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P. 1   FREE June 2011 Vol. CHEHALIS Information on Page 3: 5/6 Program TRIBAL  Casino Management Program: Featured Rachelle Wells  Book on Families Dealing with the News NEWSLETTER 2000’s, Chapter 2 - Bullying Chehalis Tribal Enterprise  Public Notice: Chehalis Tribal Court Job Fair Share Helpful  Paddle to Swinomish Itinerary Information in Finding Work  “People of the Sands”  On May 25 the Chehalis Tribe hosted a job fair in the main gym at the Community Youth Enjoy a Fun Filled June Center. It was very informational for those seeking employment offered by various  Head Start students plant trees at the RV Park, page 2 Tribal enterprises. There were raffe tickets and gifts offered to everyone that came to  Youth rewarded for academic achievements, page 2 the Job Fair. Below is contact information for each Enterprise.  School partnering with mentoring program, page 2  Lucky Eagle Casino: Farley Youckton, Human Resources Partner-Recruiting at  How Addiction Effects Family, page 2 273-2000. Jobs posted at Employment.  Great Wolf Lodge: Jobs posted at Tribal Tribal Days Tournament Brings Honey Bee Center or check out the Job Hotline at 360-273-7718 EXT: 5951. Internship Friends, Challenges, and Laughter Swarm Visits program is also offered to Tribal members. Chehalis Tribe: Sylvia Cayenne, Human  Resources 360-273-5911. Job postings to a Successful Weekend Tribal Grounds are available in main lobby of the Tribal By Fred Shortman, Editor Center. Now accepting applications for summer youth workers.  Bees Are Vital to Our  Chehalis Tribal Enterprises: Anna Hartman, Human Resources Manager: Food Source 360-273-1251. Job listings located at all Wednesday May 18 was a cool sunny tribal enterprises and tribal center. morning when a swarm of bee’s were  Burger Claim: Go to Burgerclaim. reported at the ball feld bleachers by the com employment to get an maintenance crew. Many of us associate application. bees stings from yellow jackets, wasps and Recycling Cardboard During hornets. There has been several occasion Fireworks Season of swarms reported on the reservation. It was determined that they were honey bees. Fireworks season is here and we want to I had recently read an article on the decline remind everyone that live freworks and of honey bees. Ray Secena and Correna cardboard DO NOT go in the dumpsters. If Young all agreed to contact a local bee you have old or damaged freworks, hold keeper in the area relocating the swarm to a onto them, and contact Natural Resources Youth playing tug-a-war is one of the many fun activities scheduled by Tony new home. Gary Wheaton a local bee keeper after the season is over. Spent tubes, cakes Medina, Youth Director during Tribal Days Memorial Weekend. was contacted and he showed up to remove and other wrappers should be put in plastic Photo by Jodie Smith the nest. It was very interesting to witness garbage bags and can be thrown away. By Fred Shortman, Editor which lead to the rest of the story. Cardboard is easily recycled, so it does Miss Tribal Days Pageant: Wednesday preparation for the Memorial Day Weekend. not belong in the garbage dumpsters or kicked off the events for the Tribal Days Annie Jones blessed the day before work The Beekeeper in a burn pile. Recycling containers will Weekend. On Wednesday, May 25. Elders, began. The hum of lawn mowers and weed Gary Wheaton is a Vietnam ERA be available where the wholesalers are adults, and youth to witness the crowning eaters cutting the grass, while others were Veteran (served in Korea 1972-1976, located. The cardboard recycling bins are for of the 2011 Tribal Days Princesses. Parents seen weeding and cleaning each head stone then Fort Carson Colorado 1976-1979 and fattened cardboard boxes only! No paper. smiled proudly as their child gave an with love and care, sharing fond memories a Desert Storm Veteran). He has been a No spent freworks tubes No styrofoam inspirational speech giving their family of loved ones who passed on. Lunch was beekeeper for about 5 years in the Rochester packing. No plastic strapping. Cardboard lineage, and why they should be selected for served and raffe items were drawn and area. Beekeeping is his hobby and is only! As mentioned above, trash can be their respect divisions. Many came dressed given out. It was hard worthwhile work, but very therapeutic for him. He remembers brought to the dumpsters down at the old in regalia and looked very eloquent. Elders what a beautiful day when it was fnished. relocating honey bee swarms on 5 or 6 Hamilton Farm. listened intently to each speech, picking the different locations within the Chehalis Any questions about garbage can be best one to represent for the year 2011-12. Tony Medina Youth Activities Reservation. He was very calm and directed to Glen Connelly, Environmental It was one the most attended events yet! As the siren was heard echoing informative while removing the swarm. Program Specialist in the Department of Congratulations to the winners. throughout the Tribal grounds, children were Thanking everyone for giving him the Natural Resources at 360-858-1854 or seen running towards the basketball court opportunity to preserve the honey bees Cemetery Clean Up to participate in the fun games that Tony because they are instrumental to our On Thursday May 26 community and Medina had scheduled. Laughter flled the ecosystem. He also shared some concerns Chehalis Tribal Head Start tribal members gathered at the community air as well as shouts of encouragement from and gave some web sites we could go to fnd & Early Head Start center and then headed out to the cemeteries, the parents as the youth competed against more information about these pollinators. continuing to honor our ancestors in each other. Tony had a wagon full of prizes Let the experienced beekeepers handle See Tribal Days, page 4 See Honey Bees, page 4 Tribal People Walk as One in Support of Cancer -Expectant Mothers Program/Home Based Program Survivors at Annual Tribal Days Event -Early Head Start (Ages 6 wks-3 yrs) -Head Start( Ages 3-5 yrs) By Orinda Goddard, Cancer Walk Coordinator On Sunday, May 29 at 1 o’clock in the am very grateful for all that was contributed. water, rides and a safe route to insure Registration Week is July 18-22 afternoon the 4 Annual Cancer Walk th Please call for a registration appointment took place. There were 108 walkers who I would like to give a Special Thanks everyone made it safely. As we continue on with this walk, I hope to: Brenna Youckton, Terry Youckton, Pam 360-709-1890 participated in the walk this year. I would Youckton & Scott, Bones and Arick Burnett that more and more people are willing to like to thank all the walkers from various for their help during this walk. Providing come and support this event. ~ Thank you! tribes in supporting our annual cancer walk. We had 80 raffe prizes that were all donated for this event. Great Wolf Lodge, Eagle’s Landing Hotel, Chehalis Tribal PO Box 536 Enterprise, Lucky Eagle Casino (John Setterstrom), Chehalis Tribe City, ST Zip Business Committee, Glenco Street Address Oakville, WA 98568 Supplies, Quinault Beach Resort Casino (Dora Underwood), Red * Return Service Requested Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Wind Casino/Nisqually Tribe FirstName LastName (Marjorie Stepetin), Bobby Bush (SPIPA), Larry’s Chevron, Rochester Lumber, Quizno’s in Grand Mound, Grand Mound Nail Salon, Tribal Departments: PRSRT STD Diane Devlin, Human Resources, PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA Accounting, Loan Program, Family US POSTAGE PAID Services, Behavioral Health, Elders, adults, and youth wave as they walked together in the 5th Annual Cancer ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL Vocational Rehabilitation, and walk during the Tribal Days Memorial Tournament. Pictured (L-R) are Sofie NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Youth Center. These programs Sekishiro, Sue Sanders-Secena, Margie Youckton, Sandra Glover, (in stroller) Noah Reservation. helped with what they could and I Snell, Melanie Snell, Jamie Ortivez-Smith, and Eli Snell, Jr.
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