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Interview of Neighbor’s Reveals Memories of Chehalis Reservation 3 People, Part 5 Submitted by Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator These writings come from the book learn what was good in this country.” The husband, Fred. race their “little paints,” they would always “Glimpses of Gate” by Judith Upton. whites traded back gardening and hunting Trading and selling salmon was common pick Jerry Cross as one of the men to pace They were compiled from interviews with implements, cloth, cultivated produce, in Gate. Tapio traded a sack of “spuds” for off the quarter of a mile track. surrounding neighbors of the Chehalis domestic animals, medical knowledge and fsh when potatoes were a dollar a sack. William Choke was describes as “One Tribe. The information is taken from “book learning.” When Gabriel Erickson butchered, he’d of the old friendly Indians who used to live excerpts from the book with the person Trade was a natural way of relating in trade Choke meat for fsh. Pike Ben would over on the Chehalis River Reservation who was interviewed and provided the the Pacifc Northwest, as Carolyn Lonborg deliver big Chinook with an old horse and when the frst settlers came to the country in information is in parenthesis. explained. They used to go to potlatches buggy at ffty cents apiece. Floyd Smith had pioneer days.” been friends with them since he was a kid, some other tribe would have and they’d The book can be purchased from the give away a lot of stuff. Some of them had so they didn’t sell their fsh to him too high. (Lillian Pilcher) author for $25, which includes tax. The access to Hudson Bay goods, so they’d get Erickson’s property joined the I used to play baseball with them Indians address is Judith Upton, 8333 Camano all these things and put them away. Then in Reservation, and he rented pasture from the – with ’em and against “em. Sam Smith Loop NE, Lacey, WA 98516, the winter when they got hungry, they would Indians. He butchered and traded with them. and his brother John (from the Reservation) Mrs. Young was half Indian. She married go to Grandmother Delia Newton. They’d His daughter Julia (Reed) recalled picking were tough buggers, really tough. There was a baseball team and the men like Hunter a white and lived behind where Alta Cross want potatoes or apples, and they would wild strawberries there. She played with played the Indians at Oakville. My son Alvin was. She taught basket weaving. It was not bring something like a piece of calico to Indian children, particularly remembering was the mascot. unusual for an Indian woman to be in Gate. trade. I think they honestly didn’t understand that Lillian Hayden was in her grade in (Joe Floyd Parish) Everybody was people unless you was that if they bought groceries on credit and school and her brother fxed Julia’s bike by feisty. It didn’t matter who you was, but the groceries were eaten up, they should still flling the tire with sawdust. I’ve seen Indians at Gate. They come what you was. have to pay for something that was gone. Floyd Parish recalled when you could in there to trade. There was an Indian (Lillian Pilcher) The Indians would come to A. R. buy $99 worth of wood from the Indians. Smith used to come to town quite often. Smith’s farm for candles for their religious If it was $100, you had to go through the Dad always liked him. He was a smart old The early settlers and Indians viewed ceremonies, and basics like salt and sugar. agent. The kids would pay fve dollars for Indian. They was down on the river when each other as individuals instead of as a Later they would come to his store at Gate to a tree on the Reservation, take a horse and the salmon was runnin’, you know. A lot group or race. There were stories about visit with him and buy their supplies. When sled, and work all day with a crosscut saw to of them kids was a spearin’ salmon just friendly settlers and those who were they owed him, they would trade baskets, cut a seven, eight foot slab off the tree, chop for fun, cause there’s so many of ‘em. This untrustworthy and as Lee Johnson put it, or he’d hire the men to clear the land. The it up and haul it home for frewood. old Smith, he come up there in a horse and “Some Indians were mean, but some were women would be hired to clean house or Fourth of July on the Reservation was a buggy. He just stood there and watched for good to the whites.” The relationships were help with the laundry. As the postmaster, big celebration. Tribes from as far away as quite awhile like an old billy crane, you often based on trade, sometimes simply Smith also had the legal right to marry the Montana and “prit near all the whites around know. When a good one’d go by, why then an exchange of survival skills. There were Indians. the country” would go. About nine bushels he’d spear it. He speared ten and put ‘em many stories of the people native to the Edna Moe told that on the Reservation, of butter clams were brought fresh from in the buggy to take home. He told Dad, land sharing with the newcomers how to where she was raised, the Haydens were the Puget Sound to steam. Women such as Hazel “They shouldn’t waste any of ‘em.” A lot of catch fsh, preserve berries, or build dugout closest neighbors up one way, the Smiths the DuPuis and Mrs. Secena prepared pits for ‘em come up that wasn’t ft to eat, they was canoes. They even taught them to look for other way. The Indian men worked for her baking the salmon and steaming the oysters about ready to lay their eggs. But them that the moss and debris in the trees to judge dad, Sam McMasters, on the farm, haying and clams. While the elders visited, the was bein’ wasted that he was talkin’ about how high the water would be in a potential and threshing and he worked with a number younger men would take part in ball games, was full of eggs. They should’ve let ‘em go building spot. As Andrew Newton said, of them in the woods. Steve Jack worked boxing matches, foot races, and horse races. on up and spawn, that’s what. “The settlers depended on the Indians to for them, and he would hunt with Edna’s While it was just the Indians who would (Pat Murray) Community Gets Healthier Through Contest Training Program Helps Tribal Members By Christina Hicks, Community Health Coordinator Advance Within the Organization In the beginning of May, the TELO staff Biggest Loser- Dr. Sine losing 15 pounds. came in to the clinic wanted to have a Congratulations to everyone! friendly little contest amongst themselves, it Though this contest was held during a Featured Tribal Member turned out a lot of folks were looking for a busy time, frework season, most people chance at losing weight. An announcement want to continue with trying to lose weight was sent out and next thing