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Tribal Health and Wellness News Wellness Center Adds Resources to Assist Class Offered In Learning How to Tribal Members With DSHS Eligibility Communicate with Medical Professionals Hi! My name assistance, Medication Solutions your medications; common is Verona cash and Presentation The Olympic Area medications taken by seniors and Moore. I medical. If Agency on Aging Nursing medications not recommended; work for the you or your Services Presents a “Medication managing prescription Department family are Solutions Presentation” at the medications and over-the-counter of Social in need of Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center drugs and herbs safely, wisely and Health assistance and on Thursday, February 16, from and cost effectively. Services. I are wondering 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM. Seniors If you have any questions please am currently if you would are encouraged to attend our creative, interactive presentation. feel free to contact Christina stationed at be eligible, Hicks, at the Chehalis Tribal the Wellness please call me This will be presented by: Wellness Center at 360-273- Center and at 709-1429 or Ruth Ann Kolodzie, RN. This 5504 Extension 1741 ~ this is a hope to be come see me presentation will cover how to Title VI-Part C, family caregiver there for a at the Wellness communicate with your doctor support program activity. couple of years. Verona Moore Center. and pharmacist concerning DSHS Financial Services My job is to Specialist 3 I look forward Nike Shoes Available to Tribal Members determine to meeting you. NIKE shoes: The new Nike Air Native Tempo+ N7 will be eligibility for our programs: food available February 1st! The shoe has been completely revamped with new innovation and technology. The Air Native Tempo+ N7 Dental Chat on Tooth Decay still retains many original characteristics of the original shoe but has incorporated new and improved features to make the shoe even more comfortable, sustainable, and stylish. Did you know that dental decay For more information on how to is the most common chronic prevent cavities in children and The price is $55.00 and can be ordered by contacting Cindy Beck infection in children? Dental any other oral health questions 360-709-1810 or Shoes must be prepaid cavities cause children pain, call the Chehalis Tribal Dental – and the frst order can be placed on February 1st. Pre-orders will missed school days, poor sleep, Clinic and schedule your be taken. poor speech, and diffculty appointment today. Dental clinic eating. On the bright side, direct line 360-709-1659 cavities are preventable. February is Children’s Oral Daily brushing with toothpaste Health Month to celebrate the that contains fuoride and fossing dental clinic is giving away are the simplest ways to prevent an Oral B Vitality toothbrush- Wills and Estate Planning Services Offered cavities. Remember, children perfect for a child. Each child don’t have the coordination to ages 0-17 that completes their to Chehalis Tribal Members brush and foss their teeth well scheduled dental appointment in until around age 8. Having an Indian Wills and Estate Planning services are now being offered to all Chehalis tribal members who are 18 years and older. This service is adult brush and foss the teeth of February is entered to win. without cost to Chehalis tribal members who currently do not have a will. children is the best way to clean Drawing will be held Wednesday Please contact Christina Hicks, at the CTWC at 360-709-1741 to start the a young child’s teeth. February 29 at 4:00 PM . paperwork process. Page 4   
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