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4 Fireworks (continued from page 1) News from the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center  Program available to answer health questions “Dear Provider” The Staff at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness The questions can be anonymous. You do Center (CTWC) want to hear from you. We not need to sign the letter. invite you to participate in a new monthly The drop boxes are located at the column: “Dear CTWC Provider”. You can Wellness Center and Tribal Center for your write a question to the CTWC Provider of letters. We hope this will be a good service your choice---or just a general question. for our community. We hope to hear from We hope this will give our community you soon. and our staff another way to communicate.  The Importance of Breakfast Elder, Annie Jones supervises her grandsons Nathan and Andre Kluth as Article Submitted By Pat Odiorne, Registered Dietician for the Diabetes Program they lit their fireworks in the reserved section for Tribal members, awaiting It often amazes me how people take better  “Not hungry?” To get started, don’t eat the Tribal fireworks show to begin. care of their cars than their bodies. I have anything after an early supper. Finish a safe atmosphere for all. Mason County Special Thanks from Barnaby Canales, yet to meet a person who said, “God has a supper by 6:30 PM. Fire District #12 was there to oversee the Pyrotechnists for the Fireworks Show plan as to when my car should ‘die’ and I  “Might gain weight?” Eating breakfast safety of the show. People were seen all This show is operated with safety being do not need to worry about it. I don’t need will actually help you reach and maintain over “Blowin stuff up!” in established number one. Each volunteer must wear the to check or change the oil, or perform any your healthy weight. Your appetite will areas. There was a spot reserved for tribal routine maintenance. And I don’t need to be satisfed longer. You’ll be eating food members along the ball feld. Many thanks appropriate safety gear (Fireman’s Jackets, worry about the type of gasoline I use.” We when you can best burn the calories. to Barnaby Canales and his helpers for Motor Cycle Helmets and eye protection). recognize the necessity of proper care to get You’ll feel great. Eat breakfast. Volunteers are assigned responsibilities doing another great job giving everyone that such as lighters, loaders, box man, and the longest life and best performance out of  You “don’t like breakfast foods?” You heart pounding tribute in celebrating our counters. Without these volunteers this show our automobiles. When will we realize that don’t have to eat traditional breakfast Independence!! wouldn’t be such a success. I would like proper care also gives our bodies the longest foods. You can eat leftovers, or a Many thanks to everyone else who to thank Dustin Klatush, Manny Medina, life and best performance? sandwich. Any healthy food is fne. helped clean up after the show. Many Sean Ortivez, Omar Cruz, Pit Bull, Bubba Today, a wealth of scientifc research has Caffeine may mask hunger. people that came out to the show cleaned Canales, and Angel for providing another confrmed that most of the leading causes of  You “don’t like eating breakfast?” It is in up their mess. A special thanks goes out to awesome “Fourth of July” Extravaganza for death and chronic diseases are preventable. your best interest to eat breakfast. Take our grounds crew: Correna Young, Jeremy our community. We have been talking about the lifestyle the step. Do the right thing. Eat breakfast. factors that will help us improve our health. Fanning, and all the summer youth workers Anyone wishing to help next year, please Adding breakfast to your eating pattern is for their time and effort on this momentous contact Fred Shortman at 360-709-1726 if a major step to improving your lifestyle. Simple, easy ways to add Breakfast: Start Small. If you’re not a breakfast  task. you interested for helping in next year show. Well, why bother with breakfast? Food is eater, begin with whole wheat toast and/or fuel. Many studies have emphasized the a piece of fruit. importance of breakfast. If you want to  Choose Fruit for Breakfast. Fruit gives make the most of your day, fuel your body you fber. Fresh fruit is the best choice. early with the right stuff.  Eat High Fiber Cereals. Choose a cereal with at least 3-5 grams of fber/ ONE STEP AT A TIME: WHAT TO DO serving and 5 grams or less of sugar per Other studies have even linked healthy serving. (Remember 4 grams of sugar=1 breakfasts with less chronic disease, teaspoon.) increased longevity and better health.  Choose Whole Grain Bread with at least Starting your day with a good breakfast 2 grams of dietary fber per slice. Eat two boosts your energy, increases your attention slices of toast in the morning or a whole span, and heightens your sense of well- grain bagel. Spread with fruit spread or being. You’ll be in better control of your applesauce or your favorite nut butter. emotions. A good breakfast is one that  Make Healthy Pancakes or Waffes. provides at least one third of the day’s Have you ever considered topping your calories. pancakes or waffes with fruit? Chehalis Tribal Fireworks Most people give a variety of reasons  Instead of scramble eggs try scrambled Show was a grand fnale for not eating breakfast. A common reason tofu. You’re in for a great surprise. of explosions of huge is that they are not hungry in the morning,  The sky’s the limit. The only limitation is burst of colors celebrating which is a result of eating a full meal late your imagination. Make it a priority. Eat in the evening or late snacking. When they breakfast. our 2011 fourth of July go to bed, the body is still busy digesting all celebration. that food. Digestion then goes into a slower YOUR CHALLENGE: You Can Do It!! gear during the hours of sleep and there is Try this simple experiment. Eat one or still food in the stomach in the morning. The two servings of fresh fruit every morning