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Public Safety If you have an Emergency Call 9-1-1 Fireworks Safety Tips to Protect Your Children Fireworks and celebrations go some sort of eye protection. The together, especially during the most common injuries are to Seat Belts Saves Lives Fourth of July. It is important to hands, followed by the eyes and Numbers. They’re everywhere. were not wearing their seat belts at remember, Fireworks are not toys! face. They are explosives and they can From the price of a tank of gas the time of the fatal crash. cause devastating injuries.  You see the explosion of a to the bottom line on your pay frework before hearing it because stub, numbers matter. They help And why are pickup truck drivers As we kick-off another season of sound travels at 761 mph, but us see the signifcance in many and passengers at a higher risk? sales and fun please take a moment light travels at 671 million mph. things. But for some reason, there Pickup trucks rollover twice as to remember nearly 10,000 people is a number often overlooked: the often as cars, and roll overs are annually are injured and treated at  The majority of frework related number of lives lost every year one of the most deadly forms of emergency departments all over injuries happen at family or in traffc crashes. It’s not a small crashes among passenger vehicles. the country because of freworks. private parties. number, either. In 2010, that Seat belts are better than 70 percent Besides causing injuries, the  Never throw or point freworks at number was 32,885 — of those, effective in preventing deaths in National Fire Protection Association other people. 22,187 were passenger vehicle pickup rollover crashes. estimates that local fre departments occupants who were killed in motor respond to more than 50,000 fres  A rocket can reach speeds of 150 vehicle crashes nationwide. Even with all of these numbers caused by freworks each year. mph. A frework shell can reach in favor of seat belts, every day as high as 200 meters. Fortunately, there is another numerous tickets are written to Never allow young children to number of great value — 12,000. — and numerous fatalities are play with or ignite freworks  Point freworks away from homes, and keep away from On average every year, the use of reported about — those who still without properly training them and brush, leaves and other fammable seat belts in passenger vehicles do not buckle up. That’s why from appropriate parent supervision. Half substances. Soak all freworks in saves approximately 12,000 lives. May 21 through June 3, offcers of all freworks accidents happed a can of water for 15-20 minutes However, there are still far too from the Chehalis Tribal Police to children under the age of 16. before throwing them in away. many people who just won’t buckle took part in the Click It or Ticket Sparklers can reach temperatures up, ignoring this number and the seat belt campaign, with other hot enough to melt gold. Three  Never relight a dud. Don’t heavy weight of the associated loss law enforcement from Thurston sparklers together generate the same let children pick up pieces of of life. County.. Although tribal offcers heat as a blowtorch. If you give a freworks. They may still be are out enforcing seat belt laws child a sparkler make sure they keep ignited. This lack of seat belt use is a very year-round, during this time tribal them away from their face, clothing real problem. Sadly, the number law enforcement intensifed our and hair.  Never try to make your own of unbuckled motorists is killing efforts, making it a top priority to freworks! Native Americans, as 2 out of save more lives by cracking down Here are some more facts and safety Fireworks are safer now than they every 3 Native American passenger on seat belt use violations. A ticket tips about freworks to think about: have been in the past thanks to vehicle occupants killed in an will defnitely help those caught safety standards. Use, sell and average year were not buckled up unbuckled to not forget the next  Don’t hold freworks in your hand enjoy them responsibly for the at the time of the crash (based upon time, because we tend to remember or have any part of your body safety of everyone. known restraint use). Over the numbers when dollar signs are over them while lighting. Wear 10-year period from 1999–2008, attached to them. Reprinted from Assimilation’s Agent: My Life as well over 6,000 Native Americans a Superintendent in the Indian Boarding School were killed in motor vehicle traffc The Click It or Ticket strives System by Edwin L. Chalcraft, edited by Cary crashes across the nation! to help lessen the number of C. Collins, by permission of the University of preventable tragedies while Nebraska Press. Copyright 2004 by the Board of Traveling unbuckled is also a major reminding everyone of the Regents of the University of Nebraska. factor in fatal pickup truck and importance of seat belts. For all nighttime crashes. In 2010, well ages, race and gender, seat belts The cost for the book is $29.95. If you are interested in ordering a copy of the book, go to over half of the 10,647 passenger save. Buckle up every time you go this website. http://www.nebraskapress.unledu/ vehicle occupants who were killed out, in every vehicle, on and off the product/Assimilations-Agent,671728.aspx. Order in motor vehicle traffc crashes reservation, and both day and night. by Phone 1-800-848-6224 overnight (6 p.m. to 5:59 a.m.) be Continued in July    Page 7
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