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Conference Empowers Youth to Families Gather to Share the Art 2 Become Health Awareness Leaders of Fishing with Their Children Tawni Willis, Early Learning Manager On Friday June 17 the Head Start Program they caught. had their 6 annual fatherhood fshing day. Head Start staff provided a yummy lunch th The morning started off with a breakfast of BBQ hot dogs and potato chips to keep at the Head Start and Early Head Start up their energy. Class Rooms. Children were seen with Fatherhood involvement is a priority their fathers eating a delicious breakfast of in Head Start and Early Head Start. The eggs, sausage and hash browns, prepared Fatherhood Fishing Day allows fathers, by Granny Annie. They fnished up and off grandpas and uncles to spend a day teaching to the Tribe’s Ponds property in Grand fshing skills to their children. Fathers are Mound. an important part of each child’s early It was cool childhood development. Even though and sunny it was the frst time some of the fathers as they selected their went fshing they learned from Elders and spot where they were fellow parents on the art of fshing. No going to catch “the better way than to go fshing with dad big one”. Fathers on a beautiful summer day. taught their children Head Start would like to how to tie and bait especially thank Bill Secena Chehalis tribal youth learned how to rumba dance during the “Get Moving their hooks, as well Class” at the Native Youth POWER Conference. Chaperones Theresa as demonstrating the Fisheries for providing the fshing poles and bait. Pannkuk and Tony Medina also participated and got their groove on. art of casting. And of Also, a big thanks to all Photo by Marla Medina course, how to untangle the fathers for taking the By Marla Medina, Assistant Youth Director the line when a “birds time to spend the day nest” happened. Many fshing with their children. The Great Wolf Lodge hosted the S.P.I.P.A.s and went over the following days activities. children were seen Without you, this event Native Youth POWER Conference on June Finally, being at the Great Wolf Lodge they laughing and playing would not be possible. 30 and July 1. The conference goals and took advantage of what it had to offer, going enjoying a morning of dreams are to teach Native youth to become swimming in the water park, playing in the fshing with their dads, Mother Connie Todd leaders in wellness for the community. arcade, and socializing with youth from grandpas and friends as and her son Lloyd Empowering and educating them to make other tribes. The night had to end early, they shared their stories of Scott display a large healthy decisions on the topics of Tobacco, because they had to be up bright and early the big one that got away, or trout the caught during HIV/AIDS, and nutrition. The conference for the next day of activities which was a even showing off the one Fatherhood fishing day. used teaching methods through creative and Mother Earth Water Walk. innovative ways of spreading the message This is a sacred event that has a lot of to their individual communities “Healthy meaning towards our water source. They Huge Turnout to Witness 2011 Head living today. Wellness for tomorrow!” explained to the youth the meaning behind Ten of our tribal youth attended this the water walk. After breakfast they started Start Graduation Celebration conference kicked off with registration in on their craft classes making a mini receiving their backpacks and passports. The paddle and decorating it. They also made a requirement for the passports was to verify necklace with a cancer awareness logo. By Tracy Mitchell, Pre-K Teacher that they attended the classes participating Youth were given copies tobacco Another year is gone and so are twenty- their next step towards Kindergarten. in all the events. After registration they went manufacturers adds to advertise their eight of our Head Start students. The The Lucky Eagle Casino donated a to the Loose Moose Cottage buffet for a cigarettes. They were given the assignment Graduation ceremony took place on Friday, delicious dinner for the grown-ups, and a delicious meal. to draw counter ads to make a poster against June 10 at the Lucky Eagle Casino. The special kid’s buffet which was enjoyed by After fnishing eating they started right the ad. They also attended a class on the parents worked very hard raising money everyone after the ceremony. into their classes. The frst one was the effects of smoking. There were real pig all year to put this event together. With the We would like to thank the Chehalis “Get Moving” class which was a “Zumba” lungs, which are similar to our lungs. They help of the community, they raised enough Tribal Business Committee, the Lucky Eagle dance class. Not only did youth participate, showed us a healthy one and one that has money to buy the children’s caps and Casino, Head Start parents and the members but so did the chaperones Tony Medina cancer and is full of tar from smoking. In gowns, diplomas, decorations, a sweatshirt of the community for all the support the and Teresa Pannkuk, who were out there this class they got to make ‘quit kits’ for and a gift bag. The children were also Head Start program receives each year. We getting their groove on by showing off loved ones they want to quit smoking. each given a “Hooked on Phonics” set we could not do this