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Elders Activities Take to the Road During the Month of April 3 one game a month, with 9 in bloom!! tickets available, so frst come Easter Dinner frst serve! I will put the sign- up sheets out the very next On April 21 the Elders st day I put the newsletter out, to had their traditional Easter give a fair share to all Elders dinner at the gathering room. wanting to attend games or It was decorated with beautiful activities. Easter bunnies and fowers for the giveaway. With the busy Weavers Teaching holiday season it wasn’t as Weavers Conference well attended, but those that did show had a good time, Then on April 14 and 15, and enjoyed a well cooked several Elders attended the meal catered by the casino and Elders gathered together and enjoyed their Weavers Teaching delicious pies from SPIFFY’s. Easter Dinner at the community center. Pictured Weavers Yummm! top (L-R) are Mae Palmer and her best friend It was cool and windy on opening night at the Conference in Marilyn. Bottom (L-R) is Jerrie Simmons and Mariners game, but the Elders enjoyed watching Lummi. Boy was Elders Josephine Aldrich. their favorite hometown team. Pictures top (L- it crowed, with Luncheons All photo’s submitted by Nancy Romero R) are Helen Sanders and Sue Sanders-Secena. Native people Below pictured is Art Medina. from all over. And on April The Elders had 27 and 28 several a blast! One the Elders travelled way home we even stopped to attend two off in La Connor to see the Elder luncheons. tulips blooming in the felds. The frst day What a sight it was! Viewing was hosted by such beautiful fowers in all Elders loved the Muckleshoot different colors, shapes, and beautiful displays at Tribe, and the sizes. I know the Elders that the tulip farm. Some second day was attended this had a great time, purchased some hosted by the and were happy they fnally flowers and bulbs Tulalip Tribe. The were able to witness the tulips that took their fancy. Elders also went to fnd the tulips in La Connor. At frst we drove and drove and didn’t fnd any, but By Nancy Romero, Elders Coordinator then fnally we found some and they were so beautiful. We stopped at a local garden shop Well, April sure has been here and left! The and a few elders purchased tulips bulbs for Chehalis Tribal Elders had several activities their own gardens. going on this month!! First of all there was I think overall this month’s trips and approximately 36 Elders and guests that activities were a success! Hope to see more attended the opening day of the Mariners!! of you out and about for the next trip. We Woot Woot—it was a loss for the Mariners but an exciting opening day. The Mariners are traveling to the Seven Feathers Casino team honored the long time announcer Dave and Lincoln City on May 13-16. I sure hope Niehaus. You could sure tell the love the the weather is sunny and pleasant! mariner fans had for this special man! It was Have a wonderful day and fell free a chilly night and the Mariners didn’t start This the view that the Elders saw on the tractor tour though the tulip farm to stop in at the elder center for a cup of off in the best way, but everyone enjoyed in La Connor. Many agreed it was such a beautiful sight as they had never coffee and a chat! For any question or themselves. witness the seen the tulip bloom. It was a beautifyl sight to see the flowers concerns please call Nancy Romero, Elders From here on the Elders will be attending in colors, shapes and sizes bloom. Coordinator at 360-870-0141. News from the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center Staff Profile: Scott Freeman, Community Resource Officer  Program available to answer health questions “Dear Provider” Hello, my name is the citizens we serve. Scott Freeman and As your CRO I hope to The Staff at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center our staff another way to communicate. The have been recently be an outstanding point- (CTWC) want to hear from you. We invite you questions can be anonymous. You do not need to hired as the Community of-contact for the to participate in a new monthly column: “Dear sign the letter. Resource Offcer. As community. That CTWC Provider”. You can write a question to The drop boxes are located at the Wellness a 20-year veteran of means I’ll make myself the CTWC Provider of your choice---or just a Center and Tribal Center for your letters. law enforcement my available to answer general question. We hope this will be a good service for our experience includes questions, and if I don’t We hope this will give our community and community. We hope to hear from you soon. working for state, tribal have the answer, I’ll get  What is Diabetes and how can it be managed and municipal agencies. the community member I began my career as a in touch with the person By Dr. Sine, CTWC Provider municipal park ranger or persons who can for the City of Los provide it. Diabetes is a disease at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness center. This Angeles, where I was Scott Freeman I will attend meetings process that is usually is a huge number when you consider the assigned patrol duties in Community Resource Officer with any community characterized by an actual number of tribal numbers is