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4 Annual Meeting (continued from page 1) directly to the GC. the new general manager for the Great Wolf CTE remains strong in the hiring of Lodge having started on September 12 of Tribal members. Sixty-two percent of this year. He has worked several Great Wolf CTE employees support Native American Lodge properties over the past 8 years. He families. CTE’s mission continues to really likes Washington and plans to make emphasize 4 main objectives: jobs, proft, this his permanent home. He introduced taxes and growth. Most of the CTE his Tribal liaison, Sheila Bray, to assist managers are Tribal members. Their in communicating with the Tribe and its introduction to the General Council was members. met with a resounding applause for their He provided information on upcoming commitment and hard work in holding these events and the improvements in order for upper management positions. Tribal members to make reservations and The report on the past year’s operations day passes. Though the Tribal member was positive and included the following: employee numbers were low, his team will End of the Trail Stores are showing a proft continue with the Internship program to get for the frst time. The addition of the EOT more tribal members interested in working 2 fuel island and separate diesel canopy Tribal members CTE Managers were introduced at the annual General to become pack members with the lodge. is complete. Chehalis Tribal Construction Council Meeting. Each have worked hard to earn their respective positions. The Great Wolf Lodge has a lot going was being reorganized as the Confederated Pictured (L-R) are) David Youckton, CFO, Chris Richardson, Managing on right now. The ginger bread house is Construction Company, LLC, (CCC) Director ; Manny Medina, Overall EOT Manager, Anna Hartman, HR $20.00 per family to rent for lunch or dinner. which received SBA 8a status in 2011 as Coordinator; Lucy Hill, Eagles Landing Hotel; Pam Youckton, Stamping; That does not include the meal. Reservations a minority business eligible for federal Steve Burnett, Construction Manager; Not Pictured are Duffy Black, EOT 2; for the House are made thru the Camp contracts. The Eagles Landing Hotel and Bev Starr, EOT 1. Critter restaurant. The proceeds go to Big expansion with the addition of at least 92 Brothers, Big Sisters Organization. Santa rooms is within budget and on schedule. CTE will analyze the prospect of distributing represented by two Tribal member casino did not parachute in this year due to heavy The expansion will open to the public in liquor to our existing businesses. In executives Rodney Youckton, Director of fog, instead he rode in on his custom Santa March 2012. Afterwards, the original 70 addition, the success of selling beer at EOT Operations, and Joseph Dupuis, Casino Harley Davidson! It snows in the lobby 4 hotel rooms will be upgrading to match the 3 warrants EOT 2 to also sell beer & wine Manager. They presented a slide show times a day. The snow starts toward the end new section. This should be completed by in order to better serve its customers. CCC, about the Casino Operations and answered of the Clock Tower Show which runs at 8 June. An added venue within the hotel will the new 8a construction company, will start questions from the foor. They also provided am; 10 am; 8 pm; and 9 pm. be Starbucks, which will offer sandwiches, to bid for government contracts. Starbucks success stories on the advancement salads and pastries as well as its world will be a new venue at the Hotel which will and training of Tribal members within Enrollment famous coffee. Enterprises worked with the open in early 2012. Hotel expansion will be the organization through the Tacoma The freeze on enrollment remained as Tribal Real Estate offce to submit a fee-to- completed in March. CTE is exploring the Community College. They provided the General Council voted to keep the freeze trust application for the property known as feasibility of opening a second franchise for information of how the economy has on enrollment, allowing only minors to Eagle One, located behind the Arco AM/PM Burger Claim. They are always searching for impacted the Casino operations, but has be enrolled. There were 18 more children in Grand Mound. Two long term contracts new investments and business opportunities, maintained very steady numbers. approved to be enrolled bringing our with the Pilot and Love’s national truck-stop including various properties owned in Grand enrollment to 856. companies were secured for the static sides Mound. Great Wolf Lodge Due to the length of the annual meeting, of the I-5 billboards. The