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Agent Continued.... sermon referring to false Prophets, what to do to be saved, but Indians the left wrist, one-half hour; then I in part, without mentioning any were different, so God had given took hold of a rope that reached to manner, slowly and softly, then names. He did not give the Indians John Slocum additional instructions Heaven, with both hand.” rapidly and harshly. There was an opportunity to speak in Church, for them to follow. Further, he said At this point I asked, “Could you some singing and chanting in a as had been the custom, but that he and Mr. Mann were brothers see or feel the rope in your hands?” guttural tone, which the boys said pronounced the benediction at the in the work of helping people to He answer was, “No, I could not had been used by the Indian doctors close of his sermon and we were of the talking, he explained that see or feel the rope, but I know it in earlier days. There were sounds dismissed. He then went directly to he was not angry but was much was there. Next, I heard a voice in like people jumping up and down on our house without stopping to talk disappointed. Before Mr. Mann left heaven say, ‘Pull the rope and ring the foor, and others like (someone) with members of the congregation for his home at Tacoma, the next the bell in Heaven.’ I did so. Then striking the bare body with the as he usually did. After lunch, I morning, John Smith and several I crossed myself three times and palm of the hand. In the midst of called John Smith to the offce and other Shakers came to shake hands commenced to walk but stayed in the confusion we heard Pike Ben’s he came with Jim Walker, Marion with him and seemed very friendly. the same place; then to run but did voice saying, “I’ve got the sin, I’ve Davis, Kager and Dick Case. On the following Sunday, I not go any. I heard the voice of God got the sin.” I rehearsed what had taken conducted the Church Service and saying, ‘He come to see me.’ Then I A moment later, the door place at Choke’s the preceding followed the action of Mr. Mann the talk English, I say, ‘I am glad.’ God opened and there was Pike with evening, much to their surprise, and preceding Sunday in not asking any wanted me to preach to everybody hands clasped as though there was charged John Smith with leading of the Indians to take any part in it what He tell me. He said, ‘Nobody something in them, which he threw his people back to the old Ta-mah- before closing. In the afternoon, can destroy me. I am God. I am out of the door while at the same nous and other practices to which Marion Davis told me some Mud going to destroy the world a second time blowing his breath after it. the Government objected. They Bay Indians having been at John time, one and one-half days from When the door opened we could see were given a pretty stiff talk and Mr. Smith’s house that had succeeded now.’ This means one and one-half Bruce Ben, the sick man, sitting on Mann told them I had spoken truly. in getting several Chehalis Indians years from now.” a chair stripped to the waist, with No objection was made to anything to become Shakers. Marion said “a I asked, “How do you know God others prancing around him. A little said but they surely were surprised man would be taken into a separate means one and one-half years?” later we heard someone say, “He at some of the things we knew room to make his confession of sins Peter answered, “Something in could not doctor well because there and said to them. Bruce Ben died and when he came out of the room my breast tells me He means that was too much sin left in the house at Elma, May 19 , next, and was he would be shaking all over. Then time. God said, ‘Go to Oakville and th by the white man,” -referring to buried in the Indian graveyard at another man or woman would be preach there next Sunday, it is my me. Several of them went to work Oakville. His Shaker friends asked taken into the room and come out holy day.’ He said, ‘Go to Mud Bay purifying the room by “catching” me to conduct the funeral service, shaking. Charlie Walker had to into week after next, and preach there; the sin and throwing it out the door. which was done because no Minister the room twice before he was free and in three months go to Quinault They had not fnished purifying was available, it being my second from sin. Shaking was a sign that and tell them there what to do.’ the room when we went on home, experience in offciating at funerals. the sin was gone. Dick Case went There is something wrong there so where I found Mr. Mann waiting My remarks were from Hebrews IV, into the room several times because God cannot send his voice. That for our return. I told him what 1-11, and 1 Corinthians XV, 50-58. he could not lose his sin. He could is the reason He wants me to go we had witnessed and he agreed Mr. Mann understood Indian not shake all over, only his little there. The voice said, ‘Come back with me in considering there was character well and his contact with fnger shook. He was too bad to and stop at your home. Take back serious harm done by such treatment them inspired their confdence and shake.” that wagon where you got it from of the sick. He told me (he) had esteem. His attitude on Sunday Interior’s offce, came at noon, Perry Eu-cha-tan, you never pay for heard of a Shaker meeting at John must have worried them to some and after checking my accounts and it; and take back the lumber to Joe Smith’s house recently, where Dick extent, because on Monday the Government property, left the Mormon, you but it and never pay Case’s wife became so excited she morning, Jim Walker said John next afternoon. Before they were him.’ The last God said was, ‘All prematurely gave birth to a child at Smith was at his house, a few rods out of sight, Peter Heck came to who believe on you and what you Choke’s house the next day. This distant, and wanted to shake hands our house. He shook hands with do, will be saved.’ The shakes made was the frst I knew of the meeting, and talk with Mr. Mann, and he Alice and me in a solemn manner, Our sins fall to the ground, that is all but I could tell him about the child’s would be at the offce the next day and then said, “Last Saturday night they are for. In seven months, the death and burial the day before his to do the same with me. We sent my hands began to shake, and then shaking will stop as all our sins will arrival. word to him to come now, as both they crossed each other shook two then be gone. The world itself will There was an average attendance (of use) were in the offce. hours. I was sitting on a pile of shake next July 4 all day.” This th at the Church Service on Sunday John came and, after shaking rails. Then I knelt down and shook is Peter’s story, written as he was morning, including John Smith hands with us, said that he was still two hours; then stood shaking three telling it, and had he been a good and many others (who had been) at a Presbyterian and believed in God hours; then stood with my arms Prophet, the world would have come Choke’s the evening before. Mr. and what the Bible taught. He said stretched out straight, one-half hour; to an end about September 16, 1885. Mann preached an appropriate he knew the Bible told white people then (my) right hand took hold of Continued in June Issue...    Page 7
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