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Agent Continued.... time before his supposed death, example. He began preaching to signal, the doctor begins rubbing for whipping his wife and fned he seem to be flled with remorse his associates at Mud Bay with the the patient’s body with his bare the wife two dollars for letting because of his wicked life and spirit of a crusader in urging them hands to get hold of the sin, which the children chew matches. Jake the evil days that had come to to put aside the evil things they is then clasped in both hands paid the fne for both and seemed his friends through the use of had been doing and walk in the and thrown outside the room satisfed with the verdict. The whiskey, idleness, and general path leading Heaven. with a blow of the breath. This is result amused me, but I felt justice vice, which was exterminating his He said he had received a great repeated until the doctor becomes had been done to both. people. This seemed to disturb and shining light in his soul from satisfed that he has thrown away him so much that he became sick. that good land and knew what all the sin making the patient sick. Indian Shaker Church In the autumn of 1882, Jesus wanted them to do, and God The bells were rung all the time. Squ-sacht-un, known to the white (possibly 1881), while still in a would punish those who did not There were many unusual people as John Slocum was a sickly condition, John Slocum obey and help to make men better things connected with the new Squakson Indian living at Mud apparently died about four o’clock on earth. It was easy for those religion, probably caused to a Bay, a few miles west of Olympia. one morning, according to (the) who had personal knowledge of large extent by undue excitement He was fond of “fre water,” testimony of several Indians what had taken place to look upon of the nervous system, since a pony racing, gambling, and other present at the time, and his body him as a Prophet bringing divine manifestation of being a convert things not very creditable to his was laid out for burial. His brother instructions directly to them. Late, was a spasmodic twitching of the reputation. He was about forty- went to Olympia for a coffn and a this thought was declared to be the limbs and shaking of the whole one years of age and without grave was prepared. In the middle case. They claimed to believe in body, which gradually became education, as we use the word, but of the afternoon, he again resumed the Bible, given to white people more violent and sometimes lasted while growing up he had become life, and got up from where he because they could read it; but for hours. This was said to be familiar with all the Indians’ old was lying and ran off a short the Indians were poor and could caused by sine trying to escape. beliefs and customs, including distance to some people and began not read and for this reason, God Others would stand with the Indian doctor’s “Ta-mah- talking to them. appointed Slocum to tell them outspread arms shaking so fast nous,” a method of curing the He told those present that while what to do. that a common person, not under sick by incantations, rubbing and he was dead, his soul had been to Converts were made at Mud excitement, could hardly shake blowing on the patient’s body, and Heaven, where it had been met by Bay. One of these, Louis Yow- haft as fast. Some would stand chanting Indian songs, in which the angels, who after inquiring his a-luch, commonly call Mud Bay gazing into the sky, trembling, and others present took a part. The name, told him that he had been Louie, became an important shaking their heads sometimes thought was that evil spirits had bad on earth, and (they) reminded fgure. He was the principal doctor for hours. They would brush each entered the patient’s body causing him forcibly of his shortcomings in attending to sickness which was other with the hands to brush off sickness and this would frighten while there, and wound up by now declared to be the result of a their sins, for they said they were them so much they would leave informing him that he could not sinful condition of the patient. A sores than white people, the latter and the patient would be cured. enter Heaven, but he could either religious program was substituted being bad only in their hearts, In later years, Slocum had go to hell or could go back to the for that of the old Ta-mah-nous while the Indians were so bad that received some instruction from earth and preach to the Indians program, with which it seemed a the badness came to the surface of Catholic Priests visiting his and tell them the way to Heaven. twin brother. their bodies and the ends of their tribe, and while living on the He said the angels told him that The doctoring was usually fnger nails. S’kokomish Reservation, he if returned to earth, he must teach at night, or with the windows Affairs went on this way at attended the Congregational the Indians to put behind them all darkened. A pictured of the Mud Bay until the next August Mission Church, in charge of bad things, and to cure the sick Virgin Mother was hung on the when it was decided to introduce Reverend Myron Eells, brother of without taking any pay for doing wall above a table with three the new religion to the Indians Agent Eells. Thus, he had some so. He chose to return to earth lighted candles on it. Kerosene n the Chehalis and S’kokomish knowledge of the white man’s and help his people to live as God lights were not used because it Reservations. Emissaries were religion, together with the Indian’s wanted them to live. was supposed to come from the sent to both places to secretly customs and beliefs. Whether he was in a trance infernal regions. The patient was investigate the outlook as there When superstition, ignorance, and imagined these things, or was seated in a chair facing the picture were strong mission stations at dreams, imagination, and religion simply “playing possum,” is an on the wall. A gospel hymn, both. This was a few weeks before are mingled together among open question, but it is certain translated into Indian, was sung we went to Chehalis on October st people of any race they are apt that Slocum was a changed man by those present, and then a man 1 , 1883. At that time there were to produce a strange compound, and had put behind him all the standing near with a bell in each no indication the Chehalis Indians which appears to have been the things that previously injured his hand, rung them in a peculiar were giving any attention to the case with John Slocum. It is said, personal character, and did all he manner, that once having been new religion. and I believe truly, that for some could to get others to follow his heard, is never forgotten. At this Continued in May Issue...    Page 7
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