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CHEHALIS The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation “People of the Sands” TRIBAL NEWSLETTER May 2012 Free Youth Make Time to Give Back to Mother Nature Youth learn the When Tres importance of Daniels fnished giving back to planting his tree he Mother Nature announced, “This In the middle of is my tree, and no Spring Break, one is ever going Wednesday to cut it down.” April, 4 the kids Each of the youth th from our tribal marked the location community rolled of their tree with up their sleeves landmarks in order and got down and to remember where dirty to plant cedar it had been planted. trees along the They felt a personal eastern border of connection to their the Community tree. Years from Center’s property During spring break Elders, adults, and youth gave back to mother nature by planting now these trees will lines. cedar trees at the community center. stand tall around the community center The youth took this opportunity question, this helped the puller to dig the hole. Jerry explained if all thanks to the youth who wanted to support their heritage and give carry many bundles just like this the hole was not deep enough the to make a difference. back to Mother Earth. The youth out of the woods.” tree would not grow and if it was were taught about what cedar too deep the tree would die. Elder When they fnished with planting trees gift our tribal people and the There was cedar that was “Jerry Sally Pikutark would lead a “Shout the trees; CJ Youckton did not important it is to provide for future Striped” (meaning to cut the cedar Out” when one of the kids fnished want to stop, he wanted us to plant generations. As it was raining in long strips to weave with) and planting their tree. Everyone would the entire northern border of the earlier that morning, Mother Nature cedar that was split and dyed. join in clapping and cheering for smiled down up this small ground There were some examples how the kids who planted the tree. Tree planting continued on page 2 and the sky cleared as the kids cedar is used that included: a cedar gathered at the east side of the dress, a basket and a purse. Finally Community Center. a small stripped/split and nicely bundled piece of purple dyed Malena Canales and Ashley Femy cedar was held up. Each kid was skipped to the Youth Center asked what they thought this small together and spoke in stereo to say, amount of processed cedar would “We are here; this is going to be cost. The youth were surprised fun!” Jerry Youckton and Correna when they discovered that a small Young marked the area where the prepared cedar bundle can sell for youth were going to plant the trees. $30.00 dollars. By noon Elders, youth and adults gathered at the youth center. Diane The Cultural Program, Tony Devlin, Cultural Coordinator Medina and Marla Medina armed provided some examples of the kids with shovels and gloves. different stages of harvesting cedar Then everyone headed out to where bark. The youth showed a great Jerry Youckton and Correna Young deal of interest asking questions. were waiting. Isaac Hofstetter asked, “Why was the cedar rolled up in a circle and Jerry instructed the youth how to Dianne Devlin, Cultural Coordinator talked about the many tied? Diane answered, “Good handle the seedling, and how deep uses the cedar tree provides for the Native American People.
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