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Happy Birthday to Tribal Member Born in January! 1st 9th 19th 25th Many Thanks John McCrory Joyce Fanning Jacob Christjohn Jaileen Sanchez I would love to thank Lucy and Makayla Mashburn Mya Ortivez James for being with me on the 2nd 26th day of my surgery on December Sidney Cole 10th 20th Cheryl “Mimi” Cayenne 7, 2011. To my daughter Anna Lauren Quilt Robyn Fields David Bird Megan Christjohn for coming up to the hospital, she Geraldo Sanchez Patricia Gitchel Laura Fricke came by herself to be with me. 11th Anna Meas Margie Youckton I love them for being there. I 3rd Curtis DuPuis II called a lot of people to pray for Ravenhawk Penn Alberta Gilmore 21st 27th me. I thank them too. Thank Anna Hartman Nathaniel Klatush Cameron Hjelm-Snell Lucy and James for letting me 4th Traci Parkingson Robert Phillips stay with them. They helped me Wilieferd Joe 12th Edward Sanchez, Jr. Cheyne Youckton a lot. Times like this there are Cheryl Jones Russell Baker Rodney Youckton Derek Youckton so many people or pray for you. Jayzen Owen Johnathan Brown Thank God for that. I thank God Leslye Wyatt Alexander Hoheisel 22nd 28th and family for being there and Kaelen-Jay Sanchez Hollie Brockmueller James Gunnels helping me. 5th Chase Youckton-Bonifer Calvin Cayenne Shirley Kay Doctor said I am doing well. Brooke Allen Jennifer Cooper Crystal Martinez Our God is good to us. God Mariah Klatush 13th Uilises Klatush bless my family and the ones that John Youckton Jeremy Fanning Miya McAllister 29th helped and prayed for me. Joseph Wittwer Akasha Clements Everyone have a good New 6th 23rd Year!! Daniel Gleason, Jr. 15th Christopher Pickernell 30th Happy Belated Birthday to Marie Sheilah Bray Ashley Rosado Avery Mc Joe Bird! God Bless you and the 7th Patrick Simmons, Sr. Church! Alynn Clancy 17th Happy Birthdays to: Darrin Jones Daryl McCrory 24th Diana Pickernell Jake Burnett 8th Bella Couillard Sheilah - January 15th Eva Delamater 18th Daniel Gitchel ‘Love, Mom’ Kathryn Pickernell Irene Adames Benjamin “Morgan” Starr Jessica – January 11 Anna H – January 11 My wish is for the happiest birthday ever to my 1st Tracy – January 22 born son! Janice We are all so proud of the man you have become, the lil 1’s u share with us. May they be proud of you too. Congratulations Irene and Sean Love from Mom, Mother & G, Chich & Ruby, Snaz Adams! & Ears, Sopa, Wils & Red, Steve & Francine, Natalie & Matt, Maelani & Thaniel. Happy 1st Birthday Ezrah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CALVIN 01-22- AND MANY MANY From Dad, Uncle Geo, MORE Uncle Aaron and Grandma Carla FROM DYNAI, ANDRIA, DON, New Baby Boy MOM AND FAMILY J Prince Adams Page 8   
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