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Tournament Summary 4 Tribal Days (continued from page 1) that brought smiles to all the children as they you much Donna and Ellery Choke Sr. for were seen playing with them throughout the bringing him out. When the fnal game of the tournament ended, awards were handed out to each division: weekend. Another highlight of the weekend was 1st Place received championship jackets; 2nd Place received hooded sweatshirts; 3rd one of the oldest players in the tournament. Place received crew neck sweatshirts; 4th Place received T-shirts; All-stars received duffe The Baseball Tournament Vernon McCrory at the age of 52 who bags; Special awards for MVP; Best Bat, Best Glove; and Best Catcher Friday May 27, kicked off the frst played for the Taholah Stars Coed Slow games for the Baseball Tournament. “Rain Pitch Team competing alongside his boys. Men’s Hardball 1st Place- Little Boston or Shine” the tournament directors were This week end brought some parents who Darrin Jones, Sonny Youckton Tournament Director 2nd Place-Little Boston Pistols determined to play. The rains came and played baseball alongside their children. Ang Youckton, Scorekeeper 3rd Place-Puyallup blessed the tribal baseball felds as the What a great way to spend a weekend 4th Place-Rebels women’s slow-pitch tournament started. enjoying friends, family and playing “Good Again it rained on and off throughout the Ol’ Fashion Indian Baseball” during the night creating a muddy and challenging Chehalis Tribal Days Memorial Weekend! game of softball. Saturday morning players, grounds Thanks to Volunteers! crew and volunteers were seen dumping 30-40 pound bags of dry heat throughout Cheryle Starr sends out a special thanks to all the volunteers who contributed the weekend on all the felds to keep them playable. Visiting teams did come and it to making this weekend so successful: rained on and off again throughout the day. Tournament directors; Darrin Jones, Sonny There some very heavy downfall of water, Youckton and Angie Youckton for running yet the games moved on. The Oakville the Men’s Hardball Tourney. Charlotte Lopez and Carla Thomas for helping run High School baseball felds weren’t used as Little Boston from Port Gamble S’Klallam won the men’s hardball much with a majority of the games played at the Women’s, and Coed Tournament. championship jackets. Beating the Little Boston Pistols in a final 9 inning Tomahawk Stadium. Announcers, Chubby Pickernell and game. Many venders seen around the tribal Darrin Jones. Umpires Andy Zaidy, grounds selling food and a variety of Casey Pickernell, Chet DeLamater, Troy Women’s Slow Pitch Softball (Skokomish), Jerry Youckton, and Ray products. As you walked around watching baseball or shopping you could hear Lopez. Youth Center activities, Tony Cheryle Starr, Charlotte Lopez, Tournament Directors 1st Place-Taholah a familiar voice echoing throughout Medina, Marla Medina and Teresa Pannkuk; Carla Thomas, Jodie Smith, Scorekeepers 2nd Place- Natives the ball felds. Yes, Chubby Pickernell Tournament Preparation, Carla Thomas, Ang 3rd Place-Quileute returned announcing the men’s hardball Youckton, and Charlotte Lopez. A special 4th Place-Cal Horizon thanks to everyone that helped keep the feld tournament. He laughed and joked with family and friends as they visited him. playable. Your assistance was so crucial Taholah He demonstrated his singing ability in completing this tournament: Grounds won the with a little “Johnny Cash.” rendition. keepers, Ray Secena, Jr., and Amil Starr Jr.; championship Something he Ray Lopez, Sonny Youckton, Chris Secena, in the Penny Gleason, Tom Hayden, Ray Secena, has enjoyed doing women’s for many, many Shawn Goddard. Don Secena and all his slow pitch moons. Thank helpers at the fsh pit. Thank you to anyone division using if I forgot to mention your name. 9 players throughout The 2011-12 the softball Chehalis Tribal tournament. Princesses pictured They were (L-R) are Miss able to defeat Tribal Days, Deidra Natives in the Hawkes; Jr. Miss, championship Kennedy Adams; game. Lil’ Miss, Payton Simmons; Head Start Miss, “Turtle” Coed Slow Pitch Softball 1st Place-Taholah Stars Canales. 2nd Place-Quileute Cheryle Starr, Charlotte Lopez Tournament Directors 3rd Place- Muckleshoot Carla Thomas, Scorekeeper 4th Place-Skokomish Cultural Program Offering Bead Work Classes Every Tuesday Beading classes will be offered every Community Artist Wanted Tuesday night from 5 PM to 8 PM at the I am always looking for Community Cultural Class Room in the Community Artist who would be interested in sharing Center. The frst class begins on July 12. their skills and teach a class to the Walk-in’s are welcome, but if you are community. Forms are available and there is attending you will be required to sign in. a screening process to qualify for your bid. The classes are available to Elders, adults and High School age students of the Tribal Providing the following information: Community. This is an advanced class.  