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Centralia College will be offering college Tribe Seeks Public Comment on 3 3 preparation classes at the Chehalis Tribal the Howanut Realignment Project Community Center this winter quarter. These classes will lead you to college level Security numbers, Date of courses. All classes are offered to all Tribal Birth, Maiden name, and Community members. Chehalis Tribal ○ Data sheet for Centralia fnancial Aid members will be paid through the Higher ○ You can get this information at www. Education program. forms.html. Starts: January 3, 2012 Schedule will go as follows:  You must take the Compass test at Monday –Thursday total of credits 13-15 Centralia College Math (5) 7:55 to 9:00 AM ○ You may go to the Phoenix Center/ The proposed plan for the Howanut Realignment Project will flatten 3 English (5) 9:05 to 9:50 AM Library at the Centralia College or call existing sub-standard curves, add 5 foot shoulders, and improve riparian Reading or windows (n/a) 9:55 to 11:00 AM Racheal Mendez to fnd out good time for function and water quality along Willamette Creek. her to drive you there. In order to take these classes you must… ○ The test cost $10.00 (Chehalis Tribal The Tribe proposes a road improvement Members test will be paid through the project between the Black River and If no signifcant issues are identifed during  Apply to Centralia College Education Program) Willamette Creek Bridges. This project is the comment period, the Chehalis Tribe ○ Receive acceptance letter  Chehalis Tribal members must also have identifed in the Tribe’s 2010 Long Range will fnalize the EA and issue a Finding of ○ To do this go to the following forms flled out: Transportation Plan. The project reconstructs No Signifcant Impact (FONSI). Unless  File for your Free Financial Aid ○ A completed Chehalis Tribal Higher 1 mile of existing road to improve motor substantive comments are received, the Application (Financial Aid is optional Education Scholarship application vehicle safety, allow for pedestrian and bike Chehalis Tribe will not publish another but college tuitions are expensive and which includes: use, and to enhance local water resources. notice for this project. However, should a Chehalis Tribal members not applying ▪ Release of information form The project will fatten 3 existing sub- FONSI be issued, it will be available for will only receive a Basic Scholarship ▪ Refund Agreement & basic standard curves, add 5 foot shoulders, and public viewing at http://www.chehalistribe. award of $130.00 per credit this barely Scholarship agreement improve riparian function and water quality org/news-events/index.html The draft EA is also available at along 1500 lineal feet of Willamette Creek covers tuition and books) ▪ Proof of Tribal enrollment by providing a critical areas buffer. the Chehalis Tribal Center- Planning ○ To do this go to ▪ Copy of High School Diploma/ A draft environmental assessment (EA) Department at 420 Howanut, Oakville, WA. (Things you will need to fll out the forms) GED completion was prepared for the proposed project Written comments on the draft EA ▪ IRS Taxes for 2010, Social ▪ College transcripts if any pursuant to the National Environmental should be directed to Kayloe Dawson, Security Number, WA ID, Date of Policy Act of 1969. The EA evaluates Transportation Planner, Chehalis Tribe, P.O. Birth Please feel free to contact Racheal alternatives for compliance with applicable Box 536, Oakville, Washington 98568, or ▪ Ages 24 & ↓ will need (unless you Mendez at the Community Center, email: environmental laws. by e-mail at have children) or 360-70-1698. The EA is available for review online at Comments also can be faxed to 360-273- ▪ Parents taxes 2010, Social the Chehalis Tribe website at: http://www. 9024. 2011 Winter Native Youth Basketball League SPOTLIGHT ON TRANSIT SERVICE Looking for a ride? Looking for an used by 11% of responders in the last The most direct transportation service of Tumwater, Centralia, Rochester, Tenino, alternative to high gas prices? The Planning 6 months. At least 17% of responders on the reservation is provided by Rural and and Bucoda. Their “Rochester Loop” bus Department is evaluating the possibility of are unaware of existing transportation Tribal Transportation (R/T). R/T provides route has 4 scheduled stops along Anderson, providing a local van/transit service and services scheduled bus service to the communities 188 , the Casino, and Moon Road. For more th also seeks to increase public awareness of information on this and other routes visit existing transit their website at: R/T services in the asks that rides be scheduled 24 hours area. Recent in advance by calling 1-800-650-7846 community during offce hours of 9:00 AM to 3:00 survey results PM, Monday thru Friday. from the November 12 , th 2011 Annual Meeting shows:  85% of responders would support a local, tribally operated, transit service (an on-call shuttle van), while 29% of responders would personally use such a service.  Current regional transit services {Grays Harbor Transit, Twin Transit, Intercity Transit, and Rural and Tribal Transportation (R/T)} have been
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