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CTE Takes on “Mini-contractors” Academics and Athleticism 2 Youth Plant Trees at RV Park Earns Youth Josh Gillie Award By Fred Shortman, Editor Gary Ortivez III is an eighth grade student outstanding and inspirational play in sports. attending Oakville Middle School and has He was honored by receiving the Josh Gillie enjoyed playing baseball his whole life. Award at the Oakville eighth graduation As an eighth grader he was allowed to play ceremony on June 6 . th on the Oakville High School Baseball, His parents Georgia and Gary Ortivez Jr basketball and football teams, committing said, “We are very proud of you, Gary! Your his time to getting good grades to maintain hard work and commitment at everything his eligibility to play sports receiving a 3.0 you do inspirations to all of us. Wish you GPA. continued success.” He achieved that and much more, receiving an award for playing the game he so loves. Gary was recognized for his Gary Ortivez received the Josh Gillie Award at the 2011 Eight Grade Head Start children plant trees for the Chehalis Tribal Enterprise at the RV Graduation Park on Anderson Road. Top row pictured (L-R) are teachers Jessica and Ceremonies. Mireya. Middle row left to right Zander Heap, Koner Burnett, Jolynn Reed, Pictured Carolann Black, Malikah McNair, Chloe Rangel, Aiyana Moore-Young. Front (L-R) are Row pictured (L-R) are Ruth Colgrove, Alexander Woosley, Madison Henry, Georgia Lloyd Scott, Priacias Douglas, Walter Pickernell-Daniels. Ortivez, Gary Ortivez David Youckton and Chris Richardson preparation for the trees and the Head Start III, and Gary report that in an attempt to expand Chehalis Program staff provided 50 preschoolers. Ortivez, Jr. Tribal Enterprises (CTE), they recently The teachers brought the children to the were faced with a shortage of 50 needed RV Park on the school buses. The children new personnel. Trees needed to be planted learned many things. After a short blessing, along the east end of the new RV Park along the children were introduced to stories School District Partnering With Anderson Road. In order to fll this labor about trees and the animals that live and short-fall they sought assistance from the play in trees. Fred Shortman enlightened Tribal Head Start Program. the children about the varied importance of Student Mentoring Program Head Start four to six year old’s the cedar tree to the Chehalis people. From enthusiastically accepted the task of planting its bark, Fred reminded the children, the 160 trees. Their engagement was a total Chehalis people obtained their clothing and “Big Brothers Big Sisters” (BBBS) is Ivy Wright-Bryan, a Native American from success. shelter as well as the materials to weave partnering with the Oakville School District Nevada, represents BBBS’ Native American to start a school-based mentoring program What really happened was a little bit of their famous Chehalis baskets. From the tree in the fall. Vice-Chairman Don Secena as a Initiative to service Indians across the thoughtful coordination between Enterprises they were able to carve canoes for fshing school district board member facilitated a country. Ivy was cautious and respectful and various Tribal staff. CTE obtained a and transportation. But most important of all in her remarks in order to be sensitive donation from Weyerhaeuser of 160 red the trees provide oxygen that we breath. meeting with BBBS Director Roger Jones, to any concerns about past attempts of cedar trees and Steve Burnett assigned Handling the small 15” trees with Superintendent Kathy Lorton and Principal outside agencies wanting to “help” Native Jeff Hunt. Research shows one-to-one Zach Carter of CTC to augur 160 holes in tenderness and care, the children placed the mentoring programs have a positive effect children. It is BBBS’ future desire to train trees in the pre-dug holes, on a child’s life. The BBBS school-based and employ a Chehalis Tribal community member in the lead role of mentoring in covering the roots using program matches “Littles” – children –with their hands to gently pat the “Bigs” – adults” – under the supervision of and around the Chehalis Reservation in the soil back into place. The a trained BBBS administrator at the school. coming years. Ivy believes that mentoring best part about the day was Last year, BBBS serviced 609 children in can be an important component in grooming seeing the enthusiasm with the local area, including Rochester; and our children as future Tribal leaders. Rebecca Fein, BBBS Western Regional which the children pursued 10% were matches with Native American the planting of the trees children. Director, wants to introduce the school- knowing full well that they The Chehalis Tribe, Lucky Eagle Casino based mentoring program so that the Tribal would grow as these trees and Great Wolf Lodge have supported the community fully embraces it. Amanda do. Avalos, BBBS Program Director, stated that local BBBS agency for many years through the largest unmet need in these mentoring contributions and sponsorships. Recently, programs is recruiting adult volunteers to The AM Head Start the Chehalis