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Community Wears Pink in Support of 3 National Breast Cancer Awareness Headstart students pictured top row October is “National Breast “The Best Protection is Early Detection” pictured (L-R) are Cancer Awareness Month” “Because every woman counts, Mothers, Desiree Knutson, Daughters, Sisters” On Friday, October Woman age 40 and over should have a Viviana Cruz, Kylee Secena, Riley Smith 14, Eagles Landing Mammogram done on a yearly basis,. Women and Lataya Tanner. Hotel employees, Tribal should have a yearly Clinical Breast Exam, Middle row pictured employees, Headstart and and woman age 20 and over should do their (L-R) are Mikaelah Early Headstart students monthly self breast exam, talk to your health Mowitch, MaHanah care provider to see what is best for you. wore pink to show support For more information or schedule an Mowitch, Rachel of fnding a cure for breast cancer by appointment contact the Chehalis Tribal Simmons, Andrea wearing pink. Wellness Center at 360-273-5504. Mendez, and Dyani Cayenne. Font Row Amara Penn and Chloe Palmer. Tribal employees pictured top row (L-R) are David Burnett, Cindy Gamble, Jaimie Smith, Kelsie Steelhammer, Christina Hicks. Middle row (L-R) are Dan Eagles Landing Hotel employees pictured top row (L-R) are Tara Groninger, Penn, Teresa Mowitch, Jessie Knutson, Patty Walker, Ena Myers. Front row (L-R) Gina Cruz, and Jeff Powell. Middle row (L-R) are Sara Zaidy, Barb Fry, Erika are Janee Penn, June Jones, Debbie Shortman, Sylvia Cayenne Maria Delacruz Pickernell, Becca Schlund, and Blanca Martinez. Front row (L-R) are Giles Tawni Willis. Youckton, and Raul Mendez. Behavioral Health Counselors Staff Profles: Steven Penney, Sheryl Spahr, and Douglas Partain My name is Steve Penney. I made many improvements I was born in California and program in my hometown began working as an Adult in our Behavioral Health went to school in a little for treatment in place of jail Chemical Dependency Program, with the support of town called Beaumont. I am time. I continually enhanced Counselor for the Chehalis our wonderful staff. I enjoy married with a son and two and monitored that program Tribal Behavioral Health working with Brenna, Barb, daughters. I was a member of while fnishing my BA degree on August 29. I live in Dawn, Gail, Doug, and Sheryl the volunteer fre department in 2005. I took this experience Lakewood, Washington and with our Chehalis tribal while in high school. I then to Oregon and worked there with my wife, Tess, and our community members. This is drove an ambulance for four for Drug Court and at the daughter Claudia who my last stop, as I feel a years. After this I started Deer Ridge Correctional is now Age 12. Tess is Steven Penney part of the family here! cooking for Denny’s Douglas Partain, BA, CDP Center. From there I was from the Philippines. We Adult Chemical The hobbies I have Restaurants and soon Youth Counselor transferred to the Stafford also have another family Dependency Counselor are many. I enjoy reading became a trainer in the Behavior Health Creek Correctional Center member, our white cat books while having kitchen. in Aberdeen, Washington. Maximus who never fails coffee at Starbuck. I At this time, I decided I had the opportunity to entertain us! I have an older daughter, mostly read business books, leadership, I wanted more education and a change for to work at both Sea Mar and ESD 113 Rachelle, Age 24, who is Native American. self-improvement, and global affairs and myself and my family. In 1998 I went back in Aberdeen. Now I am working for the I should share that I have a severe hearing economic. I love meeting new people from to school to work on my AA degree. As Chehalis Tribe in the Behavioral Health impairment so I use a hearing aid, and I different walks of life, who have a positive a result of my educational achievements, Program. My primary focus is working with can lip read. I was born hearing impaired outlook in life and want more out of life. I started working in the Chemical the Youth and I look forward to meeting and since then it has altogether been a I am a strong believer that an individual Dependency feld and in 1999 I started a more people in the community. challenging adventure leading to where I am must give themselves permission to forgive at in life and to who I am. themselves for their mistakes and move on Marriage Ceremony From Notebook I was born in Oregon and raised on a with hope and love. I remind individuals farm along with my four brothers. I attended whom I work with that they are not their of Indian Agent Myron Eells various colleges and later obtained my past, nor their addiction. And they each must Master Degree in Counseling. I went into take full responsibility for their recovery Submitted by Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator the chemical dependency profession in from their addiction because without 1986 being curious as to why chemical responsibility, there is no happiness, nor Myron Eells served as the Indian Agent and where there were and the calico being taken dependency has such a strong hold on my freedom. Life, I realize now, can be made all Missionary on the Skokomish Reservation up as soon as she had passed. When about family members and friends. It has led the more easier with circle of support from from 1874 till his death in 1907. A book was half way to the groom, her friends stopped to my being in the chemical dependency trustworthy friends and a guide whom one published entitled “ The Indians of