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Program News Program Creates Opportunities For Tribal Members to Achieve Their Dreams Chehalis Tribal Loan fund has been dreams. In my business to classes are helpful and we are busy the last few months. We have addition, CTLF be a success and able to ask questions.” started an Individual Development will have a new to build my own Account (IDT) for Tribal members. website page in home.”  Do you feel the CTLF is benef- This is a match savings program, the near future. So cial to Tribal members and the where you can set up an account be on the lookout.  If you have community? “I think that CTLF and save up towards a goal of a Success Story: opened your own is very benefcial because it future home, secondary education, Penny Gleason- business, what lets people realize that they can existing, or start-up business. The Wheeler advice would you achieve their dream. “ program matches 2:1. What does have for other this mean? Well if you can save We have one tribal members if  Have you taken advantage of $50.00 a month for 12 months, you Tribal member they wanted to do the other programs CTLF has to save $600.00 and the CTLF program we would like the same? “Have offer? “Not yet but I will in the matches $1,200.00; this would to extend our Penny Gleason-Wheeler, confdence in future.” equal $1,800.00 towards a payment congratulations to Tribal member yourself and get all  What would you like to see from toward new home, education or your and this is Ms. Penny the information and the CTLF? “I would like for business. The maximum amount to Gleason-Wheeler. Penny was born assistance you can from Chehalis other tribal members to have the save up would be $2,000; this takes in Olympia, WA, has lived on the Tribal Loan Fund program.” same opportunity as I have. This time to save up, but in the future, you Chehalis Reservation for 25 years. is a very good step for US!” would have a goal or an asset that is Penny was previously employed in  Has it been easy for you to get your own. various jobs throughout the Chehalis work on and off the Chehalis With this interview and lot of hard Reservation, now she is currently Reservation? “With help from work, our programs can be benefcial CTLF will have other programs that employed as Maintenance Technician CTLF Director, I was able to get to help our tribal members work are also in the beginning stages, such with the Chehalis Tribe. contracts off the reservation.” towards their dreams, assets, and as Debt Consolidation loans, Credit  How has the CTLF helped you? goals. The programs are to achieve Builders loans, Home Improvement Penny is now running her own “The program gave me conf- greater independence and economic Loans, etc. In 2013, we will be business called PeaceWorks, which dence in myself and be there for well-being. implementing a VITA Site program is a cleaning service on or off me to understand the business free tax preparation. reservation. aspects. For more information or if you are All of these programs have interested in taking future classes guidelines, and this is to help our  We asked Penny what her  Do you feel Financial Education contact the Chehalis Tribal Loan tribal members build upon their dreams were. She says, “For classes are informative? “The Fund program at 360-709-1631. Tribe Hosts UW Native People Advisory Board for Cancer Control Site Visit By Christina Hicks, Community Health Repräsentative On Tuesday, April 10th, Native Indian Health Board), Ming Zhao People for Cancer Control (National Cancer Institute). Community Advisory Board & Steering Committee Annual Meeting The group awarded the Chehalis was held, in the Gathering Room. Tribe with a Small Community Grant The participants came from various and picked two sites to visit and states around the country: Lannesse Chehalis Tribe was honored to be Baker (UW), Heidi Brown (SPIPA), one site chosen. These groups work Dedra Buchwald (UW), Abigail within their tribal communities and Echohawk (UW), Colleen Echohawk gave updates on their projects: Colon Cancer Research projects, Bioethics (UW), Jeff Henderson (Black Hills Supplement, Native Comic Book Center for American Indian Health), Project, Informed consent. Christina Hicks (Chehalis Tribe), Carrie Nass (UW), Robyn Pebeashy The Chehalis Tribe hosted a site visit for the UW Native People The Chehalis Tribal Business (UW), Jennifer Richards (Oglala for Cancer Advisory Board. Top row Pictured (L-R) are: Carrie Committee joined the group for Sioux Tribe), Renee Robinson Nass, Dr. Jeff Henderson, Stephanie Pickernell, Cheryle Starr, lunch and also participated in a (Southcentral Foundation), Angie David Burnett, Don Secena, Renee Robinson, Mark Taylor, group photo. Wrapping the visit up Sam (Oglala Sioux Tribe), Jozieta Kenneth Smoker, Robyn Peheahsy, Abigail Echohawk, Jozieta with a tour of the Wellness Center. Slatton (Arctic Slope Native Slatton, Amgoe Som. Bottom row (L-R) are Dan Gleason, Colleen We thank them for funding our Association), Kenneth Smoker (Fort Echohawk, D. Debra Buchwald, Lannesse Baker, Jennifer health fair and for visiting our tribal Peck Tribes), Marc Taylor (Seattle Richards, Jennifer Irving, Ming Zhao. community. Page 8   
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