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P. 1   FREE Vol. October 2011 5/10 CHEHALIS Staff Profles and History on Page 3: Program TRIBAL  Behavior Health staff profles News NEWSLETTER  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Community Youth Invited to Participate in wears pink in support to fnd a cure the Winter Native Basketball  Marriage ceremony recorded by League  “People of the Sands”  Myron Eels, Indian Agent To any girls and boys interested in playing in the Native Basketball League (Six, seventh, Muffn Madness and Helpful Tips on Page 2 and eighth grades only) please sign up at the Youth Center. For more information please  Tribal member shares her story in dealing with cancer contact Tony, Marla, Teresa or Jerry at 360- 273-9674. You can check our Facebook to  How to communicate during an emergency hear updated information as it is available. Jamboree at the Nisqually Youth Center  Parents guide to dealing with the 2000’s, Chapter 6: Suicide was on Saturday October 8. The league offcially start, Wednesday, October 12.  Great Wolf Lodge changes procedures for Tribal members All games are scheduled for Wednesday and will begin at 6 PM at the hosting tribe with dinner provided. Everyone is invited Enterprise Expansion Adds New Tribal Vocational to come and enjoy watching our youth play basketball. Rehabilitation Offcial Game Schedule Serves at the End of the Trail 2  October 26 at Home playing Nisqually Program Annual  November 2 at home playing Muckleshoot Outreach Lunch  November 9 at Skokomish The Community Center hosted the Tribal Program Provides Elders Vocational Rehabilitation (TVR) second Information Regarding annual outreach Lunch on Wednesday, Medicare Program September 24. A prayer was offered by It is that time again, to get the information Theresa Youckton to bless the event. out to the elders regarding Medicare. Program Manager, Barbara Churchill, spoke Martin Estrada will be available to do his about the successes of the past year with presentation and will be available to answer so many participants getting jobs or going questions. He will return in November to for Higher Education and how both she and enroll Elders who are 62+ who presently TVR Counselor, Orinda Goddard honor the aren’t on Medicare. courage and tenacity of participants. Not only was a simple lunch was served, but the Upcoming Events speaker was dynamic.  October 8 at the Elder’s Center, starts Laurie Houseman-Whitehawk, a at 11.00 AM. Martin Estrada, Medicare Santee Sioux-Winnebago Native artist was Presentation. the guest speaker. She is an artist whose  November 8 at CTWC, starts at 8:00 AM. paintings explore her heritage. She gave an Martin Estrada, Enrolling Elders on a Chehalis Tribal Construction workers prepare the exit road for the EOT 2 gas inspiring speech on how she was able to Medicare Plan. accomplish her dream to become an artist station on Anderson Road. Improving traffic flows for the new truck stop Free Will Writing and Estate diesel pumps will improve safety for patrons. through the many challenges that life put in front of her. Not being satisfed nor losing Planning Services Offered to The End of the Trail #2 convenience store sight of her dreams and goals of becoming Tribal Members recently expanded its options for fuel trucks and other commercial vehicles to fll an artist. up quickly. Enterprise Managing Director Writing your will is important for your customers. In short, the improvements Chris Richardson said: “The separation At the early age of two she was taken family, and it’s never to early to plan ahead. include more gas pumps for cars and a of the diesel canopy away from the gas from her Indian family and placed in the Indian Wills and Estate Planning Services separate diesel island for large trucks and canopy store improves safety as well as Nebraska State Children’s home and was are now being offered to all Chehalis Tribal RVs. A new propane tank was also installed service, since patrons will no longer be later adopted by a white family. They then Members who are 18 years and older. This for customers to refll small tanks and RV’s. hidden by large trucks and RV’s when they moved to the Shawnee Mission in Kansas service is without cost to Chehalis Tribal A second Shell-branded canopy, or walk between their cars and the store.” The and she attended schools in Johnson County, members who currently do not have a Will. covering, was added over a new fuel pump Chehalis Tribal Planning department built but still felt alienated from the culture in Please Call Christina Hicks at 360-709- island next to the existing Shell canopy. This a new road behind the store that will help which she was placed. 1741 to set up an appointment and receive addition increases the gas pumps from 6 to accommodate the exiting of traffc away She admits that there was a lot of abuse at your paperwork needed to get started. 8. Effectively, 16 cars can now fuel at the from store, and more importantly, so that the orphanage and this affected her and how same time. The new island has 3-in-1 pumps trucks re-enter Anderson Road safely away the system kept her away from her native Website Available to Insure which include 3 grades of gasoline plus from the Highway 12 traffc turning into culture. She battled through addictions and You Are Ready for Winter diesel for small trucks. Anderson Road. became rebellious, not knowing who she Weather A separate diesel canopy was installed RV’s and propane tanks can now be was or where she came from. Through library books, she learned about to the west of the store. The higher-volume Get prepared now so you can Take Winter “saddle” pumps fll up diesel tanks on both reflled at the newly installed propane tank her own people. After she turned 18 she and flling station on the west side of the By Storm! Helpful tools to assist you. sides at the same time and allow for logging store. Propane reflls are not self serve and went to the Foster Agency and requested Website available for more information See Enterprise, page 4 See Outreach Lunch, page 4 Network Offering Communities Gather at Shoalwater Walking in Confidential Services to Victims of Crime Support of SPIPA Diabetes Prevention The Crime Victims Advocacy Network offers free and confdential services to By Pat Odiorne, SDPI Diabetes Nutritionist victims of crime. For additional information or assistance, please call an advocate at There were forty-two people who gathered 360-528-1179 or, 24 hours a day, 1-866-711- to participate in the SPIPA Diabetes Walk 2826. You can also visit us at www.cvan11. on Saturday, September 17 hosted at the org. Shoalwater Bay Tribe. It was cool moist day as they met at the tribal gym in Tokeland yet that didn’t deter the group from walking in support of Diabetes prevention. Information was provided to make healthier choices in the prevention of this disease involving native foods. PO Box 536 There were craft tables set up while City, ST Zip waiting for everyone to arrive. You could Street Address Oakville, WA 98568 see people creating either native rattles or necklaces. This also gave everyone a chance to visit and meet new friends. Chehalis Tribal Newsletter FirstName LastName Before the walk began, Chairwoman Charlene Nelson offered a prayer for the health and wellbeing of all that were there. The walk was voluntary and it was a nice comfortable pace as they cruised around the Shoalwater neighborhood. It was a PRSRT STD PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA very beautiful and peaceful walk with the US POSTAGE PAID ocean beach in the distance. After returning ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL from the walk many walkers sat down and NEWSLETTER is a publication of the fnished their craft work. Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis The cool moist weather didn’t deter communities from different tribes as they Reservation. See Diabetes Walk, page 4 walked together at the 2011 Annual Diabetes Walk hosted by Shoalwater.
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