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Hatchery Tour Teaches Children Practicing Safety Protects You 2 the Dynamics of Raising Fish and Your Family While Shopping By Scott Freeman, Public Safety Offcer Christmas is almost here and we are all ride in the shopping cart, please use the out shopping. Don’t let criminals be your child seat and don’t let them ride in the “scrooge” this holiday season or anytime of basket or on the frame of the cart, for their year. Take a few precautions when you venture safety. out to do your shopping and you will “take a  The kids are safe how about our wallets bite out of crime!” and purses? A man should carry his wallet in the front pocket of his pants, rather than  Remember the threat of physical assault is in a back pocket or in his jacket. A woman not greatest in the crowded portion of malls should hold her purse close to her body, and shopping centers. It’s when you’re with the opening facing towards her, if in the distant reaches of parking lots or walking with another person keep your isolated areas that you are most at risk. To purse between the two of you. protect yourself:  What about getting our cash out of the bank.  Always try to walk to and from your vehicle First always handle your bankcard with the with another person. If you are alone try same prudence you handle cash or credit Bette Tanner, Fish Hatchery Technician demonstrates to the Head Start and stay close to another group of shoppers. cards. Memorize your pin number and Students how the smolts are fed during a tour of the Fish Hatchery. If you are alone and leaving at night ask try not to let others see you enter it on the security for an escort to your car. Have keypad. Choose a bank ATM that is highly By Larry Durham, Fisheries Biologist your keys ready when you approach your visible and in well –lighted areas. While vehicle. Look inside your vehicle before you’re getting your cash pay attention to getting in to make sure nothing is out of the who’s around. If someone looks or acts On Wednesday, November 2, a group 2 to 3 weeks, as they will live off of ordinary. of young children from the Tribal their yolk sacks until then. The hatchery  More than 100,000 children are abducted suspicious, don’t take chances, cancel your transaction and walk away. Lastly, collect Headstart program toured the new tribal also has a good number of chum (dog) every year – often in malls or department your receipts never leave your private fsh hatchery and fsh house. A total of salmon eggs that will be hatching in late stores, according to the National Center information available for someone to steal 16 kids went on the tour. They got to December or early January. for Missing or Exploited Children. Never your identity. see young rainbow trout, and watched The rainbow trout at the hatchery use the arcade or toy store as a baby sitter;  So you couldn’t fnd a parking space near them being fed. They also saw the egg are growing rapidly. There are 17,000 predators are on the prowl for unattended the doors to park. Make the best of it and children. incubators, rearing tanks, and some of them and they weigh nearly 2 grams  While we’re taking about our kids, think at least try and park near or under a light, seines used to sample fsh in the rivers. each. Right now, they are being fed about this: It is estimated that about 21,600 or well-traveled roadway. Stow purchases and valuables in the trunk, if you leave They looked at the large freezer in the about 2 pounds of fsh food each day. children end up in the hospital each year valuables in plain view, you might just fsh house. All of the children received after they’ve fallen—or even leaped—from return to fnd your window smashed and some pictures to color. This amount of food will make the shopping carts, according to the National your things missing. Right now, the frst salmon eggs population gain 2 pounds of total weight Safe Kids Campaign. Children 5 and taken from Chinook (king) salmon and each day so in one week, there will be younger, particularly boys have the highest From all of us at Public Safety. Have a safe risk. Shopping cart injuries can be very spawned at the new facility are hatching. 14 more pounds of fsh in the tank than severe, including death. If your child must and happy holiday season. This is a milestone for the fsh program. there is presently. Soon the fsh will be The salmon were captured in the Black divided into 2 groups and each group River not far from the hatchery, held in will have their own tank to live in. The Parent Committee Efforts Reward captivity until they were ready, and then plan at this time is to grow the trout to the eggs were fertilized at the hatchery. a good size and to release them into Students with Presents From Santa The salmon won’t be fed for another reservation fshing ponds. The Head Start Parent day on December 19th. Any one Halfway There - Update on the Committee did picture with interested in pre-ordering donuts can contact a Head Start parent. Santa and buggy rides as a Inter-tribal Biggest Loser Contest fund raiser on Saturday in We will be selling donuts at which we raised $230.00. EOT 2 and EOT 3 on Monday There were several parents December 19th. involved. We had more than By Cindy Beck, Patient Navigator CTWC 20 kids get their photo with Buggy rides