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4 Outreach Lunch (continued from page 1) Diabetes Walk (continued from page 1) Dinner was held at the main tribal center, lifetime. In the beginning Fred started with a nutritious healthy choice of salmon, swimming for exercise. Swimming (or just crab, oysters, roast beef and an assortment walking in the pool) provided low impact of different salads and pie for dessert. The exercise that is easy and safe. Which was pies were outstanding with both sugar and instrument to He started slow and worked sugar free available. MMMM! up to swimming a mile every other day with Fred Shortman a Chehalis tribal member the intent of putting on muscle to increase volunteered to speak about his experience his metabolism. He wanted to get rid of the with Diabetes. During his inspirational weight, but at a healthy rate of no more than speech, Fred shared about his challenges 2 ½ pounds per week. His weight gain didn’t after being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. happen over-night; he promised himself to At the time, he weighed 300 pounds and was take it off gradually. When we are young experiencing many complications affecting we eat whatever we want, not giving any his health at the time. Fred met with a thought of the health consequences later nutritionist at the Health Clinic. He was in life. As we get older we become less foored to fnd out that he was diabetic, but active and many of us gain weight. Making there was hope to manage this disease. He small changes in lifestyle can remedy this met with the nutritionist on a regular basis problem. for a while and learned that making some Fred stayed resilient to his routine lifestyle changes and losing weight he would and began shedding off the pounds. He Laurie Houseman-Whitehawk, a Santee Sioux-Winnebago Native artist was be able to have a normal life. Fred set small monitored his weight weekly to track his the guest speaker at the Vocational Rehabilitation Luncheon sharing her goals for himself and starting to change his progress. He admits that he did plateau a life’s story. That choosing a better path will lead to success if you have faith! lifestyle: cutting pop, chips and starting an few times on the way down. The nutritionist exercise regimen were his frst steps in the told him that was normal—continue the her original birth certifcate. She was able medium style is gouache which is very right direction. healthy eating and maybe increase the time to fnd her uncle and he helped her locate beautiful. She uses different tones to create Food intake was something he could or intensity of his exercise—he would her mother. When she was 25 she met her the illusion of three dimensions. control, though he admitted it wasn’t easy start losing again. He continued to monitor mother, but the meeting was bitter sweet She is the mother of 2 children and 3 at frst. He changed his portion size and ate his own weight to reach the initial goal and not what she expected. It didn’t hold her grandchildren. Her commitment and support four smaller meals per day instead of 2 big of 230 pounds. Fred not only met his frst back as she wanted to learn more about her of her children has kept her dream alive. huge meals. Fred made changes in the way weight goal but has surpassed it; he has culture. Living a simple and humble life, knowing he cooked: Instead of frying foods he either been holding a weight of 210 for the past Her Winnebago Uncle, Noah White, The Creator will always provide for her and baked or broiled his meals. He used olive few years. The clinic recently checked his taught her about her Tribe, taking her to her family. oil instead of crisco. Another step to success 3 month blood sugar average with an A1c ceremonies. A positive moment was the Laurie has been very successful with recommended by the clinic nutritionist was: blood test. The results came back 5.3; under opportunity to visit with him and other some of her work known worldwide. In When shopping for meals was to look at 6.0 is an indicator of excellent blood sugar Elders from her Tribe. They took her under the labels checking for the carbohydrate, control. He has been taken off his diabetes their wings to help her heal by telling 1992 she had a 14 by 10 foot entry in the sugar and fat content of the foods to be medication, but still monitors his AC1 her stories and teaching Laurie her tribal World’s Fair in Seville, Spain, the only prepared. The amount of these nutrients/ through bi-yearly visits to the clinic. culture and thus returning her faith in the Native American artist represented in this serving determines calorie intake and how In his presentation Fred said, “Set your Creator, which gave her a “Faith in Life.” exhibition. She has done portraits of Willie one serving will affect blood sugar levels. goals high, but make sure you make small This enabled her to join AA to battle her Nelson and Hank Williams and has paintings Having to be more conscious of what he eats achievable goals along the way. Like addictions with alcohol and drugs. She has in numerous collections in Omaha and and how much did make it more diffcult walking or swimming taking one step at 27 years of continuous sobriety. Nebraska. Laurie’s love of art still lives to eat out but not impossible. Cutting back a time towards your goals and you’ll get She attended several colleges never within her heart and she continues to paint on eating fast food and making healthier there. Never give up, be discouraged or quit. losing her dreams and goals of becoming and share her life’s story. That choosing a choices when eating at a regular restaurant Exercise and making healthier food choices an artist. She found her talent as an artist at better path will lead to success if you have just took some practice. will be the key to your success!” Haskell Indian Junior college. Her primary faith! Fortunately, at the time of his diagnosis the tribal Diabetes program offered a Thorebecks Enterprise (continued from page 1) membership (now we have our own require store staff assistance. Richardson managed by Steve Burnett performed the workout facility at the Community explained that, “the addition of the diesel ground work for the canopy expansion Center). Going to Thorebecks and propane options complements the work for CTE as well as the new road for provided the opportunity of a growing RV business across the street