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Youth Excels On and Off the Resources Available Assisting Parents 2 Field of Track in Understanding Their Teen From the Behavioral Health Parents/Teens Comprehensive Guide in Dealing with the 2000’s Chapter 1-Dealing losing their friends if they say no. Teens with the 2000’s worry about being on people’s bad sides and Family Editions a really want to avoid feeling like outsiders. comprehensive guide The effect of peer pressure can be so with dependable strong in some instances; it can cause an information for Parents/ otherwise well-mannered socially adjusted Teens. person to lose sight of what is important. To make devastating decisions that cannot be Peer Pressure so easily correct. We’ve all experienced it. Youth today Resisting peer pressure is not easy but feel social pressure in countless areas. it can be done. Saying “NO” to peers is Everything from: clothing and music to made more successful if one: risky areas such as drugs, sex and smoking.  Stands up straight The intensity of peer pressure varies from  Makes eye contact Josh Burnett raises his hands in victory as he crosses the finish line in the situation to situation.  Says exactly how one feels 800 meter run at the Grays Harbor All County Track meet. Teens experience peer pressure when  Does not make excuses Photo Provided by Jimmy Burnett friends and others they admire pressure them  Sticks up for oneself By Fred Shortman, Editor to do something they don’t want to do, or Everyone is afraid to say “NO.” Josh Burnett, a 17 year old Junior, attending County Track meet hosted by North Beach they feel they have to do something to ft in. Overcoming this fear is one of the most Aberdeen High School and is participating and Wishkah Valley High Schools he Peer pressure makes teens feel that diffcult parts of resisting peer pressure. Just in track. Josh is a scholar, athlete, and demonstrated his commitment to this sport they’re being pulled in two directions. They be sure in yourself and confdent that the a Chehalis tribal member excelling at by winning frst place in the 800 meter run. may not want to do what they’re feeling right decision remains the right decision, anything he sets his mind to. Academically His parents are Steve and Renee Burnet pressured to do, but they’re also afraid of despite what other people think, do or say. he carries a 3.8 GPA as well as participating who said, “We are so proud of him! He in one of his favorite sports, track. Last year continues to work hard and is making strides he did well in this sport, but this year he is to his dreams and goals and success is Annual Easter Egg Hunt Creates maturing and his time and effort is paying following him. off to help himself and his team. “Congratulations Josh and keep up the On April 16 at the Grays Harbor All good work! Lasting Memories for Families Tribe Clarifes Views Regarding By Marla Medina, Assistant Youth Coordinator Our program started preparing for Easter a Flood Authority week early. Teresa Pannkuk and I, with the up late, and they didn’t get any eggs. Our program was prepared from past experience help of some volunteers, fll the plastic eggs just in case, having bags of candy set aside By Mark White, Director of Natural Resources with a variety of candies. Decorating Easter for them. This brought smiles to their faces eggs is always a fun activity for the youth. even though they didn’t participate in the As many of you have been reading in the the push for dams. As the eggs cooled down the youth took hunt. local newspapers, the Tribe is no longer a So what is different about the CBC? The turns coloring them making each egg unique The Chehalis Tribal Headstart Program part of the Chehalis Basin Flood Authority CBC’s goal is to fnd fooding solutions that with bright colors and adding stickers. Mr. had a dinner to fund raiser for their (FA). And has joined with Thurston County do not cause the environmental damage to and Mrs. Wilson came to help the Easter graduation ceremonies. The food was and Grays Harbor County to form the water quality and fsheries that dams do. To bunny hide the eggs in the girl’s softball donated by the Head Start parents and a Chehalis Basin Cooperative (CBC). fnd solutions that complement each other feld. They had to of course guarding the few local businesses. A delicious spaghetti As many of you are aware, the FA to reduce fooding and either improve or at hard boiled eggs from the crows was a dinner was prepared by Granny Annie and was formed in 2007 to look at basin wide least maintain the environmental conditions challenge as there were a couple that got her helpers. It included all the trimmings solutions to the fooding issue that plagues that currently exist. We do not believe that away with some. and was served to a hungry crowd. Connie the entire Chehalis Basin. But the FA failed any fooding solution should be constructed On Thursday, April 21 was Todd volunteered to be the Easter Bunny to do this. Instead, the process was high just for the economic beneft of a few at the Community Easter Egg Hunt. at the dinner and pictures were sold for jacked early on by the Lewis County PUD the detriment of many. While expecting the Approximately 70 kids of all ages even donations. Thanks to all the support from and a grass roots group called One Voice. many to pay for it. For hundreds of years teenagers whom were all excited to get out the community they were able to raise The end result being, the FA was only this river has fooded and that is its natural there and fnd all of the eggs The youth were enough money for