking Circle for youth will continue supplied the slides and tribal departments enough sleep, develop good study habits and a small creek that fows off of the hills to to be held at TELO at 3:00 PM every provided information and gifts. maintain consistent attendance. the southwest of the Wickett Property. The Wednesday. upstream part of the stream is in great shape, If you would like help to stop smoking, Chehalis Tribal Education Program Domestic Violence Program but the downstream section was completely please make an appointment at the Clinic or Over 120 students have signed up for Lucky Eagle staff cooked a delicious blocked by an old farm access road that contact Lorrie Bonifer at 360-709-1717 or the 2010-2011 Chehalis Tribal Education barbecue at the Back to School Event with crosses the creek. The road crossing created email Program which provides help to students food provided by the Domestic Violence a fsh blockage so salmon could not access on a one to one basis. Program staff Prevention and Vocational Rehabilitation the upstream habitat for spawning. Process Available to Assist members work in classrooms with students Programs. The Domestic Violence Program The Tribes Natural Resources Tribal Members as well as provide academic support to also donated backpacks to Head Start to Department was awarded a grant from the If you have been stopped and issued a teachers, principals, and other school staff. help with the cost of returning to school. Salmon Recovery Funding Board to remove citation by any outside agency within the See Back to School, page 4 See Restoration, page 4 boundaries of the Chehalis Reservation a process is available to assist you in Baseball is Played Through August at Tomahawk transferring your case to Chehalis Tribal jurisdiction. You can offcially request Stadium In Memory of Family Members through our Tribal Law Enforcement to have your case transferred to our jurisdiction. By Fred Shortman, Editor For more information about this process, contact Ralph Wyman, Director of Public August was a fun-flled month of baseball of August 14 and 15. Seven different teams the Hurricanes played the best two out of Safety at 360-273-7051. Please leave at Tomahawk Stadium. The tournaments in the two divisions of Babe Ruth and three games with Willies winning. In the st a phone message with your name and were small, but fun for both spectators and Men’s played in honor of Melvin Youckton. Men’s Division the Tomahawks placed 1 , rd nd telephone number. You can also drop by the players. Baseball has been an important part Temperatures reaching into the 90 to 100 Lil’ Willies 2 , Puyallup 3 , and Willies th offce to report the incident. of summer here and on other reservations for degrees Fahrenheit range made the weekend 4 . All-Stars were chosen and awards given many years with families dedicating games one of the hottest on record for a baseball included an Inspirational Award in memory to relatives who encouraged and taught them tournament. of the Electric Warrior Ron Pikutark. Ron the love of the sport. Baseball tournaments The two Babe Ruth teams, Willies and enjoyed watching the youth play baseball keep players practicing to take the game to the next level, and practicing helps them See Baseball, page 3 focus on positive outcomes. An added plus of tournament play is PO Box 536 seeing old friends and making new ones City, ST Zip along the way. As you walk around the Street Address feld you hear the bantering and laughter of jokes and stories being exchanged, ABD Oakville, WA 98568 announcer’s loud voice echoing across FirstName LastName Tomahawk Stadium. Winning tournaments * Return Service Requested is a plus, but the competition, fun, and Chehalis Tribal Newsletter displays of good sportsmanship are what makes a successful weekend tournament during a good ol’ fashioned Indian baseball summer. PRSRT STD PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA Marvin E. Youckton Memorial Baseball US POSTAGE PAID Tournament Willies played a best of three series in the Babe Ruth diving during the Marvin ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL Youckton Memorial Baseball Tournament. Gary Ortivez III who played for the NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis The Marvin E. Youckton Memorial Baseball first place Willies gets caught in a pickle during the babe ruth game against Reservation. Tournament was held during the weekend the Hurricanes.
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