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4 Bugs (continued from page 1) Spring Clean-up (continued from Page 1) this event. It give you a good feeling of and put trash in it’s place, use a trash can. accomplishments keeping our reservation United Way Angela French, Resource Youth collected free from road side debris. Development and Linda Lee, Finance bugs on a Great Work Everyone! Many thanks go Director having been participating in the field tribe to to Correna Young and the United Way for annual spring clean up for 3 or 4 years. The Borst Park in again coming out to help with our spring both agreed saying, “The Tribe has been Centralia. After clean-up, also to everyone that helped that contributing to our program for years, and they collected day. Everyone is invited back and watch for this is one way of giving back to the Tribe. their bugs they fyers for next years annual spring clean-up! The Chehalis Tribe is so generous and this sat down and Help assist in keeping the reservation clean reservation is so beautiful.” listed their bugs learning how to pronounce it Spring clean-up crew in action along the reservation roads in the Chehalis Anderson Road Howanut Road Language. Pictured are Jasmine Banuelos (in gray) and Roberta Youckton (in red). Ena Borst Park in Centralia. Tony Medina and taunt and lure him across the pit. When Charlotte Myers Teresa Pannkuk from the Youth Program “Puch-Aks” fell in the pit it did not put an Lopez Dawn transported the kids and did a great job end to him, nor did the long wooden spikes Linda Boley supervising the kids. Tribal Elder Sally he fell on at the bottom of the pit destroyed Lee Angela Pikutark help the tribal youth make their bug him. Puch-Aks was angry and shouted at the French kit and came along to the park to help the Chehalis people, let me go or I will drink eager collectors. the blood of you and all the Chehalis People Upon arriving at the park we gave each forever. The Chehalis People where fed up kid in the group a “dog tag” with a bug with his threats and decided to burn him up symbol on the tag as we divided into groups. while he was trapped in the pit. This would Tony, Teresa, Sally and I each headed up one surly stop him from his evil ways. After of the youth groups. Before setting off in the feeding the fre in the pit all day and much four directions we all practiced saying the of the night they wanted to know if “Puch- bug’s name in the Chehalis Language. Aks” was fnally gone. They stuck a long Shawn Soon there where bug nets fying in the pole down in the pit to make certain the fre Ortivez Cheryle air, and tongs grabbing at the many crawlers did the trick. But as they stirred the remains Monique Starr or winged bugs in the region. You could of the fre, the burning ashes from his body Lopez hear one kid after another shout out “I found few up into the air. The burning cinders of Brandon a bug!” as kids searched the grass, trees “Puch-Aks” foating in the air chased after Palmer and lake areas. Some of the younger kids the people biting and drinking their blood. while taking a break on the “Play Ground That is why Puch-Aks drinks our blood Equipment” found bugs. “What luck? to this day. The Chehalis People did not After a successful hunt, everyone settled completely succeed in destroying all of him. Cemetery Road in for a picnic. I ask the kids one at a time Oops! Our bad! to name the bugs they had caught using the “Puch-Aks” is the Chehalis word for Chehalis Language. Each of the kids did a Mosquito. It is told that if you smudge great job saying the bug’s names in both the yourself with cedar or sage “Puch-Aks” will George English and Chehalis Language. not bother you, but that’s another story. Sanchez, Jr. Taffe and While the youth ate lunch I told the them Special thanks to Tony, Teresa and Sally Patrick Simmons Sr. the story of how the Chehalis People came for making the “Bug Gathering Field Trip” to have Mosquitoes living among us. The a big success. Big thanks to Mother Nature South Bank Road story is about a Blood Drinking Giant. He too, who kept the weather good for most of Charlene drank the blood of all the animals, but the the day. By the end of day you could hear Abrahamson blood he loved the most was human blood. the satisfaction in the voices of the kids who Geraldine Ekkkkk! … hehehehe! The short version caught bugs. Plus it was a fun way to learn Sanders of the story goes like this: A long time ago the Chehalis Language. a giant called “Puch-Aks” wondered into Language Classes are held at the