around the 30 most crime-ridden Chehalis Tribal Law organization that wishes elevated blood sugar 800. World occurrence of diabetes is around parks from East LA to Enforcement to have me involved with either because the 2.8 % while our current rate of diagnosis Watts. I relocated to their efforts to strengthen body does not produce enough Insulin or for our population at Chehalis is around 8.6 Reno, Nevada and spent this great community. because the cells do not respond the insulin %....almost 4 times as much as the world the majority of my career there. Besides I look forward to developing programs, itself. The symptoms of a high blood sugar occurrence. This strongly suggests that our being an experienced police offcer I have training and lectures for groups and other can be frequent urination, increased thirst diets and lack of exercise greatly contribute specialized experience in probation, wildlife organizations, which will enrich the and increased hunger. Other symptoms to this increase. In some places in tribal enforcement and as a criminal investigator community and its members. can be blurred vision, being in a “mind groups the occurrence is as high as 14 %. for Nevada’s Gaming Control Board, which I encourage citizens to seek out fog” ….unable to concentrate, increased Medicines alone do not successfully treat handled all criminal cases in the casinos. police expertise in all matters of mutual infections and decreased energy. the diabetes but rather careful attention to I am excited to become the community concern and I welcome the opportunity to There are three main types of diabetes….. watching what we eat and how much we resource offcer for the Chehalis people. assist providing you with the necessary Type One where there is no insulin produced exercise as well. Our bodies were designed Community Resource Offcers (CRO’s) information. I can be contacted at Chehalis by the pancreas. Type Two where the over time to run on what we hunted and have a complex and diverse assignment. Tribal Public Safety Building; by phone body’s pancreas still produces insulin but gathered around us and not for wandering We encourage, enhance and facilitate a at 360-273-7051; or email Sfreeman@ the cells are resistant to the insulin working through the grocery store…..often called positive relationship between the police and effectively and fnally… Diabetes of the Caveman diet. It makes sense that our Pregnancy where women have high blood bodies would work more effciently by Tribal Days Memorial sugar during their pregnancy which can eating simpler foods and exercised more. Job Fair sometimes be a predictor of getting Type The good news is that we can improve Wednesday, May 25 Baseball Tournament Two later on in life. our chances with treating Diabetes more From 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM The mainstay of treatment for Diabetes is successfully with both the good medicines at the Community Center Weekend May 27, 28, 29, and 30 Insulin for Type one ….which was frst used that we have along with good eating habits For more information please contact in 1921. Since then there have been many and exercise and in some cases prevent it Stephanie Pickernell at 360-273-2000 Enjoy a weekend of baseball, activities for the children. Salmon plates at the Fish Pit. A variety more new of insulins that have been created even occurring if we start early. Finally of vendors will be available. along with oral drugs to aid in the treatment ignoring the disease does not make it go For more information contact Cheryle Start at of lowering blood sugars. Today we use away but can lead to serious complications Quote of the Day! 360-709-1824, Carla Thomas at 360-273-5911. many different combinations for all types with our hearts, vision, kidneys and nervous of Diabetes which help prevent many of the systems. Diabetes puts us a greater risk of complications. While we have these many early heart attack or strokes. That is a shame " I think I should have no other Chehalis Tribe modern and newer treatments available because with proper medications, attention mortal wants, if I could always 4th Annual Cancer Walk today the other strong arm of treatment and some hard work much of that can be have plenty of music. It seems to is diet and exercise. In type I diabetes…. prevented or delayed. infuse strength into my limbs and Sunday, May 29 diet and exercise alone will not control the So have some questions ask…..there is ideas into my brain. Life seems to 5 K walk (tribal center to End of Diabetes but rather in combination with no such thing a stupid question or worry. go on without effort, when I am trail/gas station). Starts at noon insulins that vary in strength and duration of Next time we will talk about what foods to flled with music. " action. eat and what to avoid to help with blood Come “Walk as One” in support of past The occurrence of diabetes especially in sugars and hopefully some recipes on what George Eliot, English novelist. and present cancer survivors. Type II’s is on the rise. We are encountering might be good food to eat. (1819-1880) For more information contact Goddard or fnding 1 new diabetic person per week at the Tribal Center or call 360-709-1735.
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