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Training Program Helps Tribal Members Resources Available Assisting 3 Advance Within the Organization Parents in Understanding Their Teen From the Behavioral Health Parents/Teens Comprehensive Guide in Dealing with the 2000’s By Rodney Youckton, Director of Business Operations Chapter 2-Dealing with the 2000’s around to help you if you get into a diffcult The Lucky Eagle Management Training members are undergoing in an effort to Family Editions a situation! Program is designed for our tribal members achieve their goals. They all have dreams comprehensive guide with If it feels safe, try to stand up to the and their success working at the casino. and set goals to reach those dreams. Tribal dependable information for person who is bullying you. If the person The casino reports quarterly on the Management Training Program employees Parents/Teens. who is bullying you think you will not do program so that the Tribal community has hope to be good role models and mentors for For more information anything about it, they are more likely to an awareness of what efforts are being those wanting to be successful in the career please contact the Behavior keep picking on you. This does not mean made with our tribal members employed of their choice. We all have dreams. Never, Health at 360-709-1682. you should fght back or bully them back. at the casino. We are building success never, give up on your dreams. Reach for the Instead, tell the person bullying you that you do not like it and they should stop! Keep stories which will be refected of the stars and make it happen. Bullying it simple. You might just say, “Cut it out, Succession Plan. We are hopeful the large “Our commitment is to provide an Miranda!” and then walk away. If possible, number of young adults will read about unparalleled entertainment experience that Why do kids Bully? There are all kinds of try to talk to them in a calm voice. Kids the hard work and sacrifces fellow Tribal exceeds our guests’ expectations.” reasons why young people bully other, either who bully often like to see that they can Featured Tribal Member occasionally or often. Do any of these sound make you upset. If you are afraid to talk to the person who is bullying you by yourself, familiar to you?  Because I see other doing it. then you might want to ask someone else  Because it is what you do if you want to to be there with you. Kids who bully are Hello, my name is During the year hang out with the right crowd. more likely to listen, and less likely to bully Rachelle Wells and I of 2010, I was asked  Because it makes me feel, stronger, you, when you are with someone and not am a Chehalis tribal to take a class on smarter, or better than the person I am alone. If you are not comfortable standing member working at the getting my certifcate bullying. up to someone who has bullied your, that is Lucky Eagle Casino. I in Tribal Enterprise  Because it is one of the best ways to keep defnitely OK! Just walk away. However, be sure to tell an adult. others from bullying me. began working at the & Gaming Management.  Whatever the reason, bullying is If you are being bullied on-line do not Lucky Eagle as a busser It was a 49 week class something we all need to think about. reply. This may actually make the bullying in the Restaurant. In my held on Wednesdays. Whether we’ve done it ourselves..or worse. Instead, be sure to tell a family frst year I moved up to I completed the program in whether friends or other people we know member or another adult you trust. If become a server in the February of 2011 and are doing it… we all need to recognize possible block any more communications Grand Buffet in which earned 14 college credits that bullying has a terrible effect on from this person. )For example, it might be I worked for 3 ½ years. with Tacoma Community the lives of young people. It may not a good idea only to accept messages from Then the opportunity College. be happening to you today, but it could people you know.) Save evidence of the came for me to take the Rachelle Wells My goals are to continue tomorrow. Working together, we can bullying. If you get a nasty e-mail, print it craps class. I immediately Poker Room Supervisor to work at the Lucky Eagle, make the lives of young people better. out or save it so that you can show it to an adult. signed up and completed Lucky Eagle Casino while attending college to Are you being bullied? Join clubs or take part in activities where the class, and dealt craps for about 4 years learn how to practice law. Never closing So you are being bullied, huh? That can you will meet other kids. Sometimes, it can out on table games. This step opened up the doors on any opportunity to grow and feel pretty awful. However, no matter how help to join clubs or take part in activities more doors and I took advantage of another continue my education at the Lucky Eagle. I bad it makes you feel sometime, you should that interest you. Think about joining a opportunity to take a class as a dual rate still strive to become a lawyer, but I need to know you are not alone. That’s right…there sports team, taking an art class, or joining a supervisor. I then became a poker dealer and support myself until that dream comes true. are plenty of kids all over the world who go scouting group, for example. You can meet began dealing poker for about 4 ½ years. So if there are any opportunities to climb the through the same things you do every day. other kids who share interests and you might I thought I would help out and became a corporate ladder, I would like to look into And, even though you may feel helpless make some good friends! Poker Room supervisor I’ve been doing that those too. sometimes, there are many things you and for the past 6 months. others can do to help stop the bullying. Try What NOT to do if you