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2010 Summer Youth Workers Second Annual Youth Baseball Tournament 2 Gain Skills to Enter Work Force Has Small Turnout But Youth Play Big By Fred Shortman, Editor Youth, supported by their proud parents, Little League Division turned out to play baseball on the weekend of August 20-22 for the Second Annual Two Little League teams showed up for Youth Baseball Tournament. Tomahawk that division of the tournament, the Chehalis Field was flled with the sounds of “Hit,” Basin Little League Team and a quickly “Run,” “Score,” or “Defense!” yelled out formed team of Chehalis tribal youth. The to fellow team members. Parents became teams played a best of three series and sideline coaches encouraging the youth. made the most of their two team division. Each team of nine players took the feld and Competition and sportsmanship were the played focusing on t-e-a-m spelled with no name of the game. Families smiled and “I.” cheered for their children and teammates Teams in each of the four divisions when there was a solid hit or defensive of T-Ball, Little League, Babe Ruth, and play. The commitment of the participants High School played to the best of their to playing baseball made it a successful abilities, giving it their all. The tournament tournament. was capped by a delicious meal prepared Saturday and Sunday to feed hungry players Babe Ruth Division and families. Great Job Cheryle Starr and her group of volunteers! In the double elimination tournament of the Babe Ruth Division three teams showed T-Ball Divison up to play. Although the turnout was small The 2010 Summer Youth Worker program hired seventeen youth and were the three teams that competed didn’t play assigned to various tribal programs. Pictured Top (L-R) are Kendall Medina, T-Ball players focused on connecting small. After some exciting innings South TJ Trott, Karlea Youckton, Geo Jack, Gary Ortivez III, Junior Jack, Marcus the bat to the ball, running, and throwing the Thurston took frst place defeating Willies Youckton. Middle Row (L-R) are Kayley Trott, Whitney Lewis, Deidra Hawks, ball. T-Ball teams didn’t keep score, instead who took second. Mariah Klatush, Monica Lopez, Ann Youckton. Front is Skylar Bracero. Not they were learning the love of our national pictured are: SkylEr Baker, Kayla Nyreen, Michael Boyd, Gabe High Eagle past time of playing baseball. Smiles and High School Division Photo provided by Jesse Goddard laughter fowed from the audience as the T-Ballers short, little legs churned to get In the High School Division, Willies By Fred Shortman, Editor to each base. Marlene Hjelm encouraged came out the winner with Kevin’s her grandchild Adrian Snell by running Team taking second. Many players who The Chehalis Tribe’s 2010 Youth Worker foundation for future success in the alongside him as he went base to base. Now participated in the high school division Program placed 17 youth workers ranging workplace and have proven effective in that’s dedication, plus getting some exercise! as well felt tired and sore after all those from ages 14-19 in mentored tribal positions helping youth to: It was special for the grandchild to see that innings. Playing a game they loved made it a over the summer. The placements gave  Establish connections with employers. smile of approval for a job well done. great day for them, and as most young youth an opportunity to learn valuable job  Encourage responsibility and foster players would agree, “ skills while earning money. Interested youth independence. There’s nothing better had to qualify for the program to be hired.  Develop technical skills. than playing baseball!” The youth worked Mondays through  Develop communication/interpersonal Thursdays at their placement locations with skills. Fridays set aside for mandatory classroom  Clarify work values and future work activities. At the Friday sessions youth met preferences. with managers from different enterprises,  Allow for interaction with caring adults. learned teamwork, money management, and participated in community-based enrichment The 2010 Summer Youth Worker activities. Incentives were established for Program was a great success. Thanks go to the youth to participate in tribal provided all of the tribal programs for participating activities that included a feld trip to the and mentoring our youth as they prepare for Portland Zoo. entering the work force. Early work experiences serve as the My Experience as a Summer Youth Worker By Kendall Medina, Summer Youth Worker Youth were seen laughing and smiling in the T-Ball Division of the Youth This is my second summer as a youth memorizing extensions and transferring calls Tournament. Pictured here is volunteersJohn Tanzy and Jerry Youckton worker. It started out as a way to earn money to the right programs. I also learned about who volunteered to assist the youth in having fun playing baseball. All the for me. I usually don’t like doing work, but doing the tribal mail system, from logging youth who came received a T-shirt. Great Job! I came to like this. It introduced me to being it in to stamping. The summer was just Photo by Joyce