the Chehalis Peoples’ hunting grounds Community Center every Wednesday where he hunted and drank the blood of from at 5:00 to 7:00 PM. the Chehalis People. He was almost 20 feet For more information contact Dan tall. With very long hairy arms and very Penn, Language Coordinator at 360- long hairy legs. He had a big round head, 709-1747. Bill Devon with big bulging eyes. Secena Tiam The Chehalis people Below is a list of the Chehalis words for bugs: Joyce where determined to Thomas Thanks You Everyone deal with this terrible English FaYaayiAQ Pronunciation for participating on giant. They asked the spring clean-up day! wisest elder of the Spider Tupa too-Pah Not pictured are: Pam tribe what to do? He Fly HaYuuHa? Hwy-yook-Hwa Youckton, Scott, Connie told them they must Bee ratEEmu kwa-tum-you Todd, Christina Hicks, destroy every single Corenna Young, Darryl part of “Puch-Aks, Ant Cskiiyq Ts-key-yuk Beckwith, Josh Terry, Tom because he is a Super Cricket CalEEsCalEs salus-salus Hayden, Penny Gleason. Natural Being” and if Thanks to everyone else I they do not destroy all Caterpiller qaa?XnsAuIaA Ka-huns-thlew-kwath might have forgotten. of him he would come Butterfy XaleewXalu Ha-louw-Ha-loo James back. They tried to Dragon fy maatzaPimAn match-op-ain-thln Chris Cayenne II See you next year. Watch get rid of “Puch-Aks” Ortivez for fyers!! by trapping him in a Mosquito PEEveqs puch-aks deep pit. They dug a Yellow Jacket Ciivs ts-ee-chs deep pit, covered with Grasshopper sAuuTm s-thlooh-Tm trees and branches and wraps, veggie trays, fruit trays, water over, I noticed that some new women had the fastest runner Centipede ?aaZPaQimAn ahk-pa-cane-thun and tea. Once lunch was over the Spa entered the Gathering Room. My friend, session began. We had a Chehalis Tribal Christina Hicks, said that’s OK, we have the Member Nancy Black, cut hair. Trinity building until 5 PM, so as I left the healing Tea Party (continued from page 1) Massage, Lizzy and Anne Marie offered continued. Thank you Christina!” is a common cause of death among Native people. Native Americans have a Hepatitis chair Massage, Kelly Guerra did nails, Jen I would like to thank The Northwest Americans, much of it driven by Hepatitis C genotype that has a better cure rate. New Olsen did photos and Julia Lea did massage. Portland Area Indian Health Board who C. Highest prevalence screening methods and The Colon Health Program and Diabetes made this event possible through a mini is in 30 to 54 year old better medication are Prevention Program also tables with their grant. The Susan G. Komen , CDC and people. Hepatitis C is available and can lead to a program information and screenings. Door the NWWP program. The event was to transmitted through complete cure of Hepatitis Prize winners were: Jamie Smith, Monique reward the women who come in and get blood and highly C. for more information Lopez, Jenee Penn, Cindy Andy, Diana their women’s health screenings throughout transmissible. It is regarding Hepatitis C you Pickernell, Sofe Sekishiro, Sylvia Cayenne, the year, and also to promote the National easily transmitted in can reach Jutta Riediger Joyce Thomas, and Beverly Starr. Women’s Health Awareness week. If you tattoos if the needles at SPIPA offce by calling Bobbie Bush said “I was not feeling would like to schedule your women’s health and ink is not changed 360-462-3224. well when I arrived at the event. But as the exam you can call the Chehalis Tribal between customers. The ladies had a speakers taught about cancer prevention Wellness center at 360-273-5504. Tattoo parlors just got healthy lunch, turkey and other wellness topics and we had lunch, Our Next Mammogram Clinic is licensed last year but the feeling of community wellness grew scheduled for Tuesday, May 31, 2011 from lot of tattoos are done At the Mother’s Day and expanded in the Gathering Room. 8:00 am to 5:00 pm you can call the clinic at home. Piercings are Tea Party Jenee Penn I was lucky to observe Grandmothers, to make your appointment. Women 40 of equally high risk if relaxes and receives Mothers, Aunties and Cousins get hair cuts, years old and older are encouraged to have they are done at home a hair cut from massages and manicures. It was amazing a mammogram done on a yearly basis, and and the instruments Hairstylist Nancy to me that such small comforts could heal you will need a clinical breast exam done are used on several Black. so profoundly. When the event was almost prior to having a mammogram.
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