are bullied these tips. Always tell an adult. It is hard to talk DO NOT….think it is your fault. Nobody Protect Your Children by Practicing Safety about serious things with adults sometimes, deserves to be bullied! Fight back or bully a person back. This but they can help put a stop to bullying. Tell  During the 2011 Fireworks Season an adult that you trust and can talk to-you probably will not make things any better and it might get you into big trouble. parents, your teacher, your school counselor, you coach, your neighbor. Besides, you should try to act better than Just a friendly reminder that the freworks  Use outdoors only in a clear area away If you have told a grown-up before and the person who bullies you. season is approaching and that there will from buildings, vehicles and shrubbery. they have not done anything about it, tell  Keep it yourself and just hope the be increased traffc on the reservation. Be  Have water and/or fre extinguisher someone else. Moreover, if you are afraid bullying will “go away.” It is normal to extra careful and observe all traffc laws. handy. to tell an adult that you have been bullied, want to try to ignore bullying and hope Quad or bicyclists please wear appropriate  Never carry freworks in your pocket get another person-like a friend or a sister that it will stop-or hope that person will safety gear (Helmet and goggles). The life or shoot them into metal or glass or brother-to go with you. Having someone start to pick on someone else. However, you save might be your own. containers. else there to support you can make it a lot often, bullying will not stop until adults  Light only one frework at a time. less scary. Tell the adults exactly what has and other kids get involved. So, be sure to Fireworks Safety Tips  Wear eye protection and never have any happened-who did the bullying, where and  report the bullying. when it happened, how long it has been Skip school or avoid clubs or sports  Always purchase your freworks from a portion of your body over the frework. happening to you, and how it makes you because you are afraid of being bullied. reliable source.  Don’t experiment with homemade feel. If you talk with an adult at your school, Missing school activities that you enjoy  Follow the instructions and use common freworks. ask them what they will do to help stop the is not the answer. You have a right to be sense,  Never attempt to relight a frework. bullying. It is their job to help keep you safe. there!  Always have close adult supervision and  Don’t light freworks on main roadways Most adults really care about bullying and  Think that you are a “tattle tale” if you never give freworks to small children. or within frework stand areas (Even will do everything they can to help you. tell an adult that you have been bullied.  Never point or throw freworks at when they’re closed). Telling is NOT tattling! It is the right another person. Have a safe and happy 4th of July! Telling an adult can seem hard. Here are thing to do. ways some other kids have done this:  Hurt yourself. Some kids who are bullied get so sad and depressed that they may Public Notice: The Chehalis Indian Tribal Court, Oakville Washington Stay in a group. Kids who bully like to try to hurt themselves because they think pick on kids who are by themselves a lot-it there is nothing else they can do. This Che-J-3/11-057 IN RE S.K. DOB: 1-21-2009 is easier and they are more likely to get defnitely is not the answer. Talk with Notice Petition of Guardianship Hearing away with their bad behavior. If you spend an adult immediately and tell them how To Jeremy Klatush and Allison Klatush more time with other kids, you may not be you are felling. They can help stop the an easy “target” and you will have others bullying. Petition for Guardianship has been fled in the Chehalis Indian Tribal Court. A hearing is set for November 9, 2011 at 2:30 PM; 30 Niederman Rd Oakville WA on the Chehalis Indian Reservation. Any questions please feel free to contact the Tribal Court at 360- 709-1615. Donna DuPuis (L) takes a THIS COURT HEARING MAY RESULT IN AN ORDER OF GUARDIANSHIP photo of Chubby BEING GRANTED. Pickernell (R) during the Tribal Days Memorial PADDLE TO SWINOMISH Tournament. 5 Annual Chehalis Canoe Family Journey Chubby loves th announcing This is the schedule for the Chehalis Canoe Family. Feel free to join in anywhere the men’s along the canoe journey, learning to share with the canoe families, and travel with “One baseball games Heart, One Mind” through the Puget Sound waterways. Community support is greatly at Tomahawk appreciated as we practice our culture with the Elders, youth, and other canoe families. Stadium. Tribal This is a Drug/Alcohol, and Violence Free Journey! Everyone is welcome! Days brings Circle Up Chehalis Canoe Family! Weekly meetings and fundraisers in preparation back many for the Canoe Journey at various locations. Come check it out if you are interested in fond memories learning about the Chehalis Canoe Family. of playing, umpiring, while Itinerary: visiting with friends and Squaxin Island- July 17 family. Nisqually- July 18 Chehalis Reservation Bus Schedule Puyallup- July 19 Muckleshoot-July 20 Helps With Your Transportation Needs Suquamish- July 21-22 Tulalip- July 23 and 24 R/T picks people up on the Chehalis Grays Harbor Transit picks people up at Swinomish- July 25 Reservation and will connect you with the Oakville Post Offce at 10:10 AM, 12:45 Intercity Transit in Olympia or Twin Transit PM, and 3:40 PM and can drop you off in Formal protocol to follow in Centralia. Call 1-800-650-7846 24 hours Elma, Montesano or Aberdeen. Call 1-800- For more information please contact Sylvia Cayenne at 360-888-6638. in advance to schedule a ride. Cost is $1 per 562-9730 for more info. Cost is $2 per one- one-way trip. way trip.
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