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Event Provides Resources and Education on Pet Care By Amy Loudermilk, Rez Animal Resources Program Coordinator The pet vaccine clinic held on July a topical fea medication and a 14th was a huge success with 58 dose of dewormer to kill internal dogs, 17 cats and their owners in parasites. Pet owners were given a attendance. Each pet received an care package of a 5 pound bag of pet exam by a licensed veterinarian, food, a pet toothbrush and a Frisbee. vaccinations for rabies, distemper Volunteers and veterinary staff kept (DHPP) and leptospirosis, very busy as the steady stream of deworming treatment and fea dogs and cats arrived for services. medicine. All services combined At the end of the day everyone would have cost at least $95 per agreed the event was a resounding animal but instead owners received success. Many pets on the rez are all services free of charge. This is now protected from deadly viruses thanks to support from Rez Animal such as parvo, distemper and rabies. Resources & Education which sponsored the event. Remember, pets need to be vaccinated once a year and given Pets began arriving at 3:30 to the monthly fea treatment especially in parking lot at the Community the summer. Special thanks to Rez Center. Veterinarians from Fords Animal Resources & Education and Prairie Animal Clinic gave each Fords Prairies Animal Clinic for pet an exam and talked to pet helping pets on the rez. owners about any health concerns. Vaccination shots were given to For more information please contact each animal which produced a few Amy Loudermilk at 253-370-6392. howls from dogs from the needle Please have your pet spayed or poke. Every dog and cat received neutered.    Page 11
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