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Chehalis Domestic Violence Prevention Program Mission Types of Abuse BULLYING Physical Abuse: Hitting, slapping, It is the mission of the Chehalis Tribal shoving, grabbing, pinching, Domestic Violence Prevention Program to biting, hair-pulling, biting, etc. How can I tell if my child is increase awareness of domestic violence/ Physical abuse also includes being bullied? sexual assault in our community through denying a partner medical education and confdential advocacy services. care or forcing alcohol and/or Your child may be the victim of bullying if he or she: Services drug use. • comes home from school with Dawn Boley torn or dirty clothing, or DV Advocate The program offers services to enrolled Sexual Abuse: Coercing or damaged books; Chehalis Tribal members, non-Indians attempting to coerce any sexual • has cuts, bruises or scratches; related by marriage to enrolled Tribal members. Including are non-Indian contact or behavior without • has few, if any, friends to play community members who live and work for the Tribe. There are tribal consent. Sexual abuse includes, with; community members that may or may not be from federally recognized but is certainly not limited to • seems afraid to go to school, or tribes living on or near the reservation. marital rape, attacks on sexual complains of headaches or Program Services: parts of the body, forcing sex after stomach pains; physical violence has occurred,  24/7 crisis line for victims and responders • doesn’t sleep well or has bad or treating one in a sexually dreams;  Advocacy based counseling to domestic violence/sexual assault victims/ demeaning manner. • loses interest in schoolwork; stalking • seems sad, depressed or moody;  Emergency Shelter Emotional Abuse: Undermining • is anxious or has poor self- an individual’s sense of self-  Advocacy and court accompaniment assisting with forms and worth and/or self-esteem. This esteem; and/or procedures. • is quiet, sensitive or passive. may include, but is not limited to Program informational resources needed to constant criticism, diminishing If your child shows several of The program services include encourage healthy lifestyles for one’s abilities, name-calling, or these warning signs, it’s possible working directly with victims in Tribal youth. damaging one’s relationship with he or she is being bullied. You group counseling strategizing new his or her children. may want to talk with your child life skills to avoid violence. The Individual counseling is available to find out what is troubling him program can offer personal services to anyone needing services from the Economic Abuse: Making or or her, and schedule a conference to victims helping with food and program. In some cases referrals attempting to make an individual to discuss your concerns with transportation on an as needed basis. are provided to both chemical fnancially school staff. The Domestic Violence Prevention dependency and mental health dependent by maintaining total Program is now working with the services, when necessary. control over fnancial resources, local school system to advocate for Warning Signs withholding one’s access to money, our youth regarding dating violence, or forbidding one’s attendance at sexting, cyber bullying, and Domestic violence: can be physical, school or employment. prevention techniques to help avoid sexual, emotional, economic, or Psychological Abuse: Causing fear sexual assault. psychological actions or threats of actions that infuence another by intimidation; threatening physical In a combined effort with Law person. This includes any behaviors harm to self, partner, children, Enforcement the program is that intimidate, manipulate, or partner’s family or friends; “Trauma takes people out of the helping to provide the new bullying humiliate, isolate, frighten, terrorize, destruction of pets and property; circle. Healing takes you back curriculum for the Oakville coerce, threaten, blame, hurt, injure, and forcing isolation from family, in. It takes everyone to make the School District along with other or wound someone. friends, or school. community a better place!” Chehalis Tribe’s Domestic Violence Prevention Program P.O. Box 536 Let your footprints be the Oakville, WA 98568 Information is strictly confdential! pathway to our future! 360-709-1874    Page 11
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