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Book Reveals Chehalis Boarding School History (Part four) Reprinted from Assimilation’s Agent: My Life as Mills made a coffn for the child. we found a group of Indians sitting a Superintendent in the Indian Boarding School There was no Minister to be had, on the foor eating their supper System by Edwin L. Chalcraft, edited by Cary and not feeling it would be right to from dishes on a cloth spread in C. Collins, by permission of the University of lay the body away without some the middle of the room. Just as the Nebraska Press. Copyright 2004 by the Board of kind of religious service, I offered to supper dishes were being removed, Regents of the University of Nebraska. see to that. John Smith with several other The cost for the book is $29.95. If you are The funeral was at the school Indians, concluding Bruce Ben, interested in ordering a copy of the book, go to house that afternoon. After singing the sick man, came into the house this website. http://www.nebraskapress.unledu/ the Gospel song, “Nearer, My God, holding their right hands up and product/Assimilations-Agent,671728.aspx. Order to Thee,” with Alice at the organ, a making crosses on their breasts with by Phone 1-800-848-6224 prayer was offered by Jim Walker, the left hand. After shaking hands the Head Chief. Then I read the with all of us without lowering their Chehalis Indian Reservation circle waving their arms and their frst twenty-two verses of Chapter hands, they took seats on benches – Part four- bodies trembling, evidently trying XV, I Corinthians and made a short previously placed for their reception The second session of the to imitate members of the new address. Marion Davis. A well After a short pause, John Smith Chehalis Police Court was held religious sect. They were sent to educated young Indian followed this said to me, “Why are you and the on January 19, 1884. Just before bed. with a prayer. After this service we boys here?” To this I replied, “When adjournment, John Smith, one of The next day, Nancy Smith, an went to the Indian graveyard, about we have a prayer meeting at the the most progressive Indians, and intelligent nineteen year old girl, one-fourth of a mile distant, where school-house, you folks come and an active member of the Chehalis complained to me that an Indian the body was laid away. This was take part, so we have come to yours. Presbyterian Mission Church, asked man from Mud Bay, visiting John my frst attempt in conducting a Go on just the same as you would permission of the Court to go to Smith, said it had been decided funeral service. do if we were not her.” Then, nearly Mud Bay. While the Government that she was to marry Cap Carson, Rev. Mann, the missionary, all the Indians present, with their Regulations provided that Indians an Indian bachelor, which she did came the next day, bringing his two right hands uplifted, formed a circle shall not leave their reservation not want to do, and if she did not little girls with him, to conduct his in the middle of the room and sang without a written pass from the do so, they would put her in prison monthly Church Service at Chehalis. an Indian song, crossing themselves offcer in charge, it had never been where she would be made to stand, He told me much of what was going while doing so. After they were enforced at Chehalis, not at any of with outstretched arms like a Cross, on at Mud Bay that I had not known, seated again, John Smith and several the other reservations in the Pacifc holding a candle in each hand, and including the Shaker method of others made short speeches through Northwest. she would have to stand there until doctoring the sick, which so closely an interpreter, the tone of which was Consequently, I was at a loss the candles were burnt out. resemble the old Indian Ta-mah- the high esteem they had for me to understand why permission had I told her what she did was none nous practice, prohibited in Rule and the work I was doing for them. been asked, and equally so, to fnd of their business and to inform me 6 of the offcial “Rules Governing In John Smith’s talk he referred to (that) the three Associate Judges immediately if molested again. the Courts of Indian Offences,” that the presence of Bruce Ben and said were all opposed to his going, but By this time, I had received some special attention should be given it. there was no intention of doctoring evaded giving me any defnite information about the new Mud Saturday morning, March 8 , a him. In my reply to their speeches, th information concerning it. A few Bay religion and its adherents policeman told me a Shaker meeting I thanked them for the good words days later, John went to Mud Bay, which caused me to speak of them was to be held at Choke’s house they had spoken, and then tried to taking his family with him, and as “Shakers” when talking with that evening to doctor Bruce Ben, a give them as and more “taffy talk” remained about three weeks. I my police. Agent Eells and I used young man who was very sick with than they had given me. I closed by shortly learned that his objective the same in our conversation and consumption and could not live saying, “It was getting late and we was to learn something about the correspondence and it was not long much longer. The Agency Physician must return to the school.” new religion, and the Indians knew before members of the Slocum had been treating him for a long Old Man Heck put us across this at the time he made his request. followers took up the name and time and knowing his condition, the slough and took the canoe Shortly after John Smith returned called themselves the “Shaker I decided to make a personal back. We went about a hundred from Mud Bay, strange things Church,” the name by which it has investigation. I went to Choke’s as yards toward the school and then began to happen. The frst was since been known. soon as it was dark, taking three of stopped to listen. Shortly we heard on March 3 . After the girls had On Thursday morning, March our pupils, George Quinotle, George a hand-bell back at the house. We rd returned to their dormitory for the 6 , Dick Case reported the death of Heck, Athen Secena, and Athen’s returned to the bank of the slough th night and should have been asleep, his infant child at Choke’s house older brother, Dan Secena, with me. and laid down on the grass where Mrs. Mills, the Matron, heard them the night before. It had lived only a When we arrived at a slough in we could hear quite well and not moving about the room. She went few days, and the mother was now a front of the house and called (out), be easily seen from the house. The upstairs and found about ffteen very sick woman. I gave Dick some an Indian came and took us across in bell ringing continued in a peculiar of the larger girls standing in a things he said were needed and Mr. a canoe. Upon entering the house, Continued on Page 7... Page 6   
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