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Chehalis Domestic Violence The Strengthening Families Program Prevention Program Parents and Youth Ages 10-14 Coping After Experiencing a Come sign up for this free 7 week program for families of youth ages 10-14! Sexual Assault Is your family prepared for the journey through the adolescent years? Struggling with communication? Learn together as a family in dealing with these issues. By Dawn Boley, Domestic Violence Advocate We will be continuing the program in the late summer or IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! Many penetration, however minimal, is early fall and we want to know what time works for you! victims of sexual assault blame still considered a violation. themselves for what happened. Many victims do not realize the We want to see your family there! It’s free and dinner will No matter what your background various kinds of sexual violence. be provided each week along with lots of fun raffe prizes. or situation, rape is a personal Most experience a range of Games and activities will follow. violation. emotions after their assault. You may have some of these feelings If interested in learning what the program has to offer. Contact Madelyn Rape/Sexual Assault is a crime that or other responses to the sexual Dethlefs at 360-709-1717 to register and let us know the best time of the hurts the young and old, rich and assault: Shock; Numbness; Loss of day and start date to ft your schedule. poor, heterosexuals/homosexuals Control; Shame; Blame. and those from all racial or ethnic backgrounds. You may think you could have Nike Air Native Shoes done something differently to avoid Sexual assaults occur in different or prevent the assault. Remind situations. Maybe you went for a yourself: you did not cause this to Available to Tribal Members late night walk, got drunk at a party happen. and went home with someone you just met, or say no to your partner Seeking help from experienced NIKE Air or date about sex. None of these crisis counselors can help. You Native actions give anyone the right to don’t have to go through it alone; Tempo+N7 violate you. You did not cause this counselors can help you regain a to happen by anything you said or sense of control. Domestic Violence did. Advocates can assist you in fling WOMEN’S MEN’S a police report. Advocates know Sexual assault can happen the pros and cons of how an assault without physical violence, there might impact you, and provide $58 / pair are, for example, verbal threats, resources for your situation. Please prepaid overpowering a person, drugging contact the Chehalis Domestic an individual, or intimidating with Violence Advocate and start the a weapon. A person who passes healing process. Learn what your Contact Cindy Beck or Lynn Hoheisel at the Chehalis out from drugs or alcohol, or is rights are and how to receive the NAME Size: M or F size ___________ BLACK or WHITE under the infuence of some other best help possible. PHONE or EMAIL Size: M or F size ___________ BLACK or WHITE Tribal Wellness Center to place an order. mind-altering substance, cannot Checks to be made out to Chehalis Tribe Size: M or F size ___________ BLACK or WHITE Order Form: consent to sex. Taking advantage of Allow 10—14 days for order to arrive—you will TOTAL received be contacted when available someone’s vulnerability to have sex Name: _____________________ Size: M or F size _____ Black or White is another type of force. Force can There is a 1.5 size difference between men and women’s shoes. If a woman wears a size 7 & wants a men’s shoe, she would order a 5.5; if a man prefers a women’s shoe style & wears a 9.5, he would order an 11 in women’s. happen in any type of relationship at Phone:_____________________ Size: M or F size _____ Black or White any time. It can happen with friends, or Email:___________________ co-workers, or martial partners. Size: M or F size _____ Black or White Checks to made out to the Chehalis Sexual assaults include any type of Tribe. Allow 10-14 Days for order to Total Received: ____________ sexual conduct or sexual contact “Trauma takes people out of the circle. arrive - you will be contacted when Healing takes you back in. It takes that is nonconsensual forced or everyone to make the community a coerced. Any form of vaginal or oral better place!” available. Chehalis Tribe’s Domestic Violence Prevention Program There is a 1.5 size difference between men and women’s shoes. If a P.O. Box 536 woman wears a size 7 and wants a men’s shoe, she would order a 5.5, if a Oakville, WA 98568 Information is man prefers a women’s shoe style and wears a 9.5 he would order an 11 in 360-709-1874 strictly confdential! women’s.    Page 5
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