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News from the Elders Program News from the Elders Program, are planned we estimate what to the activity. Please read your Come join the Elders and enjoy a Heritage and Culture Program the costs will be and we have monthly calendars so if you want meal and socialize. New start/New year: sign-up sheets in the elders to be included in the activities building for the ones that want to you must put your name on the If you have any questions please Its 2012 we hope everyone participate in them. sign-up sheets that are located call us anytime. Nancy Romero, has a good year. We are in the in the elders building. Offce: 709-1577, Elders process of planning the quarterly This year we need you to sign- Coordinator or Joyleen McCrory, activities for both programs. We up for the activities so that we Elder meals are served on: will be following the present By- can be sure you are included in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 709-1573, Community Services laws that are in place for these the cost this will help us to keep Friday at 12:00 noon. Manager. programs. an accurate budget each month and will give us time to set up a On Thursdays is breakfast at We are located in the Elders ELDERS: When the activities bus/driver if needed to transport 9:00 AM in the Elders Building. Building. Elders enjoy the Elders Christmas Dinner in the Gathering Room Pictured (L-R) are Gloria Jones, Art Pictured (L-R) are Cindy Andy and Chubby breaks out in song at the Medina, Nancy Romero and Ray Katherine Barr Elders Christmas Dinner. Romero Elders HERITAGE & CULTURE: We are looking for tribal school, evenings and weekends. Craft members that would like to do So watch for the calendars Night a class for Heritage & Culture. that will be going out to the Classes are scheduled quarterly community and for articles in and Bids will be accepted the newsletter so that if you want prior to each quarter with the to participate you will know the closing date being the 15 of the dates and times. th preceding month to allow for Heritage Committee approval If you have any questions please Janette and will give the program give me a call. Joyleen McCrory, Whiteclaw manager time to complete the bid 709-1573, Community Services shows here paperwork and contract. If you Manager. Elaine McCloud, handmade are interested in doing a class for 709-1748, Heritage Coordinator; blanket us, please give me a call and we or Diane Devlin, 709-1621. during can begin the bid process. These Culture Coordinator. Heritage & Elders craft programs also have sign-in Culture Staff are located in the night at sheets for the on-site activities Community Center. the Elders that the coordinators do after building.    Page 9
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