Puget in their march, but remained dancing, while profession for twenty plus years in the admires and respects. I love having a heart Sound: The Notebooks of Myron Eells. This she, supported by the two women, went to State of Washington starting originally to heart dialogue with anyone. I love humor is an excerpt from that book. the Skokomish Indians, where she sat down in Aberdeen, WA. I quickly realized and having fun. That is basically pretty The ceremonies at the weddings vary; by the side of the groom on the ground. how fortunate I am to be working with much who I am. Please stop by and pay me sometimes, as with whites, being very She was then uncovered, and among Director Charlene Abrahamson. She has a visit! To your Highest and Best! elaborate, and sometimes less so. The most other things on her were strings of beads formal I ever witnessed was in June 1881, and four breast gorgets of dentalia shells, or Hello, my name is Sheryl Working with soldiers returning on the Skokomish Reservation; the parties different shapes; in one of these there being Spahr. I am the new youth from war was a privilege and being a Skokomish man and a Chehalis four rows and ffty shells in a row, each row counselor for the tribe. Just an experience that taught me woman, who had been informally married being separated by a few beads. to share a little about myself, about working with individuals two or three month previous. The Chehalis A large number of gifts were now brought I was raised in a small town who have experienced Indians had come the week before, and by her friends and placed on her head, but in Lewis County and am a signifcant trauma. Not only were camped near a mile from the Agency. were immediately pulled down behind her or member of the Cowlitz Indian did the staff teach me a lot, the When I went to the place, about 1 P.M. by her side. These consisted of calico, cloth, Tribe. I am a single mom of a soldiers taught me many things the Skokomish Indians were feasting. The dresses, shawls and the like. Two horses very active 11-year-old son I will never forget. Since Chehalis Indians were camped a few rods were also led along as presents. Shortly after who enjoys being outdoors, Sheryl Spahr that point my interest in this distant, all of their tents being open except a Chehalis Indian in a loud voice gave her a working on bicycles, and Youth Counselor area has contributed to the the one containing the bride. After the feast new name. Then the Chehalis Indians went playing football. I love Behavior Health completion of several hours was over the Chehalis Indians sang for a to her (at frst three at a time) and carried animals and now have 2 of training in sexual assault short time, while pounding on sticks for back some of the presents, but not all, to be dogs, a miniature Australian that will allow me to help individuals work accompaniment. afterward distributed among her Skokomish shepherd and a new 2 month old half lab, through this type of trauma. After a time the bride was brought into friends. The dentalia shell (their ancient half Siberian husky who loves chewing on Since my hire in late June, I have the crowd of Chehalis Indians, and when money) and some other things remained anything she comes across. attempted to immerse myself into getting we saw her, she was covered with many I have been a mental health counselor for to know the children on the reservation by with her. After this there was an exchange of about 15 years. Over the course of that time spending time at summer school, going on a blankets and quilts that we could not see her presents until it became tiresome to me; and, I have worked with both children and adults feld trip, seeing them in my offce, and most person. Her friends then unrolled two bolts having been told that the main ceremonies in a variety of mental health settings. Some recently teaching a class at the after-school of calico and stretched them on the ground were over, I left, after being there about of these included residential treatment for program. Now that school has started I have to the Skokomish Indians, foremost among three hours. About four hundred dollars, in children and adolescents, juvenile detention, also begun seeing some of the youth in both who the groom was sitting. This was for a money and articles, were paid for the girl, and inpatient psychiatric treatment. the Oakville and Rochester School Districts. carpet on which the bride was to walk, the though much of it was returned. Much of the Completing my master’s degree in 2008 was I am enjoying getting to know everyone on ground not being suitable for this purpose. giving of presents means that other presents a major milestone for me as it pushed me the reservation and hope to be helpful in Next they put some plates on the calico, and of like value are to be given in return. Often toward my interest in Post Traumatic Stress being a person that children and adults can her friends, surrounding her, began to dance times there is much gambling, feasting and Disorder. As part of my graduate internship, come to for help with daily stressors or other toward the groom. She was held up by two horse racing at the time of these gatherings, I worked in an intensive outpatient treatment issues that prevent them from living a happy women and walked on one line of calico, the though they have no real connection with clinic at Joint-Base Lewis-McChord. and fulflling life. plates being taken up just before she stepped the marriage ceremony.
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