at Planning. Steve said, “The new improved Eagle RV Park.” truck diesel pump station will assist our Adults and youth made native The Tribe’s construction company, company when fueling up, because time is rattles at the Diabetes Walk Confederated Construction Company, money for our business.” in the Shoalwater Bay gym. This was great opportunity to visit meeting old friends and 2010-2011 Fishing Season License Renewal Notice making new ones. By Larry Durham, Fisheries Biologist Respect Yourself, Equipment and Community Tribal fshing licenses expire October 31 opportunity; this extension would be in By Following the Rules of the Road 2011. Fisherman need to renew by then to effect until a commercial opening has save $30.00 with the renewal fee remaining occurred. We will include commercial By Scott Freeman, Community Resource Offcer at $5.00. After October 31, the fees go up fshing openings that are scheduled well in to $35.00 for everybody regardless if it is advance in future newsletters as time allows. Recent events have had everyone talking about it this way, it doesn’t matter how you a new license or a renewal. There will be 2011-2012 Tribal Commercial fshing quads on the reservation. Not just accidents come off your bike, whether it’s fipping and close calls, but damage to our walking an announcement posted if an extension licenses will include a refective sticker paths and other open areas is also a major it or skidding into a tree, a helmet can be the difference between a headache or is granted due to a lack of commercial which needs to be picked up in the Natural concern many community members have concussion and serious brain injury. It’s a Resources building from Charlotte Lopez expressed to me. bit of a no-brainer really. Wear a helmet. or Larry Durham. Charlotte’s offce is ATV’s (Quads) are increasingly popular  Wear the right gear for the job. Solid boots, the frst door on the right as you enter the among kids and adults of all ages since they long sleeved tops and trousers. Gloves if it’s building. Larry’s offce is upstairs and to were introduced four decades ago. They can cold and goggles if it’s raining or dusty. the right. The refective stickers are for be useful for work and fun to ride, but they can  Be aware of what you’re putting your the Fisher’s boats and allow for easier also be dangerous even when an experienced body through when you’re riding a quad. It identifcation and safety in dark/poor rider is operating the vehicle. Accidents are vibrates and gets shaken about. It’s called weather conditions. bound to happen even when practicing the Whole Body Vibration and can cause low Please pay your fshing fees at the safety rules. The thing with quads is that they back, shoulder and neck pain. Slower is accounting offce. First time license look so simple to use. It’s not as though you probably better. buyers fee is $35.00, and renewal fees can fall off it and get up again the way you  Riding a quad bike takes a fair amount of are $5.00 due before October 31. Watch could with a motorbike. If it tips over and muscular strength what with constantly for fyers on openings and follow the lands straight on top of you, the chances of shifting your body and turning corners. Chehalis tribal fshing ordinance when lifting it off on your own are very slim, no Watch for fatigue. It’s when you’re tired participating in each fsheries opening. matter how strong you think you are – and that you stop thinking. And that’s when the Please contact Larry Durham for more assuming you’re not injured. bike will bite you. information at 360-709-1859 or email ATV safety is extremely important. This  Look both ways when entering a roadway, type of safety is defnitely not something that don’t assume that drivers are aware that you you should every take lightly. Here are some are there. There is very little protection for simple tips to promote safety for you and the you when struck by a vehicle. No matter Chehalis Tribal Fish Biologist, entire family. what speed this occurs. Larry Durham tests the ambient First, everybody who rides or drives  Preserve the environment and respect the temperature at the fish hatchery. one of these machines should wear the property you are traveling on while riding. Community Halloween SPIPA’s 12th Annual appropriate safety apparel. Safety helmets The tires and weight of the quad dig and are absolute requirements for motorcycles cause damage to the grass and earth. Party Native Art Auction and quads. Safety helmets are also a good  Don’t let them carry passengers – younger Saturday, October 29 and Dinner idea for children who ride in side-by-side  kids, their mates – ever. Instill and practice good habits early. Bad all-terrain vehicles. For our reservation no At the Community Saturday, November 5 person under the age of 18 may ride as driver habits are hard to break! Center Doors open at 5:30 PM or passenger without a DOT approved helmet  Other rules of the road apply and just as in Starts in the Afternoon at the Lucky Eagle Casino and eye protection. Regardless of the legal a car you can be cited for speeding, reckless implications, children should be protected driving and other traffc infractions. On Saturday, October 29 a Enjoy and evening of ambience, an array and kept safe at all times. Other riding safety Community Halloween Party and of tribally-caught seafood, a selection of apparel includes jackets, boots, gloves, long Your safety and wellbeing are our concern Haunted House will be held at the Native art, all complement by comedy. pants, and long sleeves. because we care about the community we Silent and Live Auction. This event is Community Center. Bring your always well attended Please Buy Your Tickets This is all the stuff that you don’t want me serve. Please ride and drive safely. Please children and dress up for Halloween. Now!! $75.00, Revenue Raised Benefts Our to tell you but you know I’m going to tell you contact me at my tribal offce in the Public Join in the fun and games. Prizes will Tribal Youth and Elders! anyway. Safety Building or calling 273-7051 if you be awarded to different age groups. Don’t miss out and make your reservation  Wear a quad bike or motorcycle helmet. have any questions or resources to enhance our at 800-924-3984 or pay at the door. Who cares if you look like a dork? Put ability to protect our community.
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