Tribe helped the local agency children seen here secure a grant from the national BBBS spend time as Bigs. There are many Native working with teachers, offce to better serve Indian children. The Americans “Littles” waiting for Native American “Big” matches. Lisa Miles, parents and volunteers new Oakville School District school-based Casino CFO and BBBS Board Member, and planting trees at the program starting in September 2011 is a New RV Park. Rodney Youckton, BBBS Indian Advisory direct result of the Chehalis Tribe and Big Board member, were also in attendance Brothers Big Sisters working together. Chris demonstrating their confdence in the new Real Life Experience on How Addictions Can Richardson, a BBBS board member, was mentoring program coming to Oakville. thankful to the Chehalis Tribe, especially the The meeting ended with the presentation Ruin Lives and the Ripple Effect on Family Business Committee, for their committed of a cedar basket to Ivy as a token of the support of local mentoring. Chehalis Tribe’s continued support of the One recent early Thursday morning, Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. The Chew, pot, alcohol, prescriptions… Tribal staff working with Tribal community basket was donated by Tribal member Trudy By Lorrie Bonifer, Prevention Specialist children met BBBS offcials from the local Marcellay. agency and their national offce. Tribal staff For more information about the Big This story is in remembrance of my brother Methadone is an extremely powerful Cecil Bonifer who died of an overdose at drug, with obvious lethal effects if used representing Education, Youth Services, Brother Big Sister programs, contact the young age of 49. His life started out illicitly or incorrectly, and must be and Law Enforcement included Tracy Bray, Amanda Avalos, Director of Programs, at seemingly innocent, but then he started prescribed by a doctor. At no time is even a Scott Freeman, Tony Medina, and Bill or 360-943-0409 Thoms. From the national BBBS agency, chewing at the age of 10. From that point his little amount safe if not provided by a doctor ext 03. use and choices progressed to alcohol, which to monitor as well as any other form of drug/ Chehalis Business Committee lead to juvenile hall, then DUI offenses prescription. Everyone’s body and chemical David Burnett, Chairman and eventually lengthy jail sentences. He balance is different and others are on Tribal Don Secena, Vice Chairman was even a passenger in a wreck where an different medications that can confict with Newsletter Stephanie Pickernell, Treasurer innocent woman was killed and that didn’t something not prescribed by their doctor. Cheryle Starr, Secretary deter him. I can’t even begin to express the grief Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member Through the years he began taking pain of losing a brother through something 420 Howanut Road pills, smoking pot and drinking regularly. preventable and having to wait 8 long weeks Oakville, WA 98568 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: His life revolved around these addictions to fnd out what actually killed him. In the (360) 709-1726 (offce) Fred Shortman, Communications and became full of turmoil. interim we were only told by the coroner (360) 273-5914 (fax) Coordinator. Go to this direct link Though I wish life was different for it was alcohol and drugs. The end result it for online newsletters copies: www. him, these were his choices. I miss the time was Methadone that killed him and pot was Articles and opinions expressed in this his addiction took away from me and the detected. publication are not necessarily the opinions rest of the family. My point is the day of So please do not share your prescriptions of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal his passing, he took someone else’s pain with anyone. If you do, you run the risk of Business Committee. medications: (Methadone) I didn’t even loss of life, going to jail, experiencing the The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages know he began using this. feelings involved when loss of life occurs tribal members to submit letters, articles, It was reported to me that person told and other negative results. These negative photographs, and drawings to be considered him not to take it. Since he already had consequences are like ripples in a pond, for publication. These are subject to editing. taken the pills, and he supposedly said “It’s reaching out and hurting many, many others, Contributing writers, artists, and okay, my body is used to it.” He later laid not just you. If you have any prescriptions photographers include Chehalis tribal down saying he that didn’t feel very well. lying around that you are not using, please community members and staff. His “friends” claim they kept going back contact Behavioral Health and we will help The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis to check on him and, regardless, later that you dispose of them safely. Submission deadline: 6th of each month Reservation... evening he passed away. Printed: Each month “People of the Sand”
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