we know we and keep it going. So, we will continue I am new to casino world. I love working with had a biggest loser contest with 34 people with the Biggest Loser contest. It will start gaming, but I have a past the public and working participating. with frst weigh-in on July 8 and end with connection to Lucky with my crew on the Bingo Everyone came in and did their frst fnal weigh-in on September 14 by 9 AM. Eagle Casino when I foor, I also like and accept weigh-in and paid $25 entry fee. Information The cost is $25 per participant to join the was involved with Tribal the challenges of dead- was available for the participants to utilize contest. The top 3 winners will be paid, Gaming. I was a Gaming lines, budgets and daily the tribe’s new community center’s exercise Offcer representing the reports. room, the diabetes prevention program’s depending on the amount of participants that Chehalis Tribe in 2002 I am new to casino water aerobics, Pilate’s class and nutrition enter. Good luck to everyone who wants to thru 2004. Although a gaming, I love my job and counseling. This was an eight week program lose weight and make the commitment to few years have passed I am a team player. My with the fnal weigh-in held on Wednesday, be healthier. We encourage people who are the Lucky Eagle vision goals are to be here for June 29. interested to join with a friend. This offers remains strong and many years, be involved The top 4 winners were as follows: First a stronger support system for each other on we have seen a lot of in all training courses place Biggest Loser - Taaffe Wyatt-Simmons maintaining their diet and exercise routines. change to the gaming David DuPuis offered here at the Lucky losing 21.6 pounds winning $725.00; Also want to say a Big “Thank You” to foor, increased the number Bingo Assistant Manager Eagle and I would encourage Second place Biggest Loser- James Cayenne Debbie Shortman for recording and tracking of slot machines and we Lucky Eagle Casino other tribal members losing 19.8 pounds winning $100, third the weight. For more information please have moved our offces into a new building to be involved with the many on-sight place Biggest Loser-Harry Pickernell Sr. contact her at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness complex. Development Opportunities offered to help losing 19 pounds winning $25, fourth place Center at 360-709-1689. I have now returned to the Lucky build management skills. Eagle as the Assistant Manager of the The Lucky Eagle Management Training Internship Program Promotes Bingo Department. This is strange and Program is designed for our tribal members hard to explain because my lifetime work and their success working at the casino. Employment to Tribal Members experience comes from coal, copper and iron The casino reports quarterly on the ore work. I have over 30 years of working program so that the Tribal community has in the mining industry. I also took a brief an awareness of what efforts are being By Alicia Shepard, GWL Human Resource Manager leave from mining and went over-seas to made with our tribal members employed work as a contractor on the Kandahar A.F.B. at the casino. We are building success Featured Tribal Member Afghanistan working there from Oct.2004 stories which will be refected of the thru June of 2005. When I was interviewing Succession Plan. We are hopeful the large Sasha Penn-Roco began her career with because I’m now able to answer a lot of for the position of Asst. Manager for number of young adults will read about Great Wolf Lodge as a Tribal Intern in questions quickly that guests may have Bingo, one question came forward and the hard work and sacrifces fellow Tribal March 2011. As an intern, Sasha was able regarding the Great Wolf Lodge. I love really seemed like the answer to my future, members are undergoing in an effort to to experience a wide variety of job duties being able to do my job, do it well, and the question was in part,” How does your achieve their goals. They all have dreams throughout the lodge, from Sales to Aquatics with more training I will strive to excel. My past work experience qualify you for this and set goals to reach those dreams. Tribal to Housekeeping. Because she had previous long-term goal with the Great Wolf Lodge position.” Management Training Program employees work experience from working at the Eagles is to continue to work hard, gain more After much thought and re-thinking the hope to be good role models and mentors for Landing hotel, Sasha excelled when she experience, and hopefully do well enough past 30 years, I was able to connect my past those wanting to be successful in the career interned in Guest Services. Guest Services over time to move up within the company.” work history to my future. I have worked of their choice. We all have dreams. Never, offered Sasha a position but she was We are happy to announce that Sasha as Union Offcer for 8 years and supervised never, give up on your dreams. Reach for the steadfast in her determination to complete accepted a regular, full-time position within people and crews, which meant I had to stars and make it happen. the internship program in Guest Services and will meet dead-lines and work with budgets. In “Our commitment is to provide an order that she was able to begin in that department today’s industry there are many parallels that unparalleled entertainment experience that investigate all departments as of June 10, 2011. We we can bring forward to work in the gaming exceeds our guests’ expectations.” at the lodge. look forward to Sasha Sasha noted, “Although continuing her career Public Notice: The Chehalis Indian Tribal Court, Oakville Washington I thought that it was most goals with the Great Wolf likely that I would accept a Lodge. Che-J-3/11-057 IN RE: S.K. DOB: 1-21-2009 position in Guest Services, If you are interested Notice Petition of Guardianship Hearing I wanted to complete in the Tribal Internship To Jeremy Klatush and Allison Klatush the internship because program with Great Wolf it gave me a wonderful Lodge, please pick up a Petition for Guardianship has been fled in the Chehalis Indian Tribal Court. A hearing opportunity to obtain brochure at the Human is set for August 10, 2011 at 2:30 PM.;30 Niederman Rd. Oakville WA on the Chehalis hands-on experience Resource offce at the Indian Reservation. Any questions please feel free to contact the Tribal Court at 360- through the lodge as well lodge, which is open 9:00 709-1615. as getting to know several Sasha Penn-Roco am to 12:00 noon and 1:00 fellow Pack Members. I’m Guest Services pm to 4:00 pm. Monday THIS COURT HEARING MAY RESULT IN AN ORDER OF GUARDIANSHIP glad I made this choice Great Wolf Lodge through Friday. BEING GRANTED.
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