Tribe receives two types of cash Mr. Patrick Alvarez was introduced as another meeting on Saturday, December 17 Enterprise has developed and fow from Tribal businesses: free was scheduled to fll the open implemented a debt payment plan in cash and taxes. Free cash, if any, in committees’ positions. coordination with the Tribal CFO. CTE excess of debt payments, working debt was reduced by $2 million in 2011, capital, capital expenditures, Program staff members including a sinking fund. The oldest CTE sinking funds and new venture were available at their debt will be paid off by 2014, this includes investments is returned to the Tribal tables in the main lobby the EOT stores and original hotel. CTE government at the end of each of the Community Center paid-off the Maytown billboard debt in full year. In addition, a variety of taxes to meet and greet tribal in 2011. With this improved outlook, CTE is generated from fuel, cigarettes, members during the plans to have new enterprises fully pay hotel room and retail sales, which Annual General Council for its own debt load. This business plan are passed through to the Tribal Meeting. Pictured (L-R) applies to the Eagle RV Park, Burger Claim Government. are Daryl Boyd, Taheirah restaurant and the new hotel expansion. Kalahiki Executive Director What are the new plans for the year Lucky Eagle Casino CTLF and James Guiterrez, 2012? With the recent passing of I-1183, Lucky Eagle Casino was Housing Director. Chehalis Tribal Loans Program Ginger Bread House Raises Money in Available Promoting Tribal Support the Big Brother and Sisters Members to Become Successful By Fred Shortman, Editor Ever fantasized about park is available only to By Taheirah Kalahiki, Executive Director CTLE what it would be like to registered guests, meals at the share a meal with family gingerbread house are open We would like to introduce the Chehalis opportunities. Our team will help you start or friends inside a life- to the general public, as is the Tribal Loan Fund (CTLF), a program that a business plan and help you along with the size gingerbread house? If resort’s restaurant. was implemented into the Confederated process to promote a successful venture. so, the Great Wolf Lodge Proceeds from a $20 Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation in 2007. Come visit us and tell us your ideas. in Grand Mound has a reservation fee will be The main goal of this program is to provide For more information contact Executive fundraiser that will fulfll donated to the Big Brothers Tribal Members with access to lending Director: Taheirah Kalahiki at 360-709- that dream while benefting Big Sisters of the Lewis and opportunities for microenterprise loans, 1831or local children. A small crew Thurston Counties. The fee commercial loans and other fnancial tools Loan Program Coordinator: Diana at the indoor water spent is in addition to the cost of and products to help promote growth and Pickernell at 360-709-1631. about 400 hours of work meals that are ordered off the development for the Chehalis People. The constructing a 10 feet by 12 resort’s restaurant menu. CTLF is here to help YOU make your ideas “Providing Support to Tribal Members feet gingerbread house in A family and friends from become reality through entrepreneurship, and their families through economic self- the main lobby. The 10 Feet by 12 Feet Bothell and Kent Camp Fire savings programs and investment suffciency for generations to come” The gingerbread house Ginger Bread House sits USA celebrated a birthday seats for up to eight up to eight people for in the Ginger Bread House diners and is available breakfast, lunch, and saying, “We love coming to for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is located in the Great Wolf Lodge. The dinner. It’s a great ambiance the main lobby of the Ginger Bread House was an with smell of the sweet of Great Wolf Lodge. added plus. It’s a great cause ginger bread and company and very, very fun. Eating of friends as you share a inside the Gingerbread House meal together. Although the site’s water smells soooo good! We would do it again.” Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! From The Chehalis Tribe at the Great Wolf Lodge’s gingerbread house. Santa dropped in and wished The beautiful Chehalis Tribal Native American Christmas nativity scene at Families from the Camp Fire USA celebrated a birthday and shared a meal the Community Center for everyone to enjoy. This year an added touch was them a Merry Christmas. Pictured (L-R) are Alexandra, Kandysse, Santa, the white Christmas trees. Patti, Jenni, Holden, and Taylor.
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