Thomas responsible, learning to be on time for work, beginning! I was ready for whatever came and taking on the duties given to me. The my way, trying my hardest to do my best. Youth Strives to Rise Above Peer Pressure feeling of accomplishment and the positive Later I was reassigned to the Vocational infuences of each experience has helped me Rehabilitation Program with Barb Churchill, Chayse Youckton-Bonifer has grown his but gave in to extreme peer pressure to cut grow. Orinda Goddard and Karlea Youckton. hair for two and a half years to donate it. He immediately regretted that decision. Last year I was assigned to work with We’ve been given duties from making to fnancially After that he was the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center staff. copies, designing fyers and making disadvantaged determined not to let My supervisor was Cindy Gamble. I started collages for class activities for Dawn Boley, children with cancer others infuence his out doing little things for Corri Fluetsch and Domestic Violence Advocate. It has been who cannot afford goals. Growing his Pat Odiorne, making copies and shredding great, allowing us to be creative and work on hair pieces. When hair was a decision he things. I don’t know how I survived, but the computer. What a great summer youth youth lose their hair made to help Cancer everyone that I met there was so nice. Plus worker experience! due to cancer, a lot Victims. On May 8, the help of my two cousins Orinda and My hardworking family keeps me of issues affect them 2010 his goal to donate Ranessa Goddard giving me encouragement motivated whether it’s my parents working, such as low self- his hair became a and support helped me along. Later on the cousins, aunts, or uncles. I always think how esteem and lack of reality. His hair is short clinic assigned me to Sue Ortivez, Melanie they don’t give up. I am looking forward to self-confdence. Hair now but he has plans Hjelm, and Norine Wells. They taught working for the next two summers to come, pieces boost their to grow it out and do me about fling systems and how they are and how this training will prepare me for morale and enable it again. He is very numbered. I kept busy pulling charts and full-time jobs in the future. The only part I them to face the world Chayse Youckton-Bonifer at proud he was able to putting them back. Never a dull moment, don’t like at all about summer youth work is and their peers. Fantastic Sam’s in Centralia help other children. as Norine kept giving me tasks to keep the leaving part. I get attached to people and In the frst grade is cutting his hair to donate to His commitment to me busy. It helps make the time fy when I don’t want to leave. But I’m always glad Chayse was growing Locks of Love to help financially help makes him feel you keep busy. Occasionally, I would help to see my new friends while walking around out his hair to donate, disadvantage children. empowered. answer phones at the front desk with Mary the tribal center. or Ranessa. They taught me about how to Chehalis Business Committee properly answer the phones: the importance Tribal David Burnett, Chairman Don Secena, Vice Chairman of a greeting, and being professional and most of all being nice. It was fun learning all Newsletter Jessie Goddard, Treasurer these new skills at the clinic. Cheryle Starr, Secretary Also every Friday Lucy and Jessie 420 Howanut Road Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member held meetings with all the summer youth Oakville, WA 98568 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: workers. There were many discussions (360) 709-1726 (office) on doing workshops, or fund-raisers for (360) 273-5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communications possible trips, or we’d have open discussion Coordinator. Go to this direct link about how our jobs were going. Usually Articles and opinions expressed in this for online newsletters copies: www. I was having fun working. Occasionally publication are not necessarily the opinions I would start feeling exhausted, but of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal I always pulled through with Business Committee. everybody’s smiling faces at the The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages clinic. They have such positive tribal members to submit letters, articles, energy it’s contagious. photographs, and drawings to be considered This year I’m having for publication. These are subject to editing. a whole new experience working for the tribe. I started Kendall Medina and his cousin Karlea Youckton Contributing writers, artists, and photographers include Chehalis tribal off working with Joyce enjoyed working in the Resource Center. community members and staff. Thomas at the front desk. Performing different tasks for the Vocational The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis She’s been a big help, training Rehabilitation and Domestic Violence Programs Submission deadline: 6th of each month Reservation... me in answering phones and that they were assigned to. Printed: Each month “People of the Sands”
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