were available Santa, and probably about 20 at the Tribal Center on The frst month of the Biggest Loser to present the grand prize to the overall get buggy rides. Saturday, December 3. competition has ended, and we are mid-way winner. Besides the NIKE gear – the The money that is raised The rides were offered thru month 2. I apologize for the delay in winner will receive $685. Second Place goes to get every child at as part of Head Start getting you these results. Hopefully future will receive $342.00. Third Place will Head Start a present from Program fund raising results will be timelier. receive $171.00. And both fourth and ffth Santa. We have raised a little efforts purchasing a October Winners place will receive $85 each. over $1,000.00 of our fnal present from Santa for  Chehalis - John Tanzy 5.67% On March 22 there will be a goal of $2000.00 every child in Head Start nd  Squaxin Island - Mike Ulakovich 4.46% Maintenance Weigh-In. Any participants The parent committee is Program. Pictured (L-R)  Skokomish - Terri 9.66% also doing a bake sale on are Tristan Knutson and  Shoalwater Bay - Christine H. 8.19% who keep their weight off – or lose more, December 16th. And we are Desiree Knutson. Each monthly tribal biggest loser will will split $1,381.00. REMINDER: the having Krispy Kreme donut Photo by Jessi Knutson receive $85. Congratulations to all! Please next weigh in is Tuesday November 29 remember - If you miss a weigh-in, you will – but if you want to stop by the clinic on Protect Your Baby’s Teeth Following th not be eligible for the monthly biggest loser Monday the 28 I will be here – and you prize. can get weighed. These Important Guidelines The Competition will end with a For more information contact Cindy dinner at Squaxin Island in February and Beck at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Your Baby’s Teeth are very important! They a representative from NIKE will be there Center at 360-709-1710. help with chewing and learning to talk.  from the bottle around 12 months of age. Feed your baby a healthy diet and lit sweets and sodas. Program Requests Community Input  Take these steps to keep your baby’s teeth  Ask about fuoride varnish treatments to strong and healthy. protect your baby’s teeth from cavities. on HUD Indian Housing Plan  Lift the lip and look for chalky white or brown spots. Go to the dentist if you see The 2012 Chehalis Tribal Housing Authority also request a copy of the IHP by contacting these signs of cavities. Indian Housing Plan (IHP) is an annual plan the Housing Authority by e-mail at edctha@  Brush baby’s teeth twice daily with a required by HUD. The IHP is an opportunity or by calling at (360) 273-7723. smear of fuoride toothpaste beginning to report to the Chehalis Tribe and HUD Community members may comment on when the frst tooth come in. 360-273-5504 about the proposed activities of the Housing the IHP by telephone, e-mail, or in person  Put baby in bed without a bottle and wean Authority for the 2012 Fiscal Year that at the Housing Authority offce. Written begins on April 1, 2012. comments are preferred; however, all Chehalis Business Committee One of the requirements of the IHP is to public comments will be reviewed prior to Tribal David Burnett, Chairman allow community members to have a thirty Don Secena, Vice Chairman (30) day opportunity to review the Plan and submission of the fnal IHP is delivered to Newsletter Stephanie Pickernell, Treasurer Cheryle Starr, Secretary comment on the proposed activities. The HUD. The IHP is due to HUD by January Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member public comment period opens December 17, 2012. 420 Howanut Road 1, 2011 and will close at noon on January If you have any questions about the IHP Oakville, WA 98568 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: 2, 2012. A copy of the IHP will be at or the Chehalis Tribal Housing Authority, Tribal Center (360) 273-5911 Fred Shortman, Communications the Housing Authority offce and Tribal please contact James Gutierrez, Executive (360) 709-1726 (offce) Coordinator. Administrative building during regular Director, at 360-273-7723 extension 100 or (360) 273-5914 (fax) Chehalis Tribe Vision Statement business hours. Community members may To be a Thriving, Self-suffcient, Sovereign People. Honoring our past and serving Pictured here Articles and opinions expressed in this current and Future Generations. is the sign for publication are not necessarily the opinions the Chehalis of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal Business Committee. Tribal Wellness Center. This is The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages a helpful hint tribal members to submit letters, articles, photographs, and drawings to be considered to assist you in for publication. These are subject to editing. pronouncing it in our Chehalis Contributing writers, artists, and language from photographers include Chehalis tribal it QaPaa it XaaS aA it faYaayiAq our Dan Penn, community members and staff. The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis (it ka-pow it hash aTHL it kwhy-ITHL-k) Language Submission deadline: 6th of each month Reservation... (Chehalis house of healing) Coordinator. Printed: Each month “People of the Sand”
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