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Harlem Crowns Comedy in Motion to Community On Saturday, March 17 the Crowns are the masters of ad admitted to having made about how basketball saved them. Chehalis Starz took on the lib, taking advantage of every mistakes, and suffce it to say, Having grown up in troubled Harlem Crowns at the Chehalis situation. “These mistake helped mold neighborhoods and dedicating Community Center Gym. It his character and hopes that themselves to the this sport that wasn’t just about basketball. The During the half-time Herb Scaif achievements in any young man’s helped mold them into what they Harlem Crowns are “Comedy in the leader of the Harlem Crowns life will develop his character are today. Motion.” They entertained the talked about the challenges of and carry him successfully audience with the game called... the world today. He shared how through life.” It doesn’t just have It was a great night to be entertained by the Harlem Clownball! Something new every basketball helped him achieve to be basketball, any sport or Crowns, as they dazzled the night! Probably no other word in his goals and dreams as well something that you enjoy that audience with their basketball the language better describes the as keeping him out of trouble. you dedicate yourself to become skills with dribbling, passing, type of basketball played by the That sports has become a form good at that takes you away from dunks. All the while, picking on Harlem Crowns. It is true they of communication for youth all the bad infuences of life. the audience. If laughter is a go through set gags and regular over the work to learn discipline great medicine the community comic routines, but every game and values in becoming an Each player on the Harlem took home a lot of it that is different. Well, the Harlem upstanding individual. He Crowns shared their life stories evening. Page 2   
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