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Tribal Health and Wellness News  Dental Clinic Needs Your Help!  Update on Intertribal There have been a rash of no shows care and is pleased to reserve an time period the patient will no Biggest Loser Contest and last minute cancellations of appointment for all dental health longer be able to schedule a dental appointments at the Clinic. consumers. In order to meet the dental appointment for the next 6 The Intertribal Biggest Loser We are asking for your help in scheduling needs of all of our months. The patient may however competition began with many keeping appointments or canceling patients, the Tribe has established in that period call the morning enthusiastic participants on all four in a timely manner so we can fll the guidelines regarding appointment of the day they would like to reservations [ Chehalis, Squaxin appointment with someone else who scheduling. Many patients need our be seen to see if we have any Island, Skokomish and Shoalwater needs to be seen and so we can get services and missed appointments appointments available for that Bay]. Every month the top “Loser” you rescheduled. Because we only affect everyone. day. at each reservation was awarded receive funding for less than 5% of Your dental team is proud to be able $85. John Tanzy [ Suzanne Ortivez’ our operating costs, the dental offce Follow These Procedures: to partner with you in achieving husband] was the top “Loser” three not only sees our Tribal Members  As a patient in the clinic, it will good dental health for yourself, and other eligible Native Americans be your responsibility to keep your children, and your families. of the four months at Chehalis. He but also sees our insured employees scheduled appointments. We look forward to getting to see said he made a few simple changes, and their insured family members. So that we may provide care to you at yearly check-ups, cleanings, like not eating chips and getting In order to make sure that we can  and when you have needs for other some exercise and the weight just continue to operate the dental clinic all of our patients, we request a treatments that we can help with. came off. as we currently do, we have to keep minimum of 4 hours notice for We are also always happy to help the schedule full. appointment cancellations. you fnd resources when it is a Chehalis started the competition  The clinic will consider a service we cannot provide. It is our with 33 participants, but the Unfortunately, because failed “failed appointment” at any hope and goal to give appropriate appointments do affect other time a patient has not given the and kind service to everyone who numbers began to drop as the patients and our ability to provide advanced notice required above comes to visit us in the dental holidays came and went. There services, we do have a failed or has failed to arrive within 15 program. were 10 who stuck it out to the appointment policy to follow. Here minutes of their appointment very end and many of them were are the guidelines for that policy: time. Please, give us a call at 273-5504 to rewarded with ~$50 for maintaining schedule your next appointment or or losing more weight at the last The Chehalis Tribal Dental Clinic  If a patient has more than 2 weigh in. A celebration dinner staff is dedicated to your quality failed appointments in a 6 month an appointment for your child. was held, and the grand prize of a  Chehalis Tribe Community Transformation Grant full NIKE exercise outft and shoes Last summer the Chehalis Tribe goals of the grant application, we Oakville to participate in the plus a check for $700+ dollars was awarded to Shoalwater Bay’s Donna applied for a grant to work on proposed a project that includes community coalition. We held our Lyle, who lost 21% of her body learning about healthy choices the city of Oakville. frst community coalition meeting weight. and how to create healthy on April 30 and we will continue environments. We were happy Our strategy worked: we are to meet monthly. that we were able to apply for one of 7 tribes in the nation that A new Biggest Loser competition the grant; our tribe is too small received this grant. We are also the If you are interested in learning began April 17th, with 35 to qualify for many grants for smallest funded tribe in the nation. more about the Community participants, 13 men and 22 women. wellness and health promotion that The grant has the potential of Transformation Grant and the The winnings will be equally actually allow us to do the work recurring funding for 5 years. Community Coalition, feel free divided between the male and we would like to do. to contact one of the CTG staff: female participants; with a frst, The CTG funding is unique in Jhon (pronounced John) Valencia, second and third place for both men The Community Transformation another way: it allows us up to 5 Shannon Kicking Woman or Cindy and women. The Biggest Loser will th Grant (CTG) is funded by the years to bring a community group Gamble. end June 12 . Centers for Disease Control and together, and to do visioning and Prevention (CDC). The CDC planning together. This is very We can be reached at the Chehalis If anyone you know is participating required that 20% of the funds be unusual and exciting. Tribal Wellness Center at 360-273- or just working on getting more spent on rural and frontier sites. We are currently looking 5504. We would love to hear from exercise and losing weight, give lots To improve our chances of getting for residents of the Chehalis you! of encouragement and support! the grant, and to work with the Reservation and the Town of Page 4   
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