without your help!! their “zumba” dance moves. What a way Finally the last class they had to design received through the First Book grant. This The Head Start staff share your joy in to start the conference out and after eating a plate. Each youth listed their goals to will prepare them for Kindergarten. The celebrating their success. We are sad to see lunch. I heard from the Instructor from the improve a healthy lifestyle, whether by celebration was well attended having over them go, but we know they are ready to take Skokomish Tribe that our group of youth eating more healthy traditional foods, to 200 parents, family and friends to witness on the world. were the most active group and was real exercise more, or to get more involved in proud of the Chehalis youth. our Native Culture. Each one of the youth The other classes were only a half an did a great job with their plates and was very hour long so the day’s activities went by impressed in what they all drew. quickly. They then rotated to their other The conference came to an end with classes which informed them about how lunch, each participant receiving a zip media advertised the tobacco products, HIV/ up sweatshirt with the conference logo. AIDS, Hepatitis C, Healthy Foods. Finally The youth then received a certifcate and to end the day they had to separate the girls a jump rope to get them more active to and boys to different rooms to teach them prevent cancers. Many of the youth liked about the different cancers that male and the conference, pledging to do their best to females get and how to detect them. spread the message for communities to get At dinner the youth flled out a survey healthy. Water Usage Tips Saving Money and Creating Healthier Rivers and Streams This is the 2011 Head Start graduating class. Pictured (L-R) are top row: Tracy Mitchell, Courtney Price, Tyler Klatush, Eddie Klatush, Tayleena Klatush, Jessica Spitzer, Alley Allen, Jordan Lopez, Malachi Birchfield, Sponsored by the City of Chehalis Charlie Latch, Tawni Willis. Middle row are Rygin Sanders, Andre Kluth, The Chehalis Basin Partnership supports or garden early in the morning during the Laela Baker, Chloe Rangel, Ben Johnson, Tristan Smith, Nikkara Meddaugh, sustainable fsh runs. Actions you take coolest part of the day. Consider installing Malikah McNair, Zander Heap. Bottom row are Ruth Colgrove, Nathan Kluth, affect the quantity of water in our rivers and an automatic timer. Don’t forget to adjust Ryleigh Sauer, Alexander Woosley, Madison Henry, Ares Wittwer, Jasmine streams available for fsh. Please consider your watering schedule, as days get longer Calderon, Lloyd Scott, Zoi Lundy implementing some of the tips below to help or shorter. Chehalis Business Committee improve in stream fows for fsh.  Make sure your home is leak-free. When David Burnett, Chairman you are certain that no water is being Tribal Don Secena, Vice Chairman  Use a water-effcient shower head. used, take a reading of the water meter. Newsletter Stephanie Pickernell, Treasurer They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and Wait 30 minutes and then take a second Cheryle Starr, Secretary can save you up to 750 gallons a month. reading. If the meter readings change, you Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member  Check for toilet leaks by adding food have a leak! 420 Howanut Road coloring to the tank. If you have a leak,  Upgrade older toilets with water effcient Oakville, WA 98568 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: the color will appear in the bowl within models and ask your water provider if (360) 709-1726 (offce) Fred Shortman, Communications 30 minutes. Flush immediately to avoid they offer rebates. (360) 273-5914 (fax) Coordinator. Go to this direct link stains. A leaky toilet can waste 200  Retroft all household faucets by installing for online newsletters copies: www. gallons per day. aerators with fow restrictors. Articles and opinions expressed in this  Consider purchasing a high effciency  Plant it smart. Plant native and/or publication are not necessarily the opinions washing machine, which can save over 50 drought-tolerant grasses, ground covers, of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal Business Committee. percent in laundry water and energy use. shrubs, and trees. Once Run your clothes washer only when full. established, they don’t The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages  Repair dripping faucets by replacing need water as frequently tribal members to submit letters, articles, washers. One drop per second wastes and usually will survive photographs, and drawings to be considered 2,700 gallons of water per year! a dry period without for publication. These are subject to editing.  More than 50 percent of residential watering. Contributing writers, artists, and irrigation water is lost due to evaporation, photographers include Chehalis tribal runoff, over watering, or improper system community members and staff. design/installation/maintenance. Don’t For more information contact your The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis over water your lawn. Lawns only need local Public Works Department or the Submission deadline: 6th of each month Reservation... Printed: Each month 1 inch of water per week. Water the lawn Department of Ecology “People of the Sand”
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