caps and gowns. looking at dams located near the Town of pattern. While the Tribe has learned to live divided into the different age groups. The For the parents who didn’t get their Pe Ell. The FA has never looked at another with it, others feel they shouldn’t have to youth were so excited waiting to for their child’s picture with the Easter Bunny, they solution to the fooding issue . The FA still because of property rights and economic turn to fnd all the eggs. It was a great turn are available at the youth center. Please feel does not have any scientifc evidence to development. out for the hunt, and afterwards they took free to drop by the youth center and pick even show that dams provide any kind of Any solution that is found must protect pictures with the Easter Bunny with each them up. Our hours are 11:00 AM to 6:00 decreased food levels past the Twin Cities. the fsheries and water quality of this basin youth receiving a delicious chocolate Easter PM or call and leave a message at 360-273- And the decreased food levels for the twin and promote the natural function of the river. bunny.. There were a few kids that showed 9674. cities are so minor that the dams will require It is the life blood of the basin and without some levees to be effective. good water for drinking and for fsheries, When asked to join the two counties and this basin will no longer exist as a great form the Cooperative, the Tribe accepted place to live and fourish. Not only for us, and signed the interlocal agreement with but also for our children’s children. them. This is the agreement you have been For more information contact Mark hearing about in the local papers. Although White, Chehalis Tribe’s Director of the local papers are not accurately reporting Department of Natural Resources at 360- the truth about the interlocal agreement. The 709-1551 or email Mwhite@chehalistribe. Chronicle is part of the One Voice Group org and has been the main media force behind Tips Protecting the Quality of Water for Healthier Rivers and Streams Sponsored by the City of Chehalis The Chehalis Basin Partnership supports is recycled, reused and treated. The Annual Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success. Grandparents, parents clean water. Actions you take affect the  Pet waste is a health hazard and a water and youth are pictured here awaiting to begin hunting for Easter eggs. quality of water in our rivers and streams. pollutant. Protect your health and our Please consider implementing some of the waterways - Clean up after your pet! Do not Chehalis Business Committee tips below and protect the water quality in leave pet waste on driveways, sidewalks or David Burnett, Chairman your watershed. other impervious (hard) surfaces where it Tribal can wash into storm drains and waterways. Don Secena, Vice Chairman  Never pour any chemicals or other Never place pet waste in a storm drain, Newsletter Stephanie Pickernell, Treasurer hazardous substances from cars down a stream or lake. Use a bag to pick up pet Cheryle Starr, Secretary storm drain, on to the ground, or leave on waste, tie it, and place in the trash. 420 Howanut Road Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member driveways or parking lots. When changing  Use fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides Oakville, WA 98568 fuids from your car, drain into a clean sparingly and follow the manufacturer’s (360) 709-1726 (offce) Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: container and seal completely. Take the oil instructions. (360) 273-5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communications and the oil flter to a used oil collection site.  Keep your leaves and grass clippings out of Coordinator. Go to this direct link  Help protect our limited water resources by the streets and storm drains. – Yard plants for online newsletters copies: www. regularly maintaining your septic system. that get into our waterways will rob aquatic Articles and opinions expressed in this A failing septic system is a nuisance, a life of oxygen as they decompose. publication are not necessarily the opinions health hazard, and can impair our surface  Direct your down spouts away from hard of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal and groundwater supplies. Your septic tank surfaces. – Rainwater leaving your roof has Business Committee. should be pumped out once every 3-5 years. collected pollutants that can The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages If wastewater is seeping out into your yard, be safely captured by your tribal members to submit letters, articles, a new drain feld may be needed. lawn. If it runs across hard photographs, and drawings to be considered  The runoff from washing your car can be surfaces and into the storm for publication. These are subject to editing. harmful to fsh and the bugs they rely on for drains instead, run-off goes food. When washing your car, use a shutoff directly in our waterways Contributing writers, artists, and nozzle on your hose and use detergents without any treatment. photographers include Chehalis tribal and water sparingly. Wash your car on the community members and staff. The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis lawn where water can soak into the ground. For more information contact your Reservation... Or a better choice is to take your car to a local Public Works Department or the Submission deadline: 6th of each month Printed: Each month commercial car wash where the wash water Department of Ecology “People of the Sand”
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