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RezHeadz 2012 Tour “The Motivation on the Rezervation” On Friday, March 21 kicked One of the most painful aspects Hypnotist Vaugh Eagle Bear off a relaxing fun flled evening of bullying is that it is relentless. of comedy and music. The Most people can take one episode hypnotist Vaughn Eagle Bear of teasing or name calling or brought fts of laughter to the being shunned in the public eye. audience as seven brave youth However, when it goes on and were hypnotized. It wasn’t about on, bullying can put a person in a making them doing silly things, state of constant fear. but their facial expressions were priceless as they acted their part Studies show that people who on what was requested of them. are abused by their peers are at Laughter really is good medicine risk for mental health problems, and everyone had a good time such as low self-esteem, stress, together as a community. depression, or anxiety. They may also think about suicide more. Then “Smoke” and “Cisko” Smoke hopped onto the stage to share their music inspiring the crowd Jason “Smoke” Nichols is a as youth and adults gathered direct lineal descendent of “Mato around the stage. With the music Ska”- Tom Frosted of the Lower pumping and the lights going it Yanktonal Sioux Tribe. turned out to be a great night of He is a dynamic performer and loosening up to get their “groove contagious motivational speaker. on!” He engaged his audience and Pathway to Purpose inspires with humor and clarity On Saturday, March 22, the as well as a practical example for Pathway to Purpose gives an positive action. Rocking with Jason “Smoke” Nichols and Cisco energetic presentation created to He motivates people to fnd inspire leadership, self-esteem, greatness within themselves academic achievement, bonding and teach them to share these to school, and the importance of qualities with others. He inspires education. youth to harness their full These programs were developed potential without bowing to peer to increase self-worth, a positive pressure and shows that through sense of identity, moral character, perseverance and dedication and to improve your student’s on can gain freedom from fear social and emotional growth. and destroy discouragement. Presentations were available He shared his life story and to address the ever growing memorable experiences which epidemic of bullying and all its lead to his success, which Pathways to Purpose Workshop variation. Every day thousands included strategies for dealing of teens wake up afraid to go to with stress and abstaining from school. Bullying is a problem drug and alcohol use. that affects millions of students, We are usually reliant upon grant and it has everyone worried, not dollars to bring these types of just the kids on its receiving end. resources to our community. Yet because parents, teachers, So if Tsapowum Program is and other adults don’t always see able to bring them back for a 3 rd it, many may not understand how annual event, come and enjoy the extreme bullying can get. activities.    Page 5
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