The age group you would like to teach, The Cultural Program Coordinator runs  Specify the Cultural Class curriculum you on Flex-hours and not always available are interested in offering. during regular business hours of 8 AM to  Who is providing materials for your class 5 PM. Most classes offered run until 8:30 you plan to teach. PM or during weekends. The Cultural For more information about this and Class Room Facilities is available to other cultural activities please contact The Taholah Stars won the Co-ed slow pitch championship. Being the community members, please contact me to Dianne Devlin, Cultural Coordinator at 360- number one seed they lost the first game, but rebounded to defeat Quileute accommodate your needs for the class. 709-1621. in the championship game. Honey Bee’s (continued from page 1) the following year. See Federation of bees crisscrossing the nation? As one American Scientists web sites. researcher asked Congress, “How would the swarm of honey bees. For more all is their queen. Depending on the size The problem is known as Colony our government respond if one out of every information or questions contact Gary of the hive that swarmed, the cluster may Collapse Disorder (CCD), and scientists three cows was dying?” Wheaton at 360-273-7462. be as small as a grapefruit or as large as a suspect a combination of causes: pesticides, Beekeepers are having some success watermelon. The bees will remain in this environmental stresses, pests such as the staving off colony losses by improving the Swarming manner for a few hours or even a few days varroa mite, and pathogens such as the diet of their bees and keeping a closer watch Despite their rather awesome appearance, while scout bees look for new home. When Israeli acute paralysis virus (IAPV)—which for parasites and infections, says Cox-Foster. swarms are not dangerous. That’s because they return with news of suitable spot, off has been found in 96.1 percent of affected She also suggests “simple changes” such honey bees are defensive only in the vicinity they all go to take up residence in a hollow hives. USDA Awaiting answers, the as increasing the use of hedgerows could of their nest to protect their brood and food tree, with the walls of an old barn, or some agricultural industry is on edge: honey bees improve both the honeybee population and supply. other cozy cavity. pollinate an estimated $15 billion in U.S. that of the wild pollinators. A swarm of honey bees is a familiar sight crops each year. Like the cause, the solution to CCD is in the spring and early summer. It’s one of Bees: Vital to Our Food Supply The USDA has stated that one out of going to have to be multi-faceted. There the most fascinating phenomena in nature An ominous phenomenon has baffed every three bites of food we eat is dependent appears to be no single cause that can and an instinctive way honey bees manage beekeepers and scientists alike: across on bee pollination. We have the opportunity be directly linked to colony collapse. the colony’s growth and survival. Half or the U.S., honey to take a look at yet Researchers think the disorder is the result more of the colony leaves the hive to look bees have been another facet of of many pest/viral/fungal/chemical/stress for a new home. But frst, within a few disappearing from our industrialized combinations. Pesticides, although just minutes of departing from the hive, the bees their colonies. food system. Just a piece of the puzzle, are a variable we settle on a nearby surface. They aren’t just how precipitous can control. By eliminating this variable, There no telling where a swarm might dying—they’re has feeding research could be focused on deciphering land. It could land on any convenient resting disappearing en ourselves become the other pieces of the puzzle. Instead, place: a bush, a tree branch, a lamppost, or masse. In 2006, when a third of pesticide regulation loopholes are making it perhaps a piece of patio furniture. In any U.S. beekeepers our nation’s food nearly impossible to track down the causes case, the swarming bees won’t stay there lost a third of supply is reliant of colony collapse disorder. long. As soon as scout bees fnd a more their 2.4 million on convoys suitable and protected home, the swarm will colonies, See of thousands Resources to learn more about honey bees: be up, up, and away. Bee Culture and upon thousands  Mother Earth News  In its temporary resting place, the swarm 35 percent of Local Beekeeper, Gary Wheaton of imported  SmartPlanet is a bundle of bees clustered together for the remaining relocated a honey bee swarm found at and artifcially  USDA protection and warmth. In the center of it colonies vanished the baseball bleachers. sustained  Book “Beekeeping for Dummies”
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