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4 Back to School (continued from page 1) Baseball (continued from page 1) and often video taped their games. of Marvin Youckton’s boys played in the On Saturday, players and families were tournament along with seven grandsons and honored as the Youckton family provided many nephews. a delicious meal in potlatch style. Families Thanks to all who helped with the and players gathered to visit and share tournament, and a special thanks to those stories on game plays and big hits. All three who sponsored jackets. The winners in the Babe Ruth division for the Marvin Youckton, Sr., Pictured wearing dark blue hats is first place Willies and players with the blue Party Outfitters had many fun games for the children to play at the Back baseball caps with red bill are second place Hurricanes. to School Celebration sponsored by our TELO Program. Kiahra Pickernell and Denay Young seen here rolling Hunter Ortivez towards the pins in the bowling game. The Domestic Violence Program provided Center offerings call 360-273-9674. information booklets, brochures, and an assortment of pens and pencils with contact Cultural Program Provides Backpacks information. They handed out window for “Back to School Blow-out” clings, memo boards, and giveaways to The Chehalis Tribe Cultural Program attendees. The Great Wolf Lodge donated provided backpacks with a special a family night’s stay, and the Lucky Eagle design for Head Start children attending Casino donated three dinner buffets for the drawing sponsored by the DV program. the “Back to School Blow-out” event on th Any questions about Domestic Violence August 18 . contact Dawn Boley at 360-709-1574. The backpack totem design was created by Jessie Gleason and features a Winners in the Men’s Division of the Marvin Youckton Sr., Baseball Vocational Rehabilitation Program totem with images of an eagle and whale Tournament was pictured on the back right wearing light blue are first place The Vocational Rehabilitation Program inside it. The totem is symbolic of Tomahawks and on the left wearing dark blue are the second place Willies. helped support the Back to School event. Native People and the images within its Photos by Charlotte Lopez The program is completing the frst year of outline were carefully chosen. its fve year project with the Department of The Eagle represents “illumination,” Ol’ Man All-Indian Wood Bat Baseball Tournament Education and is looking forward to new becoming enlightened through learning. projects in the coming year. The objective In the center of the totem the whale of the Vocational Rehabilitation Program is to provide vocational rehabilitation services design represents the family. Whales to consumers through informed choice travel in pods, or families, with larger in an environment where an individual’s whales protecting their children by strengths, priorities, concerns, and abilities swimming on each side of them. Jessie are respected and the outcome is gainful wanted to express: How families protect employment in a competitive market. and teach their children, and how our If you are interested in obtaining more Tribe works as a group to protect and information or have questions about the teach our children. Diane Devlin and program please call Barb at 360-709-1633 or Sally Orinda at 360-709-1735. Pikutark added The Ol’ Man All-Indian Baseball Wooden Baseball Tournament is a dedicated Youth Center to Ray Secena, Sr. who was a mentor to many baseball players. Baseball and Youth Center staff participated in the a logo fishing were his two favorite past times. Pictured below are Ray Secena, Sr. event by helping with the TELO Back to around descendents who honor his legacy with a fun loving and gathering style of School Carnival. They distributed gift cards Jessie’s baseball of having fun and seeing friends and family. to Target for students as well as backpacks design th with the Youth Center logo. The backpacks that says: The 13 Annual Ol’ Man All-Indian Wood enjoyed a tournament feast on Saturday, th went fast, but more have been ordered for “Our Bat Baseball Tournament was held at August 28 . The smell of wood smoke students who did not receive one and signed children Tomahawk Stadium during the weekend of wafted through the air as Don Secena up on the waiting list. If you signed up for a are our August 27, 28, and 29 in honor of Uncle cooked salmon at the fsh pit in grand backpack you will be contacted when they future.” Raymond who died 14 years ago. Uncle Chehalis fashion. Other dishes included: arrive. If you have questions about Youth Raymond loved to play baseball, and he also pork and beans, potato salad, corn on the loved to fsh and often provided fsh as a cob, ritz crackers and desserts. Helpful Tips Help To Build Stronger gift for a needy family. He was respected by No one went away hungry that day. Thanks to the Secena Family and their many people who honor his legacy with this tournament. Healthier Family Bonds When Ray Jr. was asked why he chose volunteers for putting on such a successful tournament and salmon feast. strictly wooden bats for the tournament, he Six teams competed in the Ol’ Man All- Submitted by Patty Suskin, RD Registered Dietitian with SPIPA WIC replied, “It’s a tribute to my dad, he didn’t Indian Wooden Bat Tournament, fnishing in this order: 1 -Little Boston, 2 -Nisqually, like to use aluminum bats. It was pretty nd st th Eat with your child! Start family meals  Take time to eat with your family. Make tempting to call it a fsh club tournament.” 3 -Puyallup, 4 -Tomahawks, 5 Tomahawks h rd th when your child is young. Family meals family meals a priority in your home! Tournament players and spectators II, 6 Willies. help to create strong family bonds. Families feel more connected to each other when they Get your family to the table! Keep it eat together. Families who eat together tend simple! Meals do not need to be fancy. to eat healthier meals. Eating together can Sandwiches, soups and salads make quick also save money. Share food and love with and easy meals. When you cook, make your family. enough to have leftovers for the next day. Family meals help children feel more  Start slowly! If your family is not used secure in today’s world.” to eating together, start by planning 1 to 2 family meals in a week. Gradually Make mealtimes fun! Family meals flled increase until you have at least 1 family with caring and laughter create happy meal every day. memories that last a lifetime!  Ignore family protests. Ask everyone in your family to eat together. They will  Enjoy table talk. Share positive things learn to enjoy family meals. that have happened during the day. No  Ask everyone to help prepare the meal. negative talk! Cooking will be quick, and children like At the Youth Tournament the Chehalis Basin Little League team took the best  Listen to your children. Share stories to eat what they helped to cook. two out of three in the Little League Division. Many agreed it was a lot of about what is happening in your lives.  Start family meals when your children FUN! Ask your child what is happening in his are young. It will become a habit for life. them. Family meals will make those later  Turn off the television, radio and cell teenage years easy. Your teenager will be Restoration (continued from page 1) phones. Let the answering machine pick used to eating together and sharing their the levee, remove the fsh barrier and install and stream restoration aspect of the project up the phone. life stories. a bridge across the stream. Planning for the are still underway and should be completed  Sit with your children. Sit together at a  Create special family meals. Make project started in 2009. In August of 2010, by early October. When the project is table where you can make eye contact homemade pizza together. Serve breads, we began moving dirt. It took about eight complete, about 15,000 cubic yards of levee with your child. Talk with each other. Is deli meats, cheese slices, raw vegetables days with, at times, 20 trucks hauling, to material from the foodplains will have been your family too busy with work or school on a platter for a ‘sandwich buffet’. remove all the dirt and leave the site ready removed and 140 acres of foodplain opened to eat together? Is there not enough time for tree planting. These areas will be planted up. Approximately 15 miles of spawning to cook? Life can be busy! Your child Your family will remember these special with native trees this winter, to restore the area for salmon will have been restored. never outgrows his need for family meals. mealtimes! natural riparian area of the river. The bridge
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