for stomach needs a rest too. A tired stomach the next three weeks. Eat as many different Recognition Dinner (continued from page 1) does not feel like digesting a big breakfast. kinds as you can fnd. When you get up in the morning, your And remember, Health is by Choice... start on their new enterprises. Bobby Jones won the fnal round, a three- glucose or blood sugar level is at its lowest not by chance! The choice is yours. You The Master of Ceremonies for the way trivia shoot out, to take home the grand point in the day. Glucose is the basic fuel for don’t have to be a statistic. By adopting a evening was Education Specialist JJ prize. the brain and central nervous system. A good better diet and wiser lifestyle habits, you can Shortman. After a few cheesy jokes, he led The evening ended with fnal accolades breakfast will keep you from being tired and live longer, feel better, and enjoy a healthier, a special raffe eligible only to the parents for the students. The Business Committee, irritable by mid-morning. more productive life. of the graduates. Lucky parents took home represented by Chairman Burnett and Dan The effects of a skipped breakfast are special prizes ranging from a gourmet waffe “Bones” Gleason, presented the ceremonial short attention span, lack of alertness, longer Nancy Schmieder works with the iron to a river-foat-style party raft. This gift of a Pendleton blanket to each reaction time, low blood sugar, decreased Better Living Ministries in Wayland , NY was followed by a short slideshow featuring graduating tribal member. Additionally, each work productivity. Surely, breakfast is the as a Certifed Lifestyle Consultant and pictures of the students from diaper days to tribal graduate received an endowment from most important meal of the day. Take time Specialist. The Better Living Ministries the present, flling the crowd with laughs the Education Department which included a to eat a large, balanced breakfast. It’s a good is a Community Resource for Lifestyle and sighs of nostalgia. new laptop computer to use in the pursuit of investment of your time. Once you get into Education and Support. Health by The laughs continued as the guests of further education. the habit of eating breakfast, you may feel Choice is a practical, simple journey honor were called up on stage and subjected Those honored included: Skylar Bracero, hungry in the morning. on how to incorporate healthy habits to the good-natured embarrassment of being Monica Lopez, Harry Pickernell, James into your lifestyle. Nancy is a Mother contestants in their very own game show. Quilt, Mariah Samson, Kaylee Trott, Bobby What’s your excuse for not eating of fve and she lives with her family in The Education Department devised several Jones, Raymond Banuelas, Jessa Penn, breakfast? Springwater. games based on the hit show “Minute To Jeanette Boyd, Brent Simmons, Michelle  “No time?” How much time does it take Win It”. From high-speed head banging Allen, Rigo Hernandez, Sylvanna Bracero, to eat a bowl of cereal? Make toast and Check out this website addres and Kleenex picking to hip-shimmying and Corrie Medina, Ashleigh Parkinson, eat it on your way to work. Make your for more healthy tips: http://www. marshmallow-tossing, each student tried to Ashleigh Sharp, Matthew Mauerman, Rickie breakfast the night before. Making time survive to the next round. Oakville graduate Marion, and Margaret Gleason. for breakfast is making time to be healthy. htm Health Fair Resources Available Assisting Parents in Understanding Their Teen (continued from page 1) Chapter 2-Dealing with the 2000’s about half of all people who are raped know rape is not about sex or passion. Rape has Family Edition a the person who attacked them. nothing to do with love. Rape is an act of Christina Edwards and Libby Penn, whose comprehensive big brother Maddex was thrilled! Dylan guide with Most friendships, acquaintances, and aggression or violence. Gleason and Fred Kemp won the adult dependable dates never lead to violence, of course. But, You may hear some people say that bikes. information for sadly, sometimes it happens. When forced those who have been raped were somehow Over 25 contestants participated in the Parents/Teens. sex occurs between two people who already “asking for it” because of the clothes they free throw contest and the winners were For more know each other, it is known as date rape or wore or the way they acted. That’s wrong: Daryl Shortman with 16 baskets, Devin information acquaintance rape. The person who is raped is not to blame. Boyd had 10 and Leo Daniels made 7. This please contact Even if the two people know each other Rape is always the fault of the rapist. And part was great fun as adults and youth were the Behavior well, and even if they were intimate or had that’s also the case when two people are laughing and joking as they attempted to Health at 360- sex before, no one has the right to force a dating – or even in an intimate relationship. make as many baskets as possible in one 709-1682. sexual act on another person against his or One person never owes the other person sex. minute. her will. If sex is forced against someone’s will, that Vendors provided some great information Date Rape, Chapter 3 Girls and women are most often raped rape. about health issues. But the laughter and – one in three women will be sexually Healthy relationships involve respect, taking the time to relax is so crucial to your When people think of rape, they might think assaulted in her life. Guys can also be raped, including respect for the feelings of others. health making it a well rounded and fun of a stranger jumping out of a shadowy though: 7% to 10 % of rape victims are Someone who really cares about you Health Fair. Thank you to everyone who place and sexually attacking someone. But male. will respect your wishes and not force or came and participated in the health fair. it’s not only strangers who rape. In fact, Even though rape involves forced sex, pressure you to have sex.
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