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2012 Salmon Ceremony: Honor the Salmon People Friday, May 18 the “Salmon During the give-a-way we honored Ceremony” was held at the original and recognized our leaders frst. fsh pit. The spring Chinook is Business Committee members in a favorite salmon among many attendance were gifted hand woven Chehalis Tribal People. Who would cedar basket necklaces with a not love a delicious salmon dinner jeweled feather attached. cooked in the traditional Chehalis Followed by honoring the Fish style? The ceremony attracted Committee, Fisheries, Fishermen many community members who and people who helped with the came together to give thanks to event. Each was gifted a hand the “Salmon People” for sharing a woven cedar basket necklaces with bountiful harvest. a small eagle feather attached to the basket. We recognized throughout The Fish Committee selected tribal the years each and every family in fsherman to ceremonial harvest our community has been helped spring Chinook for the ceremony. At the Salmon Ceremony the spring chinook was cooked on an by the Chehalis tribal fshermen in It is considered an honor to fsh open alder wood fire in traditional Chehalis style. times of need. for the ceremony. The frst week The feast in honor of the “Salmon and songs. We are saying in prayers didn’t produce many fsh, but the People” is what most community the Chehalis People are a part of Tradition recognizes we are blessed fshermen’s patience and dedication members attend. their tribe and we make our promise by the oldest elder who come to was rewarded with ten fsh caught in to them; to honor their homes and witness the ceremony. This year time for the ceremony. Excitement Before the feast, the ceremony at protect where they live. We also Elder Katherine Barr who is 94 was in the air as preparations began. the Chehalis River begins. The frst promise to take no more then we came to witness what we did. Every Elder Dianne Devlin, with the help salmon caught for the ceremony need. We sing songs to say the witness who attended was given a of Elder’s Sally Pickutark and is flet and saved to be returned Chehalis are gracious and humble cedar carved salmon necklace to Evelyn Penn started working on to the Chehalis River. This is the people and telling our fsh brothers remember what was said and to giveaway items for everyone who way we thank the Salmon People and sisters how important they are share in the blessing we have from was instrumental in making this providing for our people. The to continue returning to feed our the Salmon People. ceremony a success. “Salmon People